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3 DC movie mistakes that Warner Bros. has admitted

BingMag.com 3 DC movie mistakes that Warner Bros. has admitted

Warner Bros. executives have made significant mistakes in launching the DISI developed world, and have even acknowledged a small number of them. It is no secret that just as Marvel has conquered the world with Marvel's ever-expanding and hugely popular cinematic world, Warner and Daisy have struggled to create their own equivalent world.

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Some may be surprised that, in fact, There was a time when Warner and DC were defeating Marvel in making superhero movies, though that is no longer the case. Fortunately, Warner Bros. seems to have noticed a flurry of criticism and angry fan feedback recently, as they prepare to launch a new multi-world version of the movie with Flash in 2022 and abandon their strong adherence to the previous trend. Warner Bros. and DC seem to have finally found their way, considering the Joker's independent film, which won the studio several Oscars in 2018, as well as Batman Matt Reeves, which is set to be timed.

But it took a long time for the studio to embrace a new approach, and this will undoubtedly expand the range of DC fans in the future. Warner Bros. has long tried to succeed by making the original version of the directors, or in general, making the tune in line with the tone of the Dys developed world, but in these dramatic fluctuations, they repeatedly failed to present superhero works. For this reason, even the studio itself has admitted that it has made rare mistakes in its ongoing effort to build a more developed world. But what are the mistakes that Warner himself has admitted?

1. Trying to be like Marvel

BingMag.com 3 DC movie mistakes that Warner Bros. has admitted Warner Bros. Chairman Kevin Tsuji Hara, what Undoubtedly, many have already agreed on this, stating that the studio has apparently tried to simulate various aspects and models of Marvel. Warner Bros. CEO's publicly acknowledged that copying Disney and Marvel programs does not work in the developed world. In a 2019 interview, Tsuji Hara stated that Warner's basically the same thing over the past decade, and said that the Disney model was really good and efficient for them, but it takes them away from their originality. The studio's recent moves also seem to be in line with Tsuji Hara's talk, as Warner Bros. has abandoned the idea of a shared world and turned to projects like The Joker and Batman, which are likely to grow not only in their own world, but It's still unclear why Warner Bros. took so long to realize that they weren't Disney, but it's important that the studio admits that they were too much. They relied on a model that most reflected their competitors' actions. Disney and Marvel subtly created and succeeded in their cinematic world of lovable characters and charming heroes, and Warner eagerly imitated this success, but apparently rushed to produce its own version and failed. They hastily made a series of films directed by Zack Snyder, such as Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, which left the works of the developed world lacking the happy tone of Marvel and the systematic structure of a fascinating world.

2. The films were so heartbreaking and bitter

After Warner Bros. 'success in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, the studio apparently fell in love with Nolan's interpretation of the Disney world. So when it came to making Man of Steel, the unofficial opening film of the DC Universe, Nolan was chosen as the producer to direct Zack Snyder's dark and bitter vision of Superman's original story toward a similar aesthetic. Nolan's involvement in the film was obvious, but his main approach to superhero storytelling did not fit Snyder's pessimistic view of the genre at all.

Snyder is influenced by graphic novels such as The Dark Knight Direct the live-action version, as well as the Guardians movie, which he had previously directed in the movie version, apparently wanted to challenge the concept of being a superhero and their moral role models. In fact, he mentioned the same thing in an interview in 2019, but he did not need to say it completely. At the end of The Man of Steel, Superman Henry Coyle razed an entire city to death, all in the name of saving the world. Warner Bros. was committed to copying Marvel's shared universe approach, but was certainly looking for a different tone for its version. He confronted the criminals in an interesting way and then killed them, and it was Snyder who insisted on this style. He even insisted that the script go so far as to kill Superman at the end of the film, which in turn adds to the disheartening and bitter tone of the Dys franchise. Bitter interpretations of superheroes often provide interesting insights, but they have not been successful at the box office or in the eyes of critics. Warner Bros. has not yet acknowledged this, but Henry Coyle himself has argued that the developed world approach to superheroes did not work at all at the time.

Meanwhile, Marvel still dominates He went on to maintain an optimistic tone, even defeating Warner Bros. by making a series of violent and bitter programs on Netflix. Netflix series were short, but for a while they showed that Marvel could make a dark and bitter effect, and at least in Daredevil, it did it better than Warner Bros. and Snyder. Even after Zack Snyder's Justice League aired on HBO Max, Warner Bros. executive director Anne Sarnoff said there were no plans to continue Snyder's world. Dysi is more bitter than Marvel in many ways, but it seems that from time to time, Warner Bros. decided not to focus too much on this approach and to avoid it because of the lack of acceptance of previous films.

3. Justice League re-filming

BingMag.com 3 DC movie mistakes that Warner Bros. has admitted

Justice League 2027 is one of the most infamous superhero films to To today. After Snyder directed the much-anticipated film, Joss Whedon was re-employed to re-shoot several scenes, which later became a controversial issue. Vidon, who was tasked with softening the film, made significant changes and tried to revisit the whole moment of the film, all to appeal to audiences who were more accustomed to the cheerful tone of Marvel's cinematic world. Unfortunately, the result was too confusing, and the failure of the Justice League at the box office, its much-criticized and generally negative publicity, is evidence of the failure of this re-filming.

See Snyder as Zack Snyder in Justice League, which aired on HBO & Max in 2021, but Justice League 2017 remains one of the most frustrating superhero movies of all time, and interestingly, they tried to capture the coils of Art Coil with graphics and Cover during re-shooting. Warner had previously edited and re-filmed many of the scenes in an attempt to inject a fun tone into David Ayre's Suicide Squad movie, which had an unpleasant effect. They re-intervened in Snyder's vision, which only made matters worse, and Warner Bros. was aware of this because they had licensed the Snyder version.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, even Zack Snyder's Justice League was not enough to maintain the director's vision of the Dysi's developed world, as Warner stated that he had no plans to advance Snyder's world, and the audience already knew that. Many may be disappointed by this news, but if we leave aside the last ten years, this could be what Warner and Daisy need to completely rebuild and transform their cinematic world.

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