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DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

DreamWorks has benefited greatly from the success of its animated films. Many of their greatest successes have sequels and spin-offs that have become beautiful franchises. Whether in Shrek or Madagascar, DreamWorks has a long list of films and characters with successful franchises. DreamWorks has a good track record, but not all of these franchises have survived. Some of them have encountered narrative problems or the quality of each film has started to decline. On the other hand, as mentioned, DreamWorks has created franchises that have great characters and stories. So, it is not bad to review and rank all the animation franchises of this studio together. Defeat of DreamWorks

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  • 7. The Boss Baby )

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    The boss's child has become part of a behavioral and cultural pattern, largely because of its simple and bizarre concept. Alec Baldwin is the voice of a talking child in a suit that comes from a world where babies run a business. Some of them are left to families and others remain in the business world. Baldwin is a boss kid who came into the world to evaluate why humans have lost interest in babies.

    Boss Boss: The family business was built for that. Both films rely heavily on childish humor and often may not sound very profound, but they do have good messages about sibling relationships and how children affect our lives. They also creatively show that children's imaginary worlds are very different from what adults see and create lots of funny sequences. These movies may not offer much for adults, but kids really enjoy them because they are a harmless pastime.

    6. Trolls ( Trolls )

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    Trolls are adorable and lovable. These are the best words to describe this franchise. These are funny movies with trolling characters. However, they do not have much depth. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake are good in the lead roles, and the musicals of the films are very entertaining, but most of them are a bit outdated. The first animation of trolls is about finding joy and doing things that make you happy, whether it's singing or being with someone you love. And it is unique. In the sequel to this animation, it becomes clear that trolls are divided into different genres and their legends spread, and the theme of rock covers almost everything and brings them together in one framework. These films show that recognizing people's differences is what unites us and that not everyone should have the same lifestyle. This is a strong message in a movie where one of the characters is strongly influenced by the rest of the people.

    5. The Croods The Croods

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    Cavemen is a creative story about a family whose members are trying to survive in prehistoric times. The voice actors in the family are Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage and Catherine Keener. A hard-working stranger introduces them to new ways of survival, and the father of this family worries about the loss of the inseparable bond of his family. They have developed that it is innovative and safe. These films cleverly show how humanity evolves and how scary new developments are. The Cavemen franchise is hilarious and has compact and loving families. Each member of the family has their own unique skills and personality traits that make them easily recognizable and have an independent personality. The stories are not complicated, but the movies are enjoyable, with interesting characters in the form of a family drama.

    4. Madagascar ( Madagascar )

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    The Madagascar franchise is a collection of energetic and humorous films with great voice actors such as Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Schwimmer and Sasha Baron Cohen. The series focuses on a lion named Alex, a zebra named Marty, a hippopotamus named Gloria and a giraffe named Melman living in the Central Park Zoo. However, they escape and go into the wild. In subsequent films, they travel extensively, trying to find a way back home while trying to survive in the wild. They narrate a different environment. The story of the first film takes place in Madagascar, the second in the African savannah and the third throughout Europe. Each film puts the characters in different directions. For example, Alex is looking for a way to become a star, while Marty just wants to live free. King Julien and the Lemurs are other prominent characters in these animations. The Penguins of Madagascar, as a team, are always trying to prepare for a robbery. The Penguins of Madagascar even have their own spin-off movie and TV series on Nickelodeon. They write the next film. Each film has its own unique perspective and has new characters and different locations and animation styles. Madagascar movies are some of the funniest DreamWorks movies and have been somewhat underestimated.

    3. ( Shrek )

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    In terms of popularity, no franchise in DreamWorks is more popular than Shrek. The franchise has many sequels and special holiday programs and has even become a Broadway musical. Shrek and Shrek 2 are two of the best DreamWorks movies. Shrek 1 tells the love story of an unexpected relationship between a giant and a princess, and features extraordinary characters including Shrek (Mike Myers), Fiona (Cameron Diaz), Donkey (Eddie Murphy), and Lord Farcad (John Lithgo). . The second film expands the fantasy world of Shrek, introduces us to the booted cat (Antonio Banderas) and tells a funny story that refers to the classic fairy tales and at the same time offers an interesting drama for the characters of the film. p>

    However, Shrek 3 and Shrek Forever do not have the quality of the first two films. The jokes become more immature, the story becomes more ridiculous, and he constantly ridicules the myths and drowns in this bed. Shrek forever does not expand the story at all, because it only shows the perspective of Shrek's life without Fiona. Shirk is DreamWorks' most iconic asset, but the franchise itself does not consistently excel.

    2. Kung Fu Panda ( Kung Fu Panda )

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    It's amazing that these movies are so good, because a movie about a panda who works in kung fu might seem a bit ridiculous. However, these films know that this theme is ridiculous, and that is why, incidentally, they deal with it in a very specific way. In Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black is voiced by Poe, a panda who is apparently chosen by fate to become a dragon warrior in an adventure. His adventure is hard to become a kung fu master, but he proves that you can never judge a book by its cover. You can enjoy them. Every time Poe enters the story, it becomes a reflective experience that explores his past and introduces him to a new line that reveals another important aspect of his life. Every movie has big criminals who are a serious threat to the dragon warrior. In addition to Black, these films have other good voice actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan. Kung Fu Panda 3 may be the weakest work of the trilogy, but even this animation examines the franchise's story from a new angle. These animations are amazing family movies that not only have emotional moments, but also have fast kung fu-style action.

    1. How to Train Your Dragon ( How To Train Your Dragon )

    BingMag.com DreamWorks sequel animations from worst to best

    In terms of overall quality, how to train our dragon is the best DreamWorks franchise. Each of the films expands the story world, creates emotional and tearful moments, and takes their beloved characters in new directions. The relationship between Hiccup (Jay Barochel) and his toothless dragon is at the heart of the series. Toothless is lovable and the bond between him and Hiccup is a bond that brightens your spirits but sometimes breaks your heart. In addition, there are many other lovable characters voiced by Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett, America Ferrara, Jonah Hill, and Cate Harrington. They fly together, it's amazing. Dragons have a creative and unique design, and throughout the stories, we see new threats and worlds that add depth to these animations. Evil characters are not very memorable, but this is mainly because the main focus of the story is on family and friendship issues. The hiccup and the toothless are initially part of the forces of the two sworn enemies, but in any case, they unite through a mutual bond.

    This causes the whole village to have a different view of these creatures, and vice versa. . However, not all people in this world think like them. These movies are adorable, funny, engaging and quite entertaining. The How to Train Your Dragon trilogy proves that DreamWorks is capable of creating emotional stories and experiences on the same level as Pixar and Disney.

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