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Critique of the movie "Everything"; Unsuccessful adaptation of a major play

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>movie</b> 'Everything'; <b>Unsuccessful</b> <b>adaptation</b> of a <b>major</b> play adaptation of foreign plays is not a common practice in Iranian cinema. If we look at the number of films made based on foreign plays, we come to a very small number that will not even reach the number of fingers on one hand. Among the best adaptations of Iranian cinema from foreign plays, we can mention "Sara" by Dariush Mehrjoui and "Here without me" by Bahram Tavakoli. Although Asghar Farhadi had a glimpse of Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" in "The Salesman," his film pursued a different subject.

He grew up and went to one of the most important theatrical texts in the world. "Meeting the Old Lady" by Friedrich Durnmatt is an important work in the world and in Iran, and has dramatic abilities to perform. Durnmat wrote the play after World War II, criticizing the collective attitude of the Swiss people towards events and their silence and inaction against the growth of evil and the spread of ugliness.

Dornmat It also has many fans in Iran. In the last two decades, three prominent figures of Iranian theater have staged this play. Hamid Samandarian, Hadi Hejazifar and Parsa Piruzfar have performed the text of Dornamat in recent years and each of them has engraved the subject and characters in the minds of the interested people with their own style and context.

He could not depict that world and the space inside the text in his film. "Be Everything" despite all the efforts that Qarai has made to get beautiful frames, but still has many weaknesses in the script and form.

It goes back to the choice of actors and their role-playing in the film. The actors do not have a proper understanding of the characters of the play and the atmosphere of the story, and their plays do not appeal to them. The bad acting of the actors and the acts they have during the film are more like opening their heads and have no depth. The actors of the film do not have a high understanding of the characters of the play and play the role completely cold and soulless. Has played over the years and with the same tone and facial mimicry, bears no resemblance to a hero. Hadi Hejazifar, who is stereotyped in the roles of nervous men, is a repetition of his previous roles, and other actors like Farid Sajjad Hosseini do not add anything to the film. Of course, the women in the film are in a better situation, and we are witnessing acceptable plays from Baran Kowsari and Hedyeh Tehrani.

It is rich, but his film is very lame in its story and characters. To make such a crowded and action-packed play, the actors in the film world must first understand the film well and breathe in its air so that they can convey that feeling to the audience as well.

The first half of the film goes well and the director was able to get the general atmosphere of the story. But after the revenge debate comes up, the story goes down and goes very badly. The second half of the film is constantly confronted with strokes, and the ups and downs do not delight the audience. Here, the art of writing required reading in order to add to the charm of the story by giving the leaf to the main story of the film. Moments from the movie are artificial and unbelievable. Some of the dialogue between the characters is so artificial that it takes away the power of communication from the viewer.

Dornamat play full of social messages And is human and the text has great potential to address these issues. But Gharayi has not been able to use the capacity of the play in his film, and the issues he wants to address remain ineffective and neutral. Where the director tries to convey his social messages, he falls on the other side of the canvas and turns to chanting.

The trick of the play is not news. Everything is summed up in writing a slogan on the wall, and those suspicions and suspenseful atmosphere can not be instilled in the audience. If Gharayi could handle this play well, he would have done a very important job in Iranian cinema. He missed a great opportunity and what a pity for this burning opportunity!
Authors: Mohsen Gharayi, Mohammad Davoodi with a free adaptation of the play Meeting an Old Lady
Actors: Parviz Parastavi, Baran Kosari, Hedieh Tehrani, Hadi Hejazifar , Mahtab Nasirpour
Music: Hamed Sabet

Synopsis: In a village before the revolution A family man named Amir works as a local judge in the village and because of his good record, people trust him completely and have entrusted an important part of the village work to Amir. Now, after many years, a villager named Lee Lee, who left the village because of the slander of the people, returns to the village as an aristocrat and promises the people that if he kills Amir, he will give them a lot of money. p>

Author rating: 2 out of 5

Criticism of the film is a reflection of the author's personal views and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.
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