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Did Gidora start the main war between Godzilla and Kong?

BingMag.com Did Gidora start the main war between Godzilla and Kong?

Gidora may be the real motivator behind the ancient Titans War described in Godzilla vs. Kong. Unlike Godzilla's battle with Gidora in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters," this battle, which was portrayed in the recent film Monsters, has a history that dates back thousands of years. This history was first mentioned in scenes after the movie "Kong: Skull Island".

Paintings inside the cave show that Godzilla once fought one of Kong's ancestors. This possibility was explored by Dr. Ellen Andrews (Rebecca Hall), who spoke in Godzilla vs. Kong about the mythical story of Ivy and the Great War between the two monsters.

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This story was the basis of their rivalry in the film, which turned into an epic feud in the ocean, then in Hong Kong, and in the final part. The film continued. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. For this reason, both have struggled with each other in every period of Earth's history. With that in mind, their first conflict probably happened for this reason, and one species, possibly Godzilla, intended to impose its dominance and power on another. However, a completely different scenario has been put forward about the reason that led to the war between them, and some say that Gidora was the one who started this ancient war.

Description of ancient history Godzilla and Kong in Monstros

BingMag.com Did Gidora start the main war between Godzilla and Kong?

Ivy and ax paintings made of Godzilla dorsal fins He confirms that Godzilla and Kong's ancestors fought in the underworld for the first time, and the film's early credits, in which we see other monsters of the monsters such as Motra and Sculler, also confirm this. Apparently at least one of the battle battles took place in the Kong Temple. Moreover, the film does not go into much detail about their war and why Godzilla and Kong are the last remaining Titans at the helm of power, but nonetheless, Godzilla vs. Kong largely fills in the gaps in the story. The book tells a great deal about the past through Jia and her memoirs of people telling stories about Kong. They lived a kind of Kong. At an unknown time, they met Zuzla Halava, whom Jia calls Godzilla throughout the book. What Jia recalls from the Ivy tribe stories is that Zuzla Halawa settled in the underworld, next to Kong and the people there, until she became an evil creature during an event (swallowing a star). When this happened, Kong's ancestors decided to forge friendships and work together against Zuzla Halava to get her out of the underworld forever. Jia does not know the exact result of that cooperation and alliance, but the book states that the Kong and the Ivy people eventually made a long journey from their underground to Skull Island. Their decision to leave the house does not confirm Godzilla's victory, but it does mean that the monster king eventually drove them out.

Gidora is connected to the underworld

BingMag.com Did Gidora start the main war between Godzilla and Kong?

As mentioned above, Godzilla, Kong, the Sculler, and possibly Motra appear to be in the main battle. they had. These are monsters that have been officially mentioned, but there is a possibility that a fifth monster was also involved in the conflict. The conversation of the monarch scientists in Godzilla's story against Kong showed that there is a potential connection between the underworld and Gidora. As some have noticed, Antarctica is a place used in two different monster movies. It seems coincidental that Antarctica was the burial place of Gidora's frozen body and the entrance to the underworld, but the book shows otherwise. Mark Russell noted that it was strange that Gidora was found near the entrance to the underground. For this reason, he believed that Gidora may have tried to enter or leave the underworld when Godzilla attacked.

Gidora may have been Kong's main enemy

BingMag.com Did Gidora start the main war between Godzilla and Kong?

A popular theory says that Ivy's myth about Zuzla Halava may have been originally and secretly It is about Gidora who invaded the underworld and angered the former Kong species (according to Reddit reports). It may have been a mistake that led Kong's ancestors to mistakenly hold Godzilla responsible for Gidora's actions. With a few points in mind, this theory makes sense in the context of monsters. First of all, Jia pointed out that Zuzla Halava became an evil creature that does not match Godzilla's character in the monster. He has always been a protective figure who defends the planet against various threats.

In addition, the fact that Godzilla ate a star may justify and interpret the nature of his atomic breath, but may In fact, this means something else. Gidora may have entered the underworld and absorbed some of its secret power. That's basically why he was there. He was defeated by Godzilla after leaving the underworld, after which Godzilla was attacked by former Kong species. In other words, Kong's ancestors punished Godzilla for the direct sabotage that Gidora had committed.

If this were true, it could have interesting implications for Gidora's role in the monster and its history. Godzilla vs. Kong had previously shown in a story twist that Gidora was Godzilla's greatest enemy, but his importance may go far beyond that. In fact, Gidora was the ultimate director of King of Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong, and Megagodzilla was in control of Gidora's spirit when he fought Godzilla and Kong. Gidora had been killed by Godzilla before, but the combination of the energy of the source of the underworld and his demons reactivated his consciousness in Megagodzilla and provided an opportunity for him to take revenge. Gidora, as Megagodzilla, was eventually forced to work with these two rival alpha. So if Gidora is really the evil Zuzla Halawa, the monster that brought Godzilla and Kong together is the same creature that years ago, the war between their ancestors flared up.

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