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Critique of the series Familiarity with the father; Warm and intimate, but fake

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>Familiarity</b> with the <b>father;</b> <b>Warm</b> and <b>intimate,</b> <b>but</b> fake

Ever since the news of the production of a sub-series of "Meet the Mother" aired, fans of the series (including myself) have not known each other. One of the most creative comedy series of all time, it had the opportunity to reappear and be remembered. but now that the first season of the series is over and the second season has been confirmed in disbelief, it can be said that the initial enthusiasm was useless. "Meet the Father", even if it continues for another ten seasons, can never reach that mythical position of "meeting the mother". Unfortunately, we do not have Vince Gilligan here to make the sub-series he makes later stronger than the main series!

"Introduction to the Father" tries very hard to implement that feeling and atmosphere of the main series. At the same time, the Warm and sweet atmosphere and the enjoyment of life and its small details and the path that all of us humans, whether we like it or not, take with close friends. Even the story of the series is structurally similar to the original series. This time we are with a mother who, a few decades later in the future, wants to tell her the story of meeting her father. A story that, as we expect, should be accompanied by many adventures. but this is not the case.

The first problem with "getting to know the father" is the lack of originality. Carter Bizet and Craig Thomas' "Meet the Mother" was greatly influenced by their personal lives and those of their friends. Many of the events that took place in the series were memories of their own lives. That love of New York, that weird student days, that constant quest to find meaning in life, it all seemed so genuine and pure. It was clear that these were the personal concerns of the two men, who had found an opportunity to appear on television.

Let it be an "acquaintance with the mother." For this reason, traces of many events of the main series can be seen here as well. Here we are with some close friends who live their lives together with all their problems and enjoy being together. but the series remains at the same level. Can not reach that depth of the original series. The unbridled genius and madness that existed in "Meet the Mother" is not seen here. It's not just the absence of a character like Barney (it takes decades to re-create such a character), this madness and genius was even seen in the relationships between other characters. "Meet the Mother" still has a whole lot of funny jokes that, even after all these years, are still funny and insane. Like the scene where Marshall had a severe toothache, he went to the public bathroom and suddenly he was fine, and no one still knows what he did in the bathroom!

Such jokes and scenes in "Meet the Father" It becomes. The original series managed to strike a great balance between drama and comedy. Wherever necessary, it became a pleasant love story, and wherever necessary, it turned into a crazy comedy. Another problem with "getting to know your father" is that the rhythm is very slow. This slow rhythm seems to be more of a disability than a conscious preparation. Because in the main series, we had an incredible speed with the events. but in "Introduction to the Father", we are dealing with small and weak parts that at best have only one or two interesting stories to present.

Like other series and films that are made during these years, "Introduction" With the father is also influenced by the pressures of social movements and there are many hypertextual approaches in it. This is also seen in the arrangement of the characters in the story. The characters are chosen to look good in the showcase without anyone objecting: a few whites (Sophie, Jesse), a Spaniard (Valentina), an East Asian (Allen), a black Indian (Syed), a gay man (Allen), and A European (Charlie). Strangely enough, Jesse and Ellen are brothers and sisters. Jesse's parents, in the midst of all the misery and trouble they have had and their impact on Jesse over the years, are so preoccupied with social issues that they go to the rest of the world in East Asia to take care of Ellen! When the arrangement and selection of characters is done for hypertext reasons, the result of such logic becomes unbelievable. Compare that to Barney and his black brother in "Meet the Mother," which was itself a joke (like Barney's mother tells him I drank a lot when I was pregnant, but only drank cocoa milk when your brother was pregnant!) .

The series does not seem very creative, even in terms of characterization and selection, and seeks to imitate other works. It seems that Syed's character was supposed to be something like Raj in the series "Big Bang Theory". He also occasionally jokes about the customs and ideas of his native India, and at the same time, remains loyal to his country. Even with such an imitation, Raj still has a legendary status, and Syed never gets it.

Choosing Hillary Duff as the protagonist of such a comedy series is a great choice Does not seem appropriate. Hilay Duff is not first class at all and can not be counted on much. His game is not very flexible either. He just goes from place to place and tells his dialogues. His age is not very useful for such a role. In "Introduction to the Mother", the memories that the father described were related to the twenties of his life. The peak of energy and passion of a human being. but the characters of "Meet the Father" have all turned 30 years old. It is no longer the energy of youth and everyone is looking to find a partner and start a family and live a quiet life. This in itself is one of the reasons why the events of different episodes of this series are so rare. And unfortunately, with this structure and process that the series has adopted, it is unlikely that much change will take place in it. If you are a fan of "Meet the Mother", do not soap your heart too much. To see or not to see "acquaintance with the father" has little effect. It can be said that we are on the side of a different series that has only the same name as the original series. We still have to miss "Meet Daddy," a sub-series that Carter Beys and Craig Thomas themselves starred in 2014, but unfortunately never made it to the end.

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