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Description of the ending of the "reddening" animation of Pixar's latest product

BingMag.com <b>Description</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the 'reddening' <b>animation</b> of <b>Pixar's</b> <b>latest</b> product

"reddening" as the latest Pixar animation directed and written by Dami Shi and written by him and Julia Choo, an animation full of energy and scenes It is nostalgic. The animation, which was released on Disney Plus on March 11 and featured voice actors such as Sandra O and Rosalie Chiang, was also set to hit theaters. He narrates that he is very close to his cautious mother and does everything only with her approval. On the other hand, she wants to gain the trust and love of her friends, but this contradicts her conservative and hard-working mother. When Laxin enters adolescence, he decides to change his lifestyle, but after a stressful night, he turns into a giant red panda the next day.

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"reddening" tells a dynamic story, because it is more about the relationship between a mother and daughter. This movie is a unique movie that you have to dig into different parts to find out what they mean. So the ending of the film is important to us in many ways, especially since it decides to be the red panda and nothing else.

Redness is an intergenerational trauma h2>

BingMag.com <b>Description</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the 'reddening' <b>animation</b> of <b>Pixar's</b> <b>latest</b> product

At the heart of the "red" story is the relationship between May and his mother Ming. The two seem inseparable, but the film gradually shows how she gradually distances herself from her domineering mother during adolescence and adolescence. Ming is too conservative, which can be attributed to his poor relationship with his mother, who opposed his marriage to his father. Turns into a giant red panda, his relationship with his mother changes and creates differences between them. May experiences things with Ming that she could not even think of before. In fact, he feels misunderstood and Ming does not know how to accept the changes that have taken place in May.

Trying to control his daughter and blame her is the only way Ming knows. Eventually, May overcomes the trauma because, unlike her sisters, she can confront Ming and get her word out. May accepts herself as she is and admits that changing her relationship with her mother is not a bad thing at all, she just has to take control of everything herself. So even if she is never the same girl who has been constantly seeking her mother's approval, but becoming a giant red panda and the pains of growing up, she will not be so far away from her mother that they will no longer talk to each other. Not so close to him that he constantly wants to get his positive opinion. ? Everyone else was terrified. Isn't that so? While Ming believed that the red panda came from the darkness, and the more angry he became, the more the panda showed itself, but May was able to control his emotions and take control of the red panda. During the reddening period, May was finally able to cope with the red panda and regain her self-confidence due to the changes that had taken place in her body. While Ming, her grandmother, and her aunts were still afraid of this giant panda and could not cope with the emotional turmoil, May could finally come to terms with the red panda and find herself.

Gradually , Saw the red panda as a strength, not a weakness, and accepted that he had two completely opposite aspects and had to come to terms with the body's changing pains. While he did not know exactly what awaited him when he accepted this giant red panda, he realized that he had to accept it as part of himself and that this panda was not something he wanted to hide from others. Because this panda was a part of his being and he had to accept it and accept the responsibilities and consequences of this choice. On the other hand, there were his family, with whom he had lived for many years and had a very close relationship with them. Ming, his sisters, and May's mother could not accept this red panda like him, and in any way they wanted to separate him and take back their beloved daughter.

The mythology of redness : Are red pandas important in terms of myths?

BingMag.com <b>Description</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the 'reddening' <b>animation</b> of <b>Pixar's</b> <b>latest</b> product

It can be one The giant red panda becomes mystical and has an ancient history. May's ancestor, Sun Yi, guided the spirit of a red panda, trapped his emotions, and turned it into a real red panda to protect his village and family. In mythology, red pandas are not as important as ordinary black pandas, but they can be said to symbolize balance, protection, and patience. Seeing a red panda also indicates that one should have fun with others instead of abusing them.

In addition, a red panda symbolizes that one should be happy instead of keeping others happy. To be self-centered, something that "redness" alludes to. Because the red panda is a unique animal, like something between a panda and a fox, it usually refers to a person's soul and personality. It is said that if one sees the red panda as a ghostly animal, there will be turmoil in his life, but as you can see, he can cope with this turmoil. "The red panda is a metaphor for the scary, unpleasant and terrifying changes we have all experienced in our lives," director Demi Shi told a news conference.

Why the story of redness happened in 2002 Does it fall? He himself was inspired by his mother, as well as his friends and family, which is why it can be said that "reddening" took place during the years in which the director himself experienced such a thing. The year in which the film takes place reflects the adolescence of the object itself. In addition, the film evokes a special sense of nostalgia among viewers.

Nostalgias such as the obsession of boy bands, sticking wound adhesive as fashion, and keeping toy pets. All of this has made the movie "Red" so popular that it makes May and his friends look just like ordinary teenagers that no one understands. In addition, storytelling is easier in that time period because the story does not integrate with social media, mobile, and the Internet.

Finally, the true meaning of the end of the red film is explained

BingMag.com <b>Description</b> of the <b>ending</b> of the 'reddening' <b>animation</b> of <b>Pixar's</b> <b>latest</b> product

"reddening" addresses several issues. The main point of the story of this film is that we should not put aside the bad feelings and things that were happening inside us and try to ignore them, but we should accept these characteristics with open arms. That's why being a panda works for May because he is no longer embarrassed to express his feelings or eventually confront his mother in awe of the panda, even if he does not know how things will turn out or their relationship will improve or not because he He came to the conclusion that he could never keep his mother happy forever, and that keeping her always happy would cause him to become a weak creature in the future.

He accepts and welcomes them. While he is still afraid that living as a giant red panda will take him away from Ming, he agrees not to let go of this part of his being. It is a courageous decision, and as he enters the unknown, his reluctance to accept the increasing pain and change that results from it causes him to finally decide to sacrifice comfort for freedom.

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