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"Do not look up" critique; A mediocre movie with a message and big stars

BingMag.com 'Do <b>not</b> <b>look</b> up' critique; A <b>mediocre</b> <b>movie</b> <b>with</b> a <b>message</b> and <b>big</b> stars

Star movies usually have two modes; Either with a poor story and script, they are just trying to win the box office, or they have such a strong text that its creators believe that no one will be able to perform it except the big stars and actors. The result of both can fail, both in attracting critics and audiences. There are many examples of this in Hollywood cinema. The comedy of "Saturday Night Live" program, which is not surprising because the director of the film comes from the same program. Therefore, the audience of this film will be those who are curious about the mainstream of popular culture, focusing on American society, and of course, they do not mind being confronted with a critical approach to it. In addition to several stars, if not all of them are popular actors, there will definitely be three or four of them. The director (and screenwriter) himself has said that if Meryl Streep is satisfied to play in the film, it is not difficult to satisfy the other actors.

In film criticism "Do not look at Yala" There is a danger that the story will be leaked.

Of course, the film's main theme, climate change, and environmental issues and the sub-topics that are addressed are ineffective in the presence of these star actors, especially Leonardo DiCaprio, who is an environmental activist. is not. McKee says the script has been offered to every actor. Topics such as populism, the consequences of fame in today's world, the desire for politeness and artificial pacifism in human relations, the popularity of vulgarity and superficiality on social media in the face of more serious issues such as the proximity of an asteroid to Earth in less than six months . This is the last line of the film's story.

Two scientists notice an asteroid approaching Earth. They take the matter to the White House and raise it with the President. The president and the presidential staff (reminiscent of the Trump family) do not care about this issue and have more important concerns such as victory in the next presidential term! The staff of scientists and those concerned with the earth and its aftermath take the issue to the media, and the media staff and, of course, the virtual users do not seem to care about this important issue. Like Quebec, they bury their heads in the snow and prefer to watch a day like the separation of a pop star from her boyfriend who betrayed her and their return on a live television show. The news is lost in the commotion, misused for the populist purposes of the president, by a charlatan giant and of course the successful technology he has discovered that the asteroid can be a source of very valuable capital, deviates again and moves towards its inevitable fate.

BingMag.com 'Do <b>not</b> <b>look</b> up' critique; A <b>mediocre</b> <b>movie</b> <b>with</b> a <b>message</b> and <b>big</b> stars

The thug is not shown to sound the alarm in the audience's ear, it is as dull as the critics it makes. In the first half the film is lively, but in the second half it focuses on sub-topics such as the relationship of the newly acclaimed male scientist DiCaprio with a famous figure and like many of today's uninhabited and self-centered inhabitants (Cate Blanchett). ) Becomes a little dull. Of course, the director's goal is clear: he wants to show that the mainstream of today's society can swallow even those who are concerned and turn it into something like himself. But fortunately, the character wakes up from the conservatism and fear of expressing his true thoughts, like his colleague (Jennifer Lawrence) who discovered the existence of an asteroid in space and was awake and alert from the beginning, and this awakened him through the official pursuit of this Disaster has been pushed aside and made the subject of social media, screaming and calling on the world to "look up." (This scene and storyline written for this character is reminiscent of the 1976 film "Network" by Sydney Lumet.)

Invitation to wake up (eating the same red matrix pill) It launches the "Look Up" name, and in contrast, its "Do not look Up" opposition movement is formed by high-ranking democrat White House officials. The Awakening movement fails despite its not-so-small fan base, and it becomes clear that the bitter fate of the earth and its inhabitants will soon be decided.

His comedy no longer works and it is useless to follow the fate of the asteroid and Earth. The arrival of another star like Timothy Shalami in the role of a hippie youth, but with his religious beliefs and emotional relationship with Lawrence, who is a serious and difficult girl but because the world is coming to an end, admits that even a verbal engagement with this young man does not add anything to the film. , Neither in its attraction nor in advancing the story. Anyone could play this role instead of Shalami. As well as the other supporting actors in the film, whose potentials are not used in the film and whose presence has no reason other than a box office guarantee. Jonah Hill can easily be forgotten as the son of the president (Strip). (Chris Evans and Matthew Perry also appear in the film; the former is unrecognizable in the film, the latter has plots with Hill removed from the film.) They were and they got more laughter from the audience.

Of course, almost everyone gets a passing grade in their roles; DiCaprio is particularly successful in portraying a simple, distraught, and mentally ill scientist by playing with his face, body, and makeup. Only the others do not appear in their own size and do not care, because the role is not enough for them. Other than that, it is unlikely that anyone would like to see Meryl Streep's face next to the beaks of strange birds inhabiting other planets. And the absurdity and artificiality of social movements that are as influential as the one-minute content of Instagram. This is if the director has succeeded in his work, if it was intentional and predetermined. But because it raises the big issue that the disappearance of the earth is due to human negligence and irrationality, it is expected to be as influential as it is large, which it is not. (Poor and probably intentionally watery performances of the final scenes are not ineffective in diminishing this impact.) It simply cools the heart that one of the good ones came along and mocked the rules and relations of today's world and sent such a message to the world that I wish it would get better, because the world needs to wake up from this rabbit sleep. But because the state of human society around the world, in every corner, is somehow disappointing, or at least the media insists on saying so, it cannot have a hopeful end. It is expected that, like all films that end in tragedy and that their characters lovingly embrace death instead of striving for survival, tears will flow from their faces, which will not be possible because this frustration will not be so strikingly displayed as to evoke or underestimate empathy. Ring the alarm in the listener's ear. Therefore, like the criticisms he makes, he is indifferent. Or that we are all blue-eyed, uninhabited pills. : Adam McKee
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Timothy Shalami, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep
Synopsis: Two scientists notice an asteroid approaching Earth, which they estimate will hit the Earth within six months and destroy it with all its inhabitants. They raise the issue with US officials, but they do not seem to care, and scientists' independent efforts to save the Earth do not work.
IMDb rating for the film: 7.3 Out of 10
Raton Tomitoz points to the movie: 55 out of 100
Author rating: out of 5

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