A delicious note about cinema and its food; Foods that became a part of our lives

In this note, we want to address the less discussed layer in cinema. Eating and eating in movies. From childhood cartoons to adult serious movies, we will briefly review together.

BingMag.com A delicious note about cinema and its food; Foods that became a part of our lives

In this note, we want to address the less discussed layer in cinema. Eating and eating in movies. From childhood cartoons to adult serious movies, we will briefly review together.

The first time I and probably people of my age had a craving for TV snacks was with childhood cartoons, from Grandpa Peter's bread, friend Heidi at Alpine Babies to jelly shakes at Tom and Jerry's or those steaks that we thought were a normal breakfast at that cat owner's house. Of course, there were examples of the country, Majid's stories, whenever he ate breakfast before school, there was a halo of fat and turmeric around his mouth. I thought to myself that this dish must be something delicious. Of course, I still haven't eaten Ashkeneh in my life, because the word Ashkeneh has not been printed on the menu of any restaurant anywhere in the world, and it probably won't be in the future. The further we went, life became more real, movies became more real, and the food in the movies became more real as well. No more Tom and Jerry steaks, Ikiosan cartoon radishes didn't look creepy. This transition from childhood to adolescence is also a strange thing. In order to prove that you have grown up, you should not watch cartoons, of course, no one forbade it. It was an unwritten rule that adults do not watch cartoons, and all the teenagers in the world felt that not only should they not watch cartoons, but they should mock all the elements that were in the cartoon. They used to do it to prove that they have grown up. Although, like a fat person who is on a diet and goes to cream bread when no one is paying attention, teenagers also had the same behavior towards cartoons and tried to watch cartoons for a few minutes without attracting attention. When no one was paying attention, the chicken leg in the Tom and Jerry's refrigerator was still the most tempting food in the world.

The work was being done at will, when suddenly it came out of my mouth that finally, gentlemen; Isn't it a pity that he passed by such a goose whose belly was filled with plums and fried exclusively with Farangi butter? These words had not come out of our crushed mouths when Mustafa, as if his spring had been neglected, reached out and plucked a goose shoulder and said: "Now, as you say, it is filled with plums and fennel butter. They have fried him, it is not permissible to insult the honorable host more than this, and just for his sake we will taste a small bite."

Others who were waiting for such a word, did not give a chance and fell to the ground like those who suffered from famine and in In the blink of an eye, the meat and bones of a dead mother goose, like the meat and bones of a sacrificed camel, passed through the stages of chewing and swallowing, digestion and decomposition in the back of the throat, the throat and the neck of a dozen stomachs and intestines; That is, in the colloquial language of Rendan, they cut him as if he had never taken a goose out of his testicles, never stepped into the world of existence!

They say that man is a meat-eating animal, but these strange creatures were created as if they were bone-eaters. It was as if each of them had brought a spare stomach with them. It was unbelievable that at this table, gentlemen have been struggling for two hours with cutlery in hand, with a basket of meat and skin, pulses and beans, and have licked the bottom of the plates. All twelve of them began to eat again, completely and perfectly and correctly and with my own eyes, and I saw with my own eyes that my rosy goose, naked and "the next piece" became the prey of this group of vultures, and "Kan lem eken shien" in the cemetery of the men's stomachs. It disappeared."

These few paragraphs in the description of roast goose and how it is served by Master Jamalzadeh are more cinematic for me than any image. Each sentence seems to connect to a part of the brain that is related to eating and hunger hormones. I will never forget when we got out of school, I ransacked every chicken shop in town to find a goose, all the chicken shops in town thought I was making fun of them. No one in that small town knew who Jamalzadeh was, what was the role of Mustafa, where was Barghan, the famous Alvish. The further we went, the bigger we got, the cinema also got bigger. It was like two boys growing up in each other's neighborhood, the food in the movies was real. Of course, the fact that the food was real did not make our hearts melt. Who among us has forgotten that scene at the dinner table with that right turkey that Mr. Tom Hanks did before he got into that predicament in the movie "Castaway"? Is it possible to talk about "game of thrones" and not think of their feasts? He had recreated Game Of Thrones. He wanted to drink the drinks of a series, and after a lot of research, he came up with the formula to make it.

In summary, just as we have tried to make our lives look like a part of the movies, just like in the pieces of history. We have tried to eat like movies. Many have tried to have a friendship group similar to the "Friends" series On the other hand, many people may have tried to eat like Tony Sopranos in the "Sopranos" series. Many people have learned to cook because of these movies and series. Many people have changed their eating style, many have gone and learned to work with chopsticks. Just because they saw it in a movie, they can eat with chopsticks. I don't think anyone has seen "The Tenants" and didn't go straight after the movie and prepare a barbecue feast for themselves. At all, it seems that the grilling part has entered the movie into another league, like in the movie "Mother's Guest", Mrs. Sepah Mansour in the role of Mashmarim and her dinners will always remain in our minds.

Of course, the food itself and Eating is considered to be such an important issue in life that the cinema also played a part in it. The movie "Chef" starring Scarlett Johansson is one of them. A film written and directed by Jon Favreau may be familiar to the audience of "Friends". The actor playing the role of Pete, who fell in love with Manika's character, and happened to take Manika to Italy for a pizza. A film full of color and taste. The story of a cook who can't stand critics and finally gets mad at one point and changes his job. Of course, more serious documentaries have been made in addition to these entertaining films, such as "jiro dreams of sushi". Old Japanese veteran explaining the garlic to the onion of sushi to a documentary maker. After the corona epidemic, cooking programs gained more fans due to people staying at home. Many people spent their extra time cooking. Many cinematographers went to make reality shows centered on cooking. One of the most famous of them was Selena Gomez, who made a program with the most famous chefs in California and tried to learn their most famous dishes from them in each episode. /li>

Finally we grew up, passed Tom and Jerry, said goodbye to Majid and his grandmother. We got acquainted with a bigger cinema and the food came with us. "Tom and Jerry" jellies became staples of teen shows, and then it was time for real food, like real movies. Yes, we grew up.

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