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Disney postpones release of 5 Marvel movies and removes 2 movies from release list

Disney has postponed the release of five Marvel movies and removed two from the list. p>

There have been no major changes to the release date of the 4 films yet, with Disney announcing a delay in the release of five Marvel movies scheduled for years 1 and..

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Disney delayed the release of five different Marvel movies with a major change in schedule and removed the release dates of the other two movies from its list./p>

Marvel's world is known for its precise schedule because most of the time, each project depends on another project, either because of the filmmaking arrangements or the sequel. We now know that Year 9 is a major obstacle to a series of related films as the Corona Marvel virus epidemic has forced it to delay the release of all the films and TV series it had prepared for that year. The world of Marvel seems to have been forced to set a schedule after several successful changes. There were no movies. The Black Widow, the first film to be released late in 1996, was finally released in July, followed by Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings in September. Marvel's cinematic world plans to release two more films for the rest of the year: Immortals and Spider-Man: No Way Home (broadcast by Sony). Both are scheduled to be released in November and September, respectively.

Screening of Marvel Studios' Phase 4 Movies is Problematic

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But the Marvel's and calendar's years had major changes. Disney has officially delayed the release of the next five Marvel movies. It all started with Dr. Strange in Madness Multi-World, which was scheduled to be released on March 4, but has now been postponed to May 3. Thor: Love and Thunder was scheduled to be released on this date, which will be released on July 4.

will be. Meanwhile, the release of the Marvels movie has been completely canceled in year 3 and postponed to February 4. Ant and Bee Man Release: Quantum Realm has also been postponed and is set to release on July 4. to be screened. Screening of this film, which was previously scheduled for November 8, was removed from the timeline. Screening of two Marvel untitled films scheduled for July 4 and October 4 has been removed from the list. It has been reported that the reason for these widespread delays was production-related considerations, not the box office. Given that Shang Chi has been the best-selling film of this time since 1, this makes sense. Has also changed. But Marvel has undergone the greatest changes because of the ever-evolving nature of its cinematic world. The film will be ready for release in May 2023. This point probably indicates that it is not related to other projects, so it does not matter much in which part of the timeline it is located. Due to Marvel's ongoing multi-world storyline, films such as Dr. Strange and The Ant Man 3 are expected to influence each other, and for this to make sense, they must go together.

This undoubtedly leads to Marvel fans are annoyed that they are eagerly following all these films, but because they are not released at the same time, they will upset the fans. The Corona epidemic has forced studios to make such changes, and Marvel Studios is no exception. Fortunately, there is a timeline that can be trusted.

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