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The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

BingMag.com The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

The apocalyptic warrior, Dark Side, as shown in Zack Snyder's Justice League and especially in Nightmare's hypothetical future, has produced many heroes in the developed world. He dies.

But which heroes does he manage? Dark Side has been introduced as the ultimate villain in the developed world. As a new god, he is very powerful and great, and during his life, he has conquered thousands of worlds and conquered many planets in search of power and anti-life equation. In the potential future, Dark Side succeeds in adding Earth to its list of conquered worlds, eventually achieving the anti-life equation and destroying the Justice League in several ways.

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Dark Side, as shown in a flashback sequence, had come to the planet before and when he discovered the anti-life equation on Earth. Dark Side was defeated in a great battle against humanity and the greatest defenders of the earth, and left the earth without the equation of life. He continued to conquer the world for thousands of years and decided to return to Earth in the Justice League with the death of Superman and the activation of the mother boxes. Nightmare is a possible future envisioned by Batman and Cyborg, in which Dark Side wins, destroys the Justice League with an anti-life equation, takes over the land, and launches an ominous regime led by Superman. Dark Side is looking for the anti-life equation, because it will be very useful in future battles. The anti-life equation is a very powerful cosmic formula that can destroy the free will of any creature and allow the Dark Side to turn its biggest opponents into minions. Dark Side's equation and Nightmare timeline were originally intended to be depicted in Zack Snyder's planned Justice League sequels. It is unlikely that these films will be released in the future, but Snyder said that in the final film we saw the end of Batman in the developed world of DC and he sacrificed himself to prevent the Dark Side from reaching the equation and resulting in the Knightmer timeline and the death of Justice League champions. .

BingMag.com The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

Yalan Gore was one of the first to defend the 2814 section, which includes Earth, in the Dysi comics, the ancient force of the Green Lantern. Gore was so famous and powerful that the guardians of the world gave his ring strength so that it would not turn yellow and weaken like other green lantern rings (due to the difference in the angle of light in the central battery of the green force). Yalan Gore made his feature film debut in the Justice League and defended the planet in Dark Side's first attempt to conquer Earth.

Gore fought bravely but could not overcome Dark Side and was armed The apocalyptic polar was torn to pieces and fell to the ground. The ring of the green light in the developed world of Disi returns to space with the death of Gore to find his successor, just like the ring of Abi Sur, who found Hall Jordan thousands of years later. Gore's death did not occur in the Nightmare timeline, and in fact his death is the only event that cannot be reversed in Snyder's planned sequels.

Amazing Woman

BingMag.com The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

The body of an amazing woman is shown early in the image and in a brief cyborg view of the Nightmare timeline in the Justice League. At her funeral, we see Queen Hippolyta mourning the loss of her daughter. We also see Dark Side enter the funeral of an amazing woman in an apocalyptic spaceship. Given the power of the Wonder Woman and the appearance of the Dark Side, this apocalyptic warlord may have killed her. In Cyborg's perspective proves that he is one of the greatest threats to the Dark Side and one of the first to lose his life because of his danger.



BingMag.com The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

Superman himself was not killed directly by Dark Side, but all his beliefs and values were destroyed by Dark Side. Lewis Lane is killed in the Nightmare scenario, and as a result, Superman's heart breaks and his determination is weakened. Dark Side uses the anti-life equation to destroy Clark's free will and, by brainwashing him, reduce his rank to that of an infantryman. With the disappearance of Superman's former character and identity, he became a Dark Side puppet and exercised his will to conquer the earth and fight against everything he had previously defended.

Superman Unlike the Unfair video games that inspired the Nightmare timeline, despite the Batman's true thinking about Superman in Batman vs. Superman, he could not become a villain at all. Superman Zack Snyder, like the comic book version he is based on, is an inherently good person who remains a hero even if he loses those he loves.

Kilog </</h2>

BingMag.com The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

The body of Kilog, a former member of the Green Lantern Corps, is at the end of Cyborg View Nightmare is shown. Kilog has a large hole in his chest that shows the brainwashed Superman killed him with a laser in his eyes. Superman is basically killed in Nightmare and acts as a Dark Side-wielding force, so it can be said that Kilowog is killed indirectly by Dark Side and through Superman. A close friend and lifelong partner of the human version of the Green Lantern is Hall Jordan. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post./h2>

BingMag.com The developed world; The heroes that Dark Side has defeated

The first time viewers are introduced to the Nightmare scenario is where it is seen in the perspective of Bruce Wayne In Batman vs. Superman: They See the Rise of Justice. Batman helps create a riot and brings together various superheroes and superheroes who have survived a Dark Side attack and mind control. In the wake of Justice Dawn, we see Batman being captured and brutally killed by Superman at Dark Side's will, and eventually Dark Side completely conquering Earth.

In the planned sequel (but Unpublished) Justice League Zack Snyder, Batman is killed directly by Dark Side. Bruce rescues John Lewis Lane, prevents Nightmare from becoming a reality, and kills Dark Side with omega-4 arrows. Although Batman saves countless lands and worlds from Dark Side invasion, he is still one of the few heroes that Dark Side has defeated both in the developed world of Dyssey and in the Nightmare timeline.

Source: screenrant

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