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Dr. Strange will appear in 3 editions of "Multi-World Madness"

BingMag.com <b>Dr.</b> <b>Strange</b> will <b>appear</b> in 3 <b>editions</b> of 'Multi-World Madness'

The movie "Dr. Strange in a Multi-World Madness" wants to be a continuation of Marvel 4 by presenting several versions of Steven Strange, because apparently one of the goals Phase 4 is the presentation of different versions of a character.

The first trailer of "Dr. Strange 2" showed one of these versions to the audience, and previously there was talk of another version of him in the film. Although the two versions, known as the Superman Strange and the Strange Defender, will certainly be featured in "Multi-World Madness," it is possible that other versions of the popular wizard will appear in the film to help Dr. Strange Marvel.

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  • Shang Chi turns Dr. Strange 2 into Marvel's biggest Phase 4 movie Marvel's cinematic world. Some of Loki's versions were very similar to the characters the audience was familiar with, while others were quite different. After that, the concept of multiple worlds, consisting of different timelines and symbolic character changes, was repeated again and again in films such as "What if?" And "Spider-Man: No Way Home" was used. "Dr. Strange 2" is also set to explore the aftermath of "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home" and show the larger multiple worlds.

    After Loki and Peter Parker, now it's Steven Strange's turn to show Various versions of himself in "Multi-World Madness" become the next hero of Marvel Cinema. But it remains to be seen whether this popular wizard can bring such a new experience to Marvel, especially given that one or more versions of him are supposed to be among the villains of "Dr. Strange 2". In total, three versions of Dr. Strange will definitely be in this sequel, which we will introduce in the following.

    Dr. Strange Marvel Cinematic World

    BingMag.com <b>Dr.</b> <b>Strange</b> will <b>appear</b> in 3 <b>editions</b> of 'Multi-World Madness'

    Although some fans of this character believed that Dr. Strange Marvel, who was previously in The films "Dr. Strange", "Avengers: Eternal War" and "The End of the Game" as well as "Spider-Man: There is no way home" were supposed to show the dark side of this character in "Dr. Strange 2", but the trailer was released. Has rejected this theory. It seems that in this sequel, Stephen Strange will keep more or less the same character as before, and will support Wang's efforts to become the next great wizard. In this film, which narrates the sequel to "There Is No Way Home", Dr. Strange forgets Peter Parker and tries to prevent the impending catastrophe that is about to happen to Earth. Despite Peter's sacrifice, there are still many questions about multiple worlds, and Dr. Strange must ally with other heroes, such as Scarlet Witch and other versions, in order to solve the existing problems.

    Superm What happens to Dr. Strange or Evil's Stranger if ? "Dr. Strange in Multi-World Madness" introduces one of Dr. Strange's evil versions, previously in "What if?" Was introduced. At DisneyPlus, what turned Stephen into a wizard was not the injury of his hands in a car accident, but the loss of Dr. Christine Palmer. Wanting to overcome his grief, he studied dark magic to bring his friend back to life, but eventually brought a large number of mythical creatures into the world that made him more powerful. However, his power changed in different ways. "what if?" Episode 4 shows that Dr. Strange, like the creatures he has attracted to this world, has become an evil creature, and they are all trying to do the impossible. As can be seen in the "Dr. Strange 2" trailer, his actions caused the real world around him to fall apart and buildings and everything to be covered in a kind of dark dust. Also known as "What if?" He did, in the end, to no avail because Christine was terrified of what Strange had become and what had happened to the world around her. By the time Superman Strange finally regained consciousness, it was too late and he had to live in a prison he had built. He suffers from loneliness and wants to find a way to enter another world. Did he deal with the voucher? In Chapter 1, he defended multiple worlds against existing threats, and it is possible that he considered Dr. Strange Marvel as one of those threats. Earlier, however, he published another version of himself in "What if?" Has lost, but this time has to fight Scarlet Witch and the rest of Dr. Strange's allies. /32/16080-4.jpg ">

    The trailers for" Dr. Strange 2 "show another version of Dr. Strange called Defender Strange. It seems that the character of the defender Strange appears in a black and red robe, and of course there is an explanation about him, which is as follows: "Dr. Strange is the most important witch defender of the earth who will protect us from the supernatural threats of multiple worlds . So this version of Dr. Strange's character is probably more in line with the superhero version of comic books.

    Of course, the role of this character in "Dr. Strange 2" is not yet clear, but this character has the potential to be Dr.'s character. Transform Strange into Marvel in general.

    Although Marvel had previously introduced a group of defenders on Netflix consisting of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, the comic team of the 1970s and 1980s It included the Hulk and Nimour Sub Mariner, led by Dr. Strange, to whom the Silver Surfer was added shortly afterwards. Other heroes who joined the defenders during the main comic book performance included Valkyrie, Knight Hawk, Twenty, Gargoyle, and Helket. It seems that many of these characters are going to reappear in the Marvel movie world, which means that soon you will see a new version of this group on your TV screen. Despite the permanent alliance between the Avengers, the defenders only united when necessary, but Strange Marvel rejoining the defenders may mean that he wants to form his own group.

    Other versions of Dr. Strings that can appear in a multi-world frenzy

    BingMag.com <b>Dr.</b> <b>Strange</b> will <b>appear</b> in 3 <b>editions</b> of 'Multi-World Madness'

    just like the "Loki" series At DisneyPlus, which introduces a variety of Loki such as Baby Loki, Classic Loki, Pretty Loki, President Loki, and Crocodile Loki, "Dr. Strange in a Multi-World Madness" can also show countless copies of Dr. Strange. Some of these versions may not look like Stephen at all, but may be another character wearing his cloak. Some of Dr. Strange's short comic book versions included Sir Stephen Strange, a magician at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, a Strange woman who had an affair with a demon, and Stephen Strange Jr., Dr. Strange's son.

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