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Dog Power Movie Reviews and Scores; Benedict Cumberbatch in Critical Drama (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Dog Power Movie Reviews and Scores; Benedict Cumberbatch in Critical Drama (Venice Film Festival 2021)

The second day of the Venice International Film Festival 2021, which started on Wednesday, September 31st and will continue until Saturday, September 10th of this year with the screening of the film "The Power of the Dog" continued.

Dog Power is the latest work by renowned New Zealand artist Jane Campion, best known for directing the movie "Piano". The piano won the Academy Award for Best Non-Adapted Screenplay and the Palme d'Or at the Cannes International Film Festival for being the first woman in cinema history to receive the Palme d'Or. Gone and to be broadcast on the Netflix network. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Kristen Dunst, and Jesse Pelmons, the film is about a relationship between two brothers, one of whom has a crisis after marriage.

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The Power of the Dog, one of the films on the second day of the festival, has been widely acclaimed by English-speaking critics. All 13 reviews collected on the Metacritic website about this film have been positive, giving it a 90 out of 100 meta score for dog strength. Also, 100% of the 23% of the reviews collected on Raton Tomitoz's website have been met with the satisfaction of critics. img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2109/24/11830-2.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Dog Power Movie Reviews and Scores; Benedict Cumberbatch in Critical Drama (Venice Film Festival 2021)" loading="lazy">

Hollywood Reporter - David Rooney

Score: 100 out of 100

This cinematic work is made in an extraordinary way. The film's patient rhythms, such as the vibrant notes of melancholy, loneliness, torment, jealousy and resentment, are constantly changing. Jane Campion has complete control over all the elements of her film and approaches the depths of each character's turbulent inner life with unparalleled elegance.

The Guardian - Jean Brooks

Score: 80 out of 80 100

Jane Campion has come to Venice with the movie Dog Power. A strong story from the Wild West; The story of large cowboys, horses, and wolves that walk on their hind legs. This is the director's first film since 2009 and it is so confident and well-woven that it reminds us of what we really missed.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Pelmons play Phil and George they do; The Burbank Brothers, who run a successful ranch in the Montana Hills. The film takes place in 1925, but the harsh and backward nature of the environment is such that it could have been even 100 years ago. This environment is tolerated only by strong men, and the weaker ones are removed like a superficial roundness. The two elephant brothers are especially proud of their strength.

The Burbank brothers have been so close that any change in their circumstances seems too big for them. Even when George suddenly gets married, the elephant shows anger beyond expectation and out of proportion to the situation. She seems to hate Rose Gordon (played by Kristen Dunst), a widow who runs a nearby restaurant and lodge, and the presence of Peter, Rose's sensitive and delicate son, makes her even angrier.

The power of the dog is taken from Thomas Savage's novel, but it also has a slight hint of John Steinbeck's "Paradise East" or Terence Malik's "Paradise Days." The film is a lively drama about the ruins that men leave behind, and as the camera deliberately sneaks deliberately around the farm, the images are beautifully framed in neutral, muted tones.

Screen Daily - Jonathan Romney

Score: 80 out of 100

Jane Campion directed a full-fledged American Gothic with a story set in the 1920s; A film that has the atmosphere of a classic western, as if it came out of William Faulkner's black dramatic mentality. And will surely be more popular after the drama airs in cinemas and the following month on Netflix.

His main interests will be such as relationships with troubled families, the strangeness of sexual desires and the dissatisfaction of the masculine soul. All of these issues were surprisingly present in the two seasons of his recent series, "Top of the Lake." Has been omitted, and it can probably be said that he has overemphasized some parts.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of the film is that the's adaptation of the character softens the elephant a little too much and disturbs him from that character. It makes the novel a little more vulnerable and accessible; A decision that is reasonably sufficient but reduces the final twist of the work to some extent.

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