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Disney Plus has made its bestsellers vulgar with its success formula

BingMag.com Disney Plus has made its bestsellers vulgar with its success formula

Although DisneyPlus may be considered one of the most popular streaming services these days, it must be admitted that the formula used by this network to succeed Herbert Marcuse, a German-American philosopher who died in 1979 and was known in the final years of his world-class critique of capitalism, would probably be a Disney fan if he were alive today. Plus it was. Of course, not because he was interested in the network's series of movies or series, but because Disney Plus somehow showed that his philosophical theories were not in vain.

According to Marcuse, capitalism and consumerism have succeeded. A good way of life offer a much better way than before. But it deals with qualitative changes within this path and method. In fact, DisneyPlus follows exactly the same rule. Through this network, we have a good cinematic world that is the same as modern blockbusters, but just like Marcuse's critique of consumerism and capitalism, these blockbusters and products of this network are highly resistant to quality change.

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Modern blockbusters have found a solid formula that makes them always have a winning ticket. For this reason, they do not need to change, they just need to repeat the same content over and over again without compromising their success. This is precisely why, in our current perspective, popular cinematic works are no longer about creative and original content. It is Disney and it rules, and on the other hand, with Disney Plus, it has provided users with a large archive of similar best-selling works. The works produced by Disney follow exactly the same format, and other competitors are increasingly approaching the same format.

Perhaps a look at this summer's bestsellers will shed light on the issue. Consider the movie "Cruella". The film received rave reviews, but its release as a work to be added to this year's film series seemed largely unnecessary. In fact, the film was the beginning of a series that no one felt the need to attend. The character of Corolla Doyle from "One Hundred and One Spotted Dogs" has been around for almost 60 years without the need for an original story of its own. Did we really need to turn the story of this character into a movie this year? With a budget of $ 100 million? What about making a $ 200 million Black Widow project? Society may not need such works, but Disney certainly does.

The obsessive logic behind streaming services requires that every gap in the imaginary worlds of movie series be filled and every storyline move forward, backward, and backward. If we look at Disney's recent approach to "multiverses," it can even be taken to side steps. In fact, it can be said that the specific business strategy of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios (acquired by Disney in 2009) now determines the contents of the studio and, in effect, the path of all other Disney products, including the Star Wars series (which Disney adopted in 2012). Acquired) are also determined on this basis. The film has not yet become a collection? Well, let's make a set for it. However, the viewer's attention must be drawn at all costs.

Consecutive movie series; The key to the success of Disney and Disney Plus

BingMag.com Disney Plus has made its bestsellers vulgar with its success formula

Keep up with its new movies and, on the other hand, have an audience for its growing movie streaming service. Such a situation requires that the audience watch Disney movies in the cinema and at the same time buy a subscription to the Disney Plus service. Movie series meet exactly this need of Disney. The audience spends their time watching the huge Disney Plus series and then goes to the cinema to see the latest episode of the series. Likewise, viewers watch new series of movie series on screen and then quickly watch the rest of the series on Disney Plus. There were also. But Disney's current streaming service is precisely defined by their focus, and now this policy seems unbreakable. DisneyPlus managed to attract more than 50 million users in five months after its launch in November 2019. This number reached 103.9 million users this summer. Netflix took about 10 years to double that number.

It can be argued that the development of Disney Plus is now a major business necessity for Disney, and therefore the development of movie series will naturally be a major Disney necessity; Collections that move like blood in the company's streaming service and fill the vast repositories of the network's content.

It may be said, however, that not all Disney products are part of a movie collection. But those films that are not currently in the category of series formulas also try to proceed based on successful series and are influenced by them. Take the movie "Jungle Cruise" for example. The film is based on one of Disney Park's current amusements, but is more inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean series than it really is, and has much in common with it. Journey through the jungle, like all parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean, is full of fights and computer-generated monsters. Just like Corolla, Jogging in the Jungle is not a bad movie, but it certainly is not an original work.

Some of the current blockbusters in the movie world are produced outside of Disney. For example, the Spider-Man collection is still in the possession of Sony. But even they can not escape the influence of Disney, or at least they can not go far from the logic and rules that Disney has set.

Another example is the work of Warner Bros. Studios. For example, they produced a superhero work such as The Suicide Squad based on the DC Comics. Admittedly, Suicide Squad is more violent than the Disney movie standards, or it uses more swearing and insults, but it still has the same familiarity that we see in Marvel. On the other hand, these works also rely on the audience's desire to follow the adventures of superheroes, some of whose stories have been presented in previous episodes. In the case of Suicide Squad, we see that the film is an independent sequel to another work of the same name made in 2016.

The truth is that in the next few decades, Disney-era blockbusters will be as much as many 1930s or 1950s melodramas. They will look outdated and unattractive to the audience, although some of the better ones may be an exception and may be considered even after decades, but the rest will be just a bunch of movies with their own history and all The jokes and characters of their worlds are gone. In fact, the Disney blockbusters will be a shameful reminder of a time when business was utterly dominated by Annan culture and turned its back on its destruction.

The situation was warned. For example, Martin Scorsese recently compared Marvel movies to amusement parks and said that they could not be considered real cinema. Scorsese's comments were later supported by another prominent American director, Francis Ford Coppola. He used the adjective "hateful" to describe these superhero movies. "Martin Scorsese was right to say that Marvel films are not cinema [they have no cinematic value] because we expect to learn something while watching a film, something to be captured, a kind of enlightenment, knowledge," the famous Godfather trilogy director told French media in Lyon. "Inspiration I do not know what one might really gain by watching a movie over and over again."

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