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5 DC movies and series with Flash character

BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

The DC version of the Flash will finally appear in his own film in 2022, but he has already appeared several times in several film and television projects from DC products. Ezra Miller's Flash shines, both in small roles and in starring roles with other actors.

This can be largely attributed to Miller's love for the role, but it seems He is a character that Warner Brothers has less sensitivity to show in different positions. In this way, Barry Allen has become the center of DC works and the connector of the cinematic universe of this studio.

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Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, first appeared in In "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and among a group of superhumans that Batman had somehow recovered, he appeared and prevented the formation of the Justice League. He was then seen in cameo roles (aside from Justice League, of course). The Flash has had the most appearances of any hero in the DC Extended Universe, appearing in four movies and two TV series (and in multiple universes). Andy Muschietti's direction will be exciting, but DC audiences are already familiar with this version of Barry Allen. This could certainly be a strategic move by Warner Bros. and they have kind of imitated the style of Marvel Studios and their methods of introducing new characters. Of course, this may be a coincidence, as DC has had many delays in its production process and also uniquely released its original team-up film before most of its standalone films. However, Barry Allen's unique abilities and Warner Bros.' clear desire to create a single, cohesive story like the Marvel Cinematic Universe have resulted in the Flash appearing far more than any other cinematic hero in the DC Extended Universe. So together we will review all the works of Flash before his own movie in the DC world.

1. Batman v Superman (Batman V Superman) Luthor files and Flash presence from the future

BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

  • Director: Zack Snyder
  • Stars: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill , Gal Gadot
  • Published: 2016
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score: 29 out of 100
  • IMDbRating for the movie: 6.4 out of 10

Barry Allen in Batman v Superman In 2015, he made his debut as a story about files collected by Lex Luthor on superhumans that eventually (thanks to Wonder Woman) fell into Batman's hands. Barry's high speed was immediately apparent on surveillance footage of convenience store robberies. However, Barry Allen's other sequence in "Dawn of Justice" was far more complicated, one that Warner Bros. will likely never explain.

While decoding the aforementioned transhuman files, Batman falls asleep. went Next up was the amazing Knight sequence that showed Zack Snyder's imagined future where the Darkside would take over the world in future Justice League movies. However, Batman is awakened by (presumably) the Flash, who gives him dire warnings about the future, telling him to "find the others". Warner Bros. has largely moved away from Zack Snyder's vision of Dawn of Justice, but Barry Allen's presence still shows his potential. This work not only completes the interconnection of the various narrative strands of the DC universe, but also points to the potential of Flash time travel, which may play an important role in the future.

2. Suicide Squad (Suicide Squad) Captain Boomerang stopped by the Flash

BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

  • Director: David Ayer
  • Starring: Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Will Smith li>
  • Published: 2016
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score: 26 out of 100
  • Score IMDb to the movie: 5.9 out of 10

Barry Allen's next role in the movie "Suicide Squad" in 2016 to Directed by David Ayer, it featured a government covert ops team of supercriminals led by Amanda Waller. Most of the team's villains were the usual rogues around Batman, such as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Killer Croc, as well as Captain Boomerang, who is usually Flash's nemesis in the comics, among them.

Batman, played by Ben Affleck, always had short roles in various works to punish his villains for their actions, and therefore it was logical for Flash to appear in a short role to defeat Boomerang. This brief appearance in "Suicide Squad" was also the Flash's first sequence in his superhero costume. This sequence was shot by Zack Snyder instead of Ayer. Ayer was on the set of Justice League (which was in mid-production at the time) at the time. This scene not only set the stage for Snyder's later works, but also increased the Flash's credibility to be in the franchise.

3. Justice League/Zack Snyder's Justice League (Justice League/Zack Snyder's Justice League) Flash's need for close friendship

BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

  • Director: Zack Snyder
  • Cast: Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Quill
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score: 39 out of 100
  • >
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.1 out of 10

Barry Allen's most prominent role So far, he has been alongside other DC heroes in Justice League in 2017. He was recruited by Batman to join the team he built to fight the forces of Apokolips. Bruce Wayne struggled to enlist Aquaman's help to achieve his goal, but on the other hand, the Flash easily joined him. Barry had already decided that he needed more friends, and after hearing that Batman needed his help, he expressed his willingness to cooperate.

In 2021, Zack Snyder's original version for "Justice League" aired on HBO Max, showing a different side of Barry Allen. In the original version, Barry Allen was unsure of himself and sought guidance from Batman on how to become a hero, but Zack Snyder's Justice League showed the Flash to be much more confident and he has already demonstrated his powers (such as time travel). Was. This difference was something that was not addressed in the original version, and it can be said that Barry Allen became the most changed hero of Snyder in these two versions. However, both films relied on the character's capacity to represent a comic source, conveying a sense of a dedicated project.

4. Crisis On Infinite Earths (Crisis On Infinite Earths) Cinematic Flash meets TV Flash

BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

  • Creator: Jess Warren
  • Starring: Tom Welling, Brandon Routh , Kevin Conroy
  • Published: 2019
  • Rotten Tomatoes Score: 79 out of 100
  • series "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was in 2019. Ezra Miller as the cinematic Flash met Grant Gustin as the TV Flash while traveling through the multiverse in the biggest and most anticipated crossover of all the various DC TV series. This scene was only a short sequence and lasted about a minute and a half, giving these two different versions of the Flash a chance to interact. was set The scene was also an important moment for the continuity of the DC Extended Universe, as Barry Allen is said to have inspired the name "The Flash" from the TV Flash played by Gustin. This event further expanded the character of the Flash and at the same time showed the multifaceted potential of the entire franchise.

    5. Peacemaker (Peacemaker) Late Arrival of Justice League

    BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

    • Creator: James Gunn
    • Starring: John Cena, Jennifer Holland, Freddy Stroma
    • Year of publication: 2022
    • Rotten Tomatoes score: 94 out of 100
    • Score IMDb to the series: 8.4 out of 10

    The Flash's last and most recent appearance in DC alongside Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Superman in the episode The end of "Peacemaker" was played by John Cena. The heroes of the Justice League have gathered to save the world from the invading aliens known as butterflies, but the pacifist and his team have everything under control before they arrive. Only glimpses of Superman and Wonder Woman were visible in the images, but Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller appeared in action as Aquaman and the Flash.

    In addition, series director James Gunn stated that he initially thought He thought he could only use Momoa until he found out that Miller was a big fan of his work and wanted to be in the series. Apart from this, Ezra Miller's latest role actually happened on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. It is directed by Hem Gan. The Peacemaker series may not be Miller's most important role in terms of narrative, but Barry Allen's presence strengthens the link between all DC projects, both in movies and on TV.

    Why does the Flash still appear in the DC Extended Universe?

    BingMag.com 5 DC <b>movies</b> and <b>series</b> with <b>Flash</b> character

    All in all, the Flash has had very good cameos in all these different DC projects. Is. Warner Bros. clearly welcomes Barry Allen as Ezra Miller to create a larger universe, but the consistency of DC's fastest man is probably down to Miller's own desire and his obvious love for Barry Allen. So it should be said that the frequency of his presence stems more from Miller's own enthusiasm.

    Given his powers since the beginning, Barry Allen is an ideal candidate for multiverse adventures. So, given this long and established history, it makes sense that he would be a character that would keep appearing in different works, reinforcing a sense of cohesion in DC's expanded universe. The presence of the Flash played by Ezra Miller pleases the executives of Warner Brothers, and these roles are reasonable and satisfying for the audience according to the rules of DC. So, considering this issue and before his role in the special Flash movie, it is quite logical that this superhero has an important role in the developed world of DC.

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