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Dumbledore's Mysteries is full of story holes and confusing mistakes

BingMag.com <b>Dumbledore's</b> <b>Mysteries</b> is <b>full</b> of <b>story</b> <b>holes</b> and <b>confusing</b> mistakes

"Amazing Beasts: The Dumbledore Secrets", 3 years after the release of the latest Wizarding World movie, saved the Harry Potter series from a serious recession, but It is full of story holes and various problems. The previous film expanded on Drambledore's confusing storyline, followed by "Dumbledore's Secrets" with a serious narrative. This story sounds interesting and holds a better future for the wizarding world, but it is deeply flawed.

Warning: In this text, the story of the film Dumbledore's Secrets Revealed

Before addressing the problems and pitfalls of The Dumbledore Secrets, we need to know how to cope with the arrival of Maddie Mickelson as Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, a matter that Will not be considered.

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This may seem like a story, but in fact Grindelwald still has the same look and feel, and that explains the shift. Mickelson is great in the role of Grindelwald, and it's easy to accept that change. is not. So let's take a look at all the holes, mistakes, and confusions of The Amazing Beasts: The Dumbledore Mysteries.>

BingMag.com <b>Dumbledore's</b> <b>Mysteries</b> is <b>full</b> of <b>story</b> <b>holes</b> and <b>confusing</b> mistakes

It is obvious that the past story twists of this series, even if Credence appears as a lesser character, are still in "Secrets". Dumbledore are very important, but the narrative circles and twists of Grindelwald's crimes now seem meaningless. On the one hand, the Dumbledore family's secret was revealed and it was revealed that Credence was the son of Abforth, which filled the story hole of Dumbledore's presence in Azkaban. But in fact, Abforth met an unnamed girl that summer, and Albus had a close relationship with Grindelwald, which raises several other questions.

Why did Grindelwald admit that Credence was Albus' brother? How was Credence excluded from the Lestering family? Was the whole story of the sunken ship designed solely to introduce Yousef Kama to the story? And why did we finally leave him out? Why didn't Aborforth's mistress simply perish, and why was Credence not adopted before she left for the United States? By implementing this plan, the creators could have avoided all the silly and unnecessary twists of the story in a much shorter way.

Why did Credence keep Newt Scamander alive?

BingMag.com <b>Dumbledore's</b> <b>Mysteries</b> is <b>full</b> of <b>story</b> <b>holes</b> and <b>confusing</b> mistakes

In the opening scene of "The Dumbledore Secrets", Credence and other Grindelwald characters kidnap Killin from Newt and kill Killin's mother to plot. Grindelwald to be executed by the International Confederation of Witches for election fraud. Credence, despite overcoming Newt and despite his access to the Swiss Army bootlegraph and magical armor Niffler, merely injures Newt and returns to Grindelwald. Credence's colleagues are also evil and dreadful sorcerers, but they leave Newt without reading any deadly spell that would ruin the whole of Dumbledore's plan to stop Grindelwald. There is definitely a flaw in the work, and these actions are morally incompatible with their previous actions at all. strong> Does not work?

When the Avada Kadura Curse is used in the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's movies, it immediately kills the other person and extinguishes their life like a faint flame. Of course, the exception to this curse is Harry Potter, and this spell does not work on him. Even Barty Crouch believed in the Harry Potter films: "Nothing can stop this curse and there is no obstacle to it." But Dumbledore's Secrets introduces two other exceptions: First, Killin's mother, for whom Avada Kadura's two curses are used and she does not die immediately (actually, she dies slowly).

Second, Albus and Abforth Dumbledore use anti-curse to thwart Grindelwald's attempt to kill Credence. It can be said that this anti-curse is a copy of the same Harry Potter spell with which he protects himself, but basically questions the magic of Harry Potter and the basics of this spell.

A gem in "Animals" Amazing 3 Where is it?

BingMag.com <b>Dumbledore's</b> <b>Mysteries</b> is <b>full</b> of <b>story</b> <b>holes</b> and <b>confusing</b> mistakes

Tina's absence Goldstein is really notable in "Dumbledore's Secrets," but he's reportedly working in a new job as head of the U.S. overdrive, appearing at the end of the film. On the other hand, Negini, who is introduced as a very key character in "Grindelwald Crimes" and is basically a friend of Credence, simply disappears from the story and has no place in this film. Even if this was done to isolate Credence, it would have been better for the filmmakers to think for a moment about the consequences of this change.

Dumbledore claims that Abforth cannot read.

In the distant future of "Wonderful Beasts", Albus Dumbledore becomes an evil old wizard who sends children to forbidden jungles and emotionally harasses them for his own interests. He is also pessimistic about his brother, Abforth, with whom he already had a good relationship, and for no reason calls him illiterate:

Was prosecuted. The news was even published in the newspapers, but was Abforth hidden? Not. He raised his head and continued to work as usual! Of course, I doubt he will be able to read. So it may not have been his job to do so

Only Dumbledore knew that his brother could read. In The Dumbledore Secrets, he saw Abforth interacting with his son through a magic mirror. So why is he slandering his brother, who was not there to defend himself, in vain? Is Dumbledore just a bitch and a bully? -5.jpg ">

Minerva McGonagall's brief appearance in Dumbledore's Secrets, like her role in Grindelwald's crimes, is still meaningless. In his original biography, McGonagall was born on October 4, 1935, eight years after his first appearance in The Amazing Beasts 2 and (in a way) seven years after The Mysteries of Dumbledore. He has been a housewife for some time, which has been removed from the overall story, but even "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" confirms that McGonagall taught at Hogwarts for 39 years in 1990. So how did he get to Hogwarts two decades ago? It seems that his brief presence was not necessary.

The German prison "Amazing Beasts" is really ridiculous

in the Harry Potter films It is known as the scariest prison for witches in all of history, where the worst witches are imprisoned forever. The only offense that convicts an Azkaban prisoner (including murderers like Blatrix Lestering) of kissing Dimentor is trying to escape. Otherwise, their most severe punishment is life imprisonment. In the German prison "Dumbledore's Secrets", every prisoner, regardless of his crime, is brutally killed by a giant scorpion without trial. Obviously, they are corrupt people, but it is quite clear that the German wizarding community has pursued a policy of intolerance towards criminals and disregard for human rights.

Clearing Joseph's memory raises several questions in the minds of the audience./

BingMag.com <b>Dumbledore's</b> <b>Mysteries</b> is <b>full</b> of <b>story</b> <b>holes</b> and <b>confusing</b> mistakes

Yousef Kama plays William Nadilam in "Wonderful Beasts 2" as a secondary anti-hero Was introduced and the sequel to this film also deals with him to a great extent. Because of his position on the Dumbledore plot, he infiltrates Grindelwald's followers but apparently betrays Dumbledore. The reason for this betrayal is not clear and it seems that he was just deceived. Grindelwald erases the memory of his sister, Leta Lestering, from his mind to prevent him from taking revenge, and this raises several questions in the viewer's mind. For example, why does Grindelwald not use his ability to erase memories of Joseph's loyalty to Dumbledore? Because these memories are far more dangerous to Grindelwald. It also changes the whole nature of the memory spell. Previously, the victim of the spell seemed to give up the memory voluntarily instead of forcing it to be cleared.

Dumbledore's cheerfulness calls into question his entire storyline

At the end of "Dumbledore's Secrets", Killin's baby, who replaces his dead sibling during the election, chooses him as the next leader of the wizarding world, thanks to Dumbledore's seemingly pure heart. This shows that this great character is lovable, but it does not make much sense. He is the same wizard who coined the slogan "Forward to Further Interests", which he used not only when he was with Grindelwald, but also throughout his life. He put Soros Snape, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter in serious danger to make the most of Voldemort's defeat, and also put his team in The Amazing Beasts at risk without a specific plan. Dumbledore was a man who took dangerous risks and had a gray character and was partly responsible for his sister's death. No measure of cheerfulness and virtue It can not cover all these crimes. jpg ">

Even if you accept that Dumbledore put Jacob Kowalski on his map solely out of sheer error or out of a change in his position on the value of the Magellans or his belief in him as an important person Instead, we can not ignore the fact that he still has only a baker with a fake cane in his design. Jacob's involvement in an assassination attempt on the charismatic villain Mads Mickelson is a step beyond complexity and even more dangerous than Harry Potter's attempt to overthrow Dumbledore. Jacob survives by chance, but this storyline is as ridiculous as Dumbledore's own plot. In fact, he probably did not know what would happen.

Did Grindelwald forget the symbol of his power ?!

In the Harry Potter films, Xenophilius Lovegood (Reese Witherspoon) introduces the history of Deathly Hallows and tells the story of three brothers, as well as confirming that Grindelwald uses the Deathly Hallows symbol as a symbol of His power is accepted. The symbol was accepted as a version of the swastika in the wizarding world, and Grindelwald's followers proudly regarded it as a sign of their superiority over the Magellans. However, "The Dumbledore Mysteries" ends with the introduction of a new symbol of Grindelwald's power, a symbol that is more like a political logo taken from the memorials of death and bears the initials of its name. So has Dumbledore changed its name at some point, perhaps after its new symbol did not work? Is this new symbol just a return to the core of the Harry Potter story to the delight of fans of the series?

Dumbledore is a close friend of Jacob but can not come to his wedding

BingMag.com <b>Dumbledore's</b> <b>Mysteries</b> is <b>full</b> of <b>story</b> <b>holes</b> and <b>confusing</b> mistakes

Jacob and Quinn, at the heartwarming end of Dumbledore's Secrets, got married in their former bakery and invited all their close friends except Dumbledore Did. Dumbledore sits around the bakery as the ceremony continues and then walks away. He was probably not invited. This also does not make sense. Of course, perhaps Dumbledore has more important things to do.

The bloody pact between Dumbledore and Grindelwald is nonsense

The magic that keeps Grindelwald and Dumbledore from fighting each other Again, it was a clever narrative tool for a while, but in Dumbledore's Secrets, the difficulty of putting such strict rules into the story was proven. To cancel the bloody pact, the film was forced to completely violate its own narrative rules. The bloody pact was supposed to stop Dumbledore from moving against Grindelwald, but apparently planning a robbery (or at least facilitating the plans of Newt and his associates) was the opposite. The bloody pact is invincible, but Dumbledore easily broke it in an attempt to save the man Grindelwald was about to kill. Why does this powerful and seemingly invincible spell have such an obvious flaw? "Dumbledore's Secrets" is set in the late 1920s, and these events take place just one year after the first "Amazing Beasts" movie, because Jacob has only known Newt for a year. But the paradox is that the story of Dumbledore's Secrets originally took place in 1932. Even without this consideration, the end of The Dumbledore Mysteries would not be later than 1933, leaving 12 years between the breaking of the Dumbledore bloody treaty and his final defeat to Grindelwald. What exactly has he done over the past decade? Shouldn't he be held accountable for the growth and expansion of Grindelwald's power?

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