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Do we live in the matrix? (The 20th anniversary of the Matrix movie and the answer to an important question)

BingMag.com Do we <b>live</b> in the <b>matrix?</b> <b>(The</b> <b>20th</b> <b>anniversary</b> of the <b>Matrix</b> <b>movie</b> and the <b>answer</b> to an <b>important</b> question)

It was early 1999 and people were anxiously worried about the future. A new century was ahead, and the promise - or danger - brought with it a major change. Was the next century supposed to lead us to a technology-based utopia? Or, as some feared, the end of the apocalypse had arrived? It was a strange day, full of anxiety and anticipation. This is the best time for a thought-provoking film like The Matrix. Screening exploded like a ball all over the world. Some audiences were impressed by his complex and engaging storyline about a hacker named Neo who suddenly realizes that humans have been enslaved in a computer simulation. Others were left with only thrilling scenes and creative special effects of finger-to-mouth combat.

1999 may have been a year of great thriller and spectacular, but at the end of the year The Matrix is the "chosen" work: the first true blockbuster of the digital age, a film that heralded the far-reaching impact, whether good or bad, of technology not only in the film industry but in our daily lives. Yesterday's Wachowski Brothers and Sisters Today foresaw and at the same time transformed the contemporary world we live in today.

BingMag.com Do we <b>live</b> in the <b>matrix?</b> <b>(The</b> <b>20th</b> <b>anniversary</b> of the <b>Matrix</b> <b>movie</b> and the <b>answer</b> to an <b>important</b> question)

But these were all superficial aftershocks in the film. The deeper legacy of the Matrix has not been revealed for years. The release of the DVD version of the film broke the sales record in its time because it allowed the fans to watch the film again. But it was the Internet that actually put the Matrix fans in a complicated position. The Wachowski screenplay dates back to the mid-1990s, when the Internet and cyberspace were in their infancy. But by 1999, millions of Americans were chatting, bragging, and shopping online. At the same time, the historical bug of 2000, also known as the "Millennium Shape" of Y2K, overshadowed everything. (Because computers were designed to read only the last two digits of a one-year number, entering 2000 and the last two digits of that number, which were zero, were problematic for computer systems because they could not tell the difference between 1900 and 2000. .)

The impact of this film on popular culture became clear a few months after its release. Vachovsky's visual effects could be seen from the Hong Kong action movies to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, but in digital effects they made innovations that allowed the characters to remain motionless in the air, or to relax. , Or keep the bullets in the air to avoid a shotgun, and the cameras record all movements with a rotation of nearly 360 degrees. As a result, The Matrix was unlike any other film, and its visual style was so sluggish that it was soon ridiculed and adapted by filmmakers. The last film to so rapidly transform the mainstream of filmmaking was Star Wars, released in 1977.

It was a tumultuous and evolving period in which the Matrix retold its rhetoric. . If people at the time were skeptical of the new technology, the story of this film would warn of the devices that came to overwhelm our lives. But if you've been involved in cyberspace before, the Matrix was a testament to the potential of the Internet - and if things went awry, people would have the power to rise up and regain their humanity.

BingMag.com Do we <b>live</b> in the <b>matrix?</b> <b>(The</b> <b>20th</b> <b>anniversary</b> of the <b>Matrix</b> <b>movie</b> and the <b>answer</b> to an <b>important</b> question)

These were great ideas and raised great topics, many of which also found their way into cyberspace, where There was a deep debate day and night around the world. "Do computers control us?", "If the Matrix is real, what can be done about it?" Or "Where can I get the Matrix sunglasses?" Were some of the questions that moviegoers at the time were asking. The Wachowskis had made a film that seemed to be talking directly to the Internet, and the Internet could not help but respond. But over the next decade - which saw the release of two sequels - some talk turned to Wachowski's most intriguing innovation: the red pill. In the first film, Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) gives Neo the choice of either swallowing the blue tablet, which happily ignores his slavery, or the red tablet, which allows him to see the truth. Surprisingly, when the film was released, little attention was paid to this complex metaphor. But in the years following the release of the first episode, the climate of the United States and many parts of the world became controversial. The illusion that 9/11 was unrealistic, followed by the devastating US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2008 financial crisis, led many to ask, "Wait, is the [Matrix] really happening?

Soon, the age of social media arrived, creating even more space to discuss the Matrix and its implications - and its functions - in the real world. Since about 2012, thanks to an anti-feminist documentary called The Red Pill, directed by Casey Jay, an ugly and feminist movement has erupted in which angry young men shared their stories of the "red pill". , That is, "realized the fact" that feminism is a force of repression against men. Since then, "red pill" (or the realization of the truth) has become a pervasive term to describe "political awakenings." Last year, when Ilan Musk asked millions of his followers on Twitter to "take the red pill," he responded to both Ivanka Trump (who said "I ate!") And Lily Wachowski herself (who said "damn you both").

BingMag.com Do we <b>live</b> in the <b>matrix?</b> <b>(The</b> <b>20th</b> <b>anniversary</b> of the <b>Matrix</b> <b>movie</b> and the <b>answer</b> to an <b>important</b> question)

Keanu Reeves and Kerry-An-Mass In The Resurrection of the Matrix

for Matrix fans, the fact that the "red pill" takes on such hateful meanings is unpleasant: after all, one of the pleasures of Wachowski's films is their free-spirited, non-biased view of It was society. Neo and his partner, Trinity (played by Kerry-Anne Moss), treat each other with a level of mutual respect that, to this day, is rarely seen in male-female relationships on the big screen. And they work alongside a multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic team of insurgents. The Matrix, for all its shooting scenes and machines, is a deeply hopeful film: one that values love and care for one another, as well as the freedom to recognize one's true identity and self. (The film has been considered a metaphor for transgender narratives since its release - a reading that has been confirmed only by Lana Wachowski herself.) More than two decades after its release, it has become more difficult to discern whether we live with or within the matrix. The Internet is so flooded with misinformation and misinformation that everyone now has the opportunity to create their own pervasive reality (or realities). Now you can choose whatever truth you like to accept, knowing that your beliefs - however distorted or even dangerous - are backed by a massive digital machine, a more terrifying machine than the Wachowskis imagine.

is a bitter condition, a condition that eradicates the message of hope embedded in the fabric of the matrix. Perhaps now the "Resurrection of the Matrix" can shed a clearer view of the future ahead of us. No matter where Neo and Trinity get, the mainstream movie message smells more than ever: we all get more and more caught up in copies of our own matrices - but we still have the power to stand up against machines and free ourselves. .

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