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Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

The movie "Evil Dead" belongs to a movement in the art world called "Camp". The Persian equivalent can be considered an unfamiliar phrase such as "unkindness" or "deliberate/ironic perversion". Kamp's work of art has no claim to exalt the human soul, to glorify the audience, and to convey an important social message, and it is something that, if we look at it seriously and dryly, seems bad, of poor quality, and selfless. But its charm also lies in this. Sometimes one needs to turn off one's brain and experience a work that does not take itself seriously and is made with a low quality level and a low budget, but there was a passion behind making it.

The charm of Kamp's works It can be explained by various factors. The most obvious reason is that these works can be ridiculed and laughed at. If you happen to sit down with your friends and watch a funny, cucumber movie together and laugh out loud at the magnificent dialogues and kitty plays of its actors, you will have a deep understanding of the appeal of Camp's work.

BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

Another reason is that there is intimacy and honesty in the construction of the camp, which is not found in the magnificent works. "All bad poems are rooted in real emotions," Oscar Wilde said in a famous, short quote. "What is natural is clear, and to be clear one must act non-artistically." His words about poetry can be generalized to all works of art. Art has to complicate things in order to gain credibility for itself, and so it may make expressions, but the effect of the camp does not need to buy credibility; That is why emotions flow in their purest and crudest state.

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Brian Eno, Ambient's leading musician, has made a remarkable remark about the appeal of works that suffer from obvious weaknesses and shortcomings. Kamel quoted here:

When you come across a new art form, anything that you think is strange, ugly, rough, and of poor quality about this new medium will undoubtedly one day become its identifying feature. Vibration of audio and video in works copied on CD, image vibration in digital video, poor quality 8-bit audio As soon as these flaws can be fixed, these flaws become artistic elements that will be admired and imitated. These elements are the sound of failure, the sound of an art form that has reached its limit and collapsed.

The crooked sound of a guitar is the sound of something so loud that music cannot express it. The breaking of a blues singer's voice is the sound of an emotional outburst that is so powerful that the human larynx cannot transmit it. The thrush of black-and-white films and images is a sign of excitement; The thrill of watching events that are bigger and more shocking than the medium intended for recording can express them.

BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

Horror Cottage is also a film whose ambition to make it goes far beyond the end result, and this is both a strength and a weakness of the film. In fact, making and publishing the film itself is a great achievement in itself; Director and writer Sam Raimi left Rostam Weekly to get the film released because he had no experience, no budget, and with the help of friends and acquaintances and the film's main character and childhood friend Bruce Campbell. ) No, maybe the Horror Cottage would never have been built. This raises the level of expectation. But in particular, when I saw it, I had a bad taste, even considering that the film was made on a low budget, released forty years ago, and belongs to the camp aesthetic movement.

This is why. The weakness of the film is not related to its low budget and camp. The weakness of the film goes back to the script and its poor characterization. If Remy had written a better screenplay for him before he threw himself into the fire and water to make the film in difficult and torturous conditions.

The horror hut, like most horror films, has a script. Familiarity begins: Young people go to remote, abandoned cottages in Tennessee to have fun there, unaware that the cottage hosts evil ghosts and demons who seem to draw strength from a magical book called Naturom Demonto. This book is a direct reference to Lovecraft's Necronomicon and can in some ways be considered the main antagonist of the Horror Cottage series, although its role in this film does not go beyond the archetypal "Evil Book".

BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

In horror movies, the beginning of the movie is usually spent exploring the happy world of the characters and their efforts to have fun. We also get to know the characters a bit because of these pastimes, and the filmmaker usually tries to make them sympathetic, although this attempt generally fails, and the characterization weakness is one of the long-standing weaknesses of horror works (especially Slash).

Of all the horror movies I have seen, Horror Cottage has had the weakest performance in this area. The characters in the film are very cardboard and stupid; None of them have anything interesting to say, their acting is bad and they don't even have the characteristics that distinguish them. The only character in the film who has a bit of a character of his own is Scott; But unfortunately, his personality is also a strong point, because he is constantly joking and playing the role of the "ruin" of the group. The three female characters in the film are so ordinary and cardboard that you may not even be able to distinguish them until the end of the film. One of them was the main character's mistress and the other was his sister, but I personally could not care which one it was, at least not until the demons sank into their skin and gave them a bit of character.

The main character of the film, Ash Williams is one of the most famous protagonists of horror cinema, and in fairness Bruce Campbell presents the strongest film role in his role (although he has no particular rival in this field), but most of his Williams fame is due to the next films of the franchise, because in His film, like the rest of the characters, is cardboard and has virtually no prominence other than his extraordinary skill in surviving and fighting demons (which, given his simple character, seems unbelievable).

These five characters in They have strange interactions together. They watch the members of the group turn into horrible monsters and are forced to kill someone they loved until a few minutes ago, but do not show any proper response to treatment due to grief or shock or any other feeling that is appropriate for the horrible situation. In fact, they act as if this is not the first time this has happened to them. Do not miss it, because you do not really care what happens to these characters. After all, they are all cardboard. Even though they have come to this hut for fun, they do not do anything fun until the demons' head is found.

BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

In the first forty minutes of the film, which is practically the setting for the demons to emerge, nothing special happens. We see a series of suspicious events, but none of them are scary or plot-wise enough to justify these forty minutes. One of the first horror scenes in the film is a scene in which gnarled trees rape one of the female characters in the story. Although this scene should be scary and annoying on paper, it turns out to be ridiculous and tasteless in practice, because Sam Remy's ability to direct and the film's special effects are not enough to justify the story. After the woman returns to the hut, she begs them to leave as soon as possible. After a while, his archer agrees to take him by car, but on the way he sees that the bridge through which they came to the hut has been destroyed. The evil force that rules the area does not allow them to leave.

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    BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

    Gradually, all the characters in the film (except him) become Dedayat, and the poor man has to fight and kill his sister, mistress and friends. Dedaites are generally the best aspect of the film and have a creative look and feel, and their makeup is by far the most professional part of the film. However, the sequels are not entirely terrifying, and there are traces of dark humor in their design that reinforce the camp aspect of the film and bring it closer to "comedy horror." For example, his mistress, Linda, is like a Chinese doll and constantly laughs with a childish voice. The effect of his vaginas and residences is a combination of "murmuring" and "ridiculous".

    BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

    Dedaites are constantly bragging about him throughout the film and attacking him with exaggerated gestures. He's basically fighting the zombie equivalent of his sister, his mistress, and his friends, and that has a lot of potential for drama, a drama that the comic book and The Walking Dead made the most of, but the film goes that way. He does not go and he never gets a chance to mourn the tragedy that befell him and his loved ones, and so the film is devoid of the element of drama and sentimentality. However, this can not be considered a weakness, because the horror hut is not a film that manages to create drama, even superficially.

    Another problem with the film is the over-reliance on horror film clichs that The music and the movement of the camera give the impression that we are going to encounter a scary scene, but it turns out that nothing happened. The number of such moments in the film is so great that when a horror scene really happens, you become somewhat numb to it. p>

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    or as filth More generally:

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    BingMag.com Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary?

    The question is what can be done with the hut of terror? It can be respected as the starting point of one of the great horror franchises. But even the Horror House franchise itself does not respect the film in this regard.

    In the sequel, Horror House 2, in the first 8 minutes of the film, a summary of the events of Film 1 is defined. But this summary is different from the plot of Film 1 and is considered a so-called basic retcon. In this summary, the only people who enter the cottage are Ash and Linda, who have entered the cottage on a romantic trip for two. The only major events that this summary of the first film recognizes are a tape of a professor explaining the nature of the dead, and the other being a duel between him and Linda in the dark forest and his burial.

    The change, according to Bruce Campbell, was a legal issue (the first film's rights did not belong to Remy), but it made the first film less defensible even as a starting point for the franchise. It is purely the result of the taste of a talented but young and inexperienced director whose both taste and youthfulness and inexperience are evident in the film. Perhaps the best way to enjoy a film is to look at it from Brian Inoue's point of view: it seeks to convey a horror that the medium of low-cost cinema cannot express. Bad games, low-level special effects, and the film's horrific script are all the sound of failure, the sound of an art form that has reached its climax and collapsed.> Director: Sam Remy
    Actors : Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandwiches, Betsy Baker, Teresa Tilly, Richard Demnikor
    Synopsis: A group of friends go to abandoned and remote huts for fun, unaware that it is the realm of evil spirits and demons that can conquer the human body
    IMDB Score to Movie: 7.5 Out of 10
    Metacritic Score: 71 out of 100

    Criticism of the horror movie is the author's point of view and not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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