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Critique of Pedro Almodوvar's "Parallel Mothers"; When repetitive ideas no longer work

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of <b>Pedro</b> <b>Almodوvar's</b> 'Parallel Mothers'; <b>When</b> <b>repetitive</b> <b>ideas</b> no <b>longer</b> work

The issue of motherhood is still the most important issue for Pedro Almodvar. Even When he makes a film like "Pain and Pride" centered on a male character, he puts all the emotional burden of the story on his mother's shoulders. This mother, with all her feelings and love for life and her child, gives meaning to the continuity of the universe, which is birth, life and death.

Warning: in criticism Parallel Moms movie There is a risk of leaking the story.

In "Parallel Mothers," the emphasis on motherhood goes so far as to exclude men from the story. They are a disturbing element in women's lives, and even the two mothers in the film are reluctant to involve fathers in their children's lives. This omission is natural given the events of the story and the issue of Anna's rape, as well as the man's accusation that Janice's sleeping with others; But When even the presence of the good man in the story makes sense in Janice's life When she needs another child to heal her devastated feelings, the human aspect of the film is called into question. Of course, in this world full of misunderstandings and riding on the currents of the day, the bad guys in the movie are naturally aggressive and not even worth complaining about.

Of course, these stories are pinned to Movements like me too are pleasing and can be bypassed, but when, like "Pain and Pride," the filmmaker's narrative connects to homosexual communication for no dramatic reason, it is not easy to forget everything; Because from somewhere onwards, everything seems to have been engineered in such a way that the filmmaker stays at the level of these currents of the day without reaching the depth by resorting to too much emotionism and forcibly puts his film at the top for a few mornings.

This engineering and arrangement of events to achieve the desired result is so subtle that some time after Janis changed the phone number to get away from the biological mother of the girl at home as well as her real child and forget about those events and return to Normal life, that mother, Anna, accidentally leaves a cafe and works just below Janice's apartment; In a big city like Madrid. But Almodvar is not convinced, and the real child kills Janice due to a rare disease to complicate the drama as much as possible. This issue is highlighted when, throughout the story, the city of Madrid is emphasized as the capital of the country and the place of development.

He gives and even suggests that Anna work for him to be with his child. All of this is so unpredictable and sudden that the filmmaker's godly hand constantly pops out of the background, alienating the audience from the characters and the story. Without hesitation, the filmmaker reveals Janice's decision to reveal her son's identity. Anna immediately picks up the girl and leaves, and Janice immediately calls Arturo (her son's father) to give him a chance to have children again. This exclusion of men from the decision to start a family and the right to life (even the maid is sick and causing trouble) runs counter to what is written on Janice's dress: "We should all be feminists." It should be noted that in this film, men's feelings are not important at all, and as soon as they are good-looking, it is enough for women. (Janis's handsome Venezuelan grandfather is also a drug dealer.) Is one step ahead of the film; Finally, we are dealing with a film so engineered that in order to tie the knot and remove the man from the story, he suddenly realizes that this girl is not his child, but the mother never thinks so. But the filmmaker's perfectly visible hand suddenly pops out to justify it, so that a Venezuelan grandfather shaves for his mother, whom only his grandmother has seen, and this has led him to think that the girl's appearance must have been ignored by her grandfather!

Pedro Almodvar, with the short film "Human Voice" in 2020, was able to finish a love story by eliminating the tormented man. The reason for this success is quite clear: in that story, adapted from a play by Jean Cocteau, the absence of a man finds its dramatic logic, and even the man's persecution becomes comprehensible to the audience; Because there does not seem to be anything engineered and the film can finally build its world properly. In the film "Human Voice", a woman realizes that in order to be happy, she must learn to mourn, and then she learns that in this world, one can always grow and build her own personal world and have self-esteem. Now, what happened to Janice in Parallel Mothers as the main character in this story, she avoids mourning and wants to achieve her goal anyway.

What saves Parallel Mothers and prevents it from falling free , Is the filmmaker's approach to connecting the past and the present. Finding the bodies of village men and trying to find a unique identity is linked to the peace of a country and the healing of nasal wounds. This is the final part of the film, along with the filmmaker's play with eye-catching colors and images, which ultimately makes parallel mothers optimistically a mediocre work.

Parallel mothers film credentials

Director : Pedro Almodvar
Writers : Pedro Almodvar
Actors : Penelope Cruz, Melina Schmidt, Rozi Dipalma , Aytana Sanchez Gijon and
Synopsis: A pregnant woman in the hospital room shares a room with a young girl who is also on the verge of childbirth. Both mothers become friends and arrange to see each other after giving birth. But after giving birth, the hospital staff seems to have done something horrible
Metacritic Score: 85 out of 100
IMDb Score to Movie: 7 Out of 10
Author Score: 2 out of 5

Criticism of Mothers is parallel to the author's personal point of view and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.
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