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Critique of the fourth season of the series "Amazing Mrs. Mizel"; A fairy tale

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale

The fourth season of the popular and acclaimed series "The Amazing Miss Mizel", which has been airing on Amazon's video service since 2017, was released late last year and, as always, with A little distance became available to us. The series, which soon found a large fan base with its first season, produced and released its fourth season with a slight delay, of course due to the limitations of the Covid epidemic. This distance, given that the story of the film takes place in the 1950s, naturally did not affect the course of the story and the atmosphere of the series, but it certainly changed the tastes of the audience.

They are not the ones who could easily have breathed a sigh of relief into the colorful and possibly happy world of young women on the path to individual independence in the traditional, sexist American society of the 1950s. They have gone through a period in which life, beyond and most importantly of all its divisions, has stood firm against them and invited them to a deadly duel. But Ms. Mizel is the one who, unaware of her worldly concerns, is taking this risky but compelling journey step by step to her destination, part of American women's efforts to find a place in society, especially in the arts and world, to us. Show.

But as a post-Crohnian audience, this time difference somewhat distorts the audience's emotional logical connection with the protagonist and places a distance between her and Ms. Mizel's new chapter in life. It seems that we have forgotten that Mrs. Mizel was amazing, that she was talented and she wanted to be a stand-up comedian.

Warning: There is a danger of the story being leaked.

With these interpretations, a review of the story of the amazing Ms. Mizel and her family may not be as bad as the one life span between the last two seasons of the series. In previous seasons, Miriam Mizel, nicknamed Meig (played by Rachel Broznahan), is a young New York housewife, a smart, passionate, and lively daughter of a wealthy, near-New York borough of New York, from a father who is a professor of mathematics at Columbia University. And is traditional but chic and tasteful and with a history of living in Paris, who wears stylish and colorful clothes, has a regular skin care program, is eloquent and confident. Jewish, of course, has the best and most luxurious wedding possible, has two children, a son and a daughter, adheres to family traditions (in this case religious), and, like all women of his time, belongs to the house and serves his wife. The breadwinner of the house is his goals and ambitions; In such a way that he considers his goal and desire as his own goal and desire and makes every effort to achieve them, accurately and responsibly.

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale/p>

he belongs to a period when a woman's life is summed up in her husband and children, and she herself is like a doll that must always be adorned and perfect for her husband and, of course, for society; So it can be said that the only thing he does for himself is to take care of his appearance, which includes his appearance, his house, his children and his wife, which in the end is again not himself but a person for another. It is the man who should not see the turbulent state of the newly awakened woman, or anything that diminishes her femininity in the eyes of the man. (In later chapters, this became a little less important to Meige; she was able to show the real face of her morning tail to Joel.) His wife Joel (Michael Siegen) accidentally enters the stand-up comedy profession due to his latent talent, despite all obstacles and difficulties, he insists on doing so and tries to build an independent life as a single mother in a big city. The same fashionable lady remains committed to maintaining and caring for the appearance. There are several reasons for this decision of the creators of "The Amazing Mrs. Mizel"; Or Ms. Sherman (creator of the series) is one of those women who does not see a contradiction between being employed while being beautiful and adorned, and independence and the desire to be beautiful and to be seen beautiful; Or he believes that women, especially in occupations that are somehow related to the performing arts, should use their beauty, not necessarily in an immoral way, but in a completely moral, conservative and honorable way, especially in the period when the working woman As for the female comedian, it is not yet accepted in the still traditional American male society, at least in the non-working class; Or much easier than that, he is not willing to take this amount of color, variety, beauty and visual charm from the heroine, the series and its audience.

However, some habits are difficult to change and can be easily accepted from the table. While trying to become independent, and here in the words of one of the attractive characters of the series, Lenny Bruce (Luke Kirby), "enter the dark world of entertainment", can not or He does not want to change his expensive lifestyle. However, in traditional thinking, the inner state of human life goes on in any way, others should not be informed and appearance should be preserved. Mage belongs to the same mindset, albeit by modernity or quite instinctively from within the pioneer. The title of inexperienced and newcomer to the community with low-paying jobs, from working as a beauty operator and cosmetics consultant in a department store to a stand-up comedian, she still manages to afford a variety of shirts, shoes and bags that have none at all. And we give this contradiction to the fantasy and dreamy atmosphere full of color and vitality of the series and of course its extraordinary costume and stage design, and with this in mind, we go to the fourth season and continue the path of opportunities and tragedies in May's personal and professional life. The way is set, we are focused.

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale

He will soon return to the place where the third season ended with the flashback; At the airport, Shay Baldwin's program director informs Meige and his program director Suzy (Alex Borstein) that he's secretly referring to his sexual orientation (which should normally be hidden from the press and the public at the time) because of Meige indirect references to Shay's latest stand-up tour. He has been expelled from the program and can no longer travel with them. Shay Baldwin is a famous black singer who saw Meige on TV in the second season and after she shone in that show (despite Sophie Lennon's stoning), she invited him to accompany her on her concert tour and introduce the singer and before. Enter the stage to perform the usual stand-up routine.

Maj, who believes in freedom of speech and sees no objection to his own work, is angry at what he sees as unfair and decides not to work independently. . So, despite the fact that in previous seasons he had made little progress in his career, stepping out of the city center and heading to other clubs and cities, he decided to take his performances to Gaslit, the same underground caf where he met Susie and stand-up. Started, limit; Of course, with resentment in the heart towards Shay and all the perpetrators of this failure. Baldwin will decide to buy back his old married apartment, which was actually named after Joel's father, which he lost through his divorce from Joel - putting Meige in a financially disadvantaged position. Of course, in his own way and in his own size, he should keep his face red with a slap and let him do his business with his own policies and tricks; Like asking for more loans with a thousand doses and tricks from local businesses.

On the other hand, he is also concerned about his parents. Eb (Tony Schalob) and Rose (Marin Hinkel), who resigned from the university due to a change in Eb's lifestyle from a wealthy professor in a chic apartment with a lobby and a security guard in the north of the city, and of course the loss of a university home. Chapter 4 They are still homeless and live in the house of Shirley (Carolyn Aaron) and Moyesh (Kevin Pollack), Joel's mother and father. (Yes, apparently in Jewish culture, the bride and groom's families continue to be intimate, even after separation, because it is only the preservation of the community that matters.)

Even an awareness of the functioning of a system that's seemingly free-thinking but in fact violates the right to freedom of expression does not change his lifestyle. Suddenly he finds working in this system contrary to his beliefs, questions his current lifestyle and that of his family, frees himself from material bondage, and becomes a simple but idealistic journalist.

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale

At the beginning of the fourth season, Rose and Ib, who have made a living from living in a house in Mizel, offer Mage a false story to cover up the story. And to preserve his honor, they come to Mej's house and his children live with him. (They falsely tell everyone that they bought Meig's house for him and now they all live together. Anyway, this's Mej family's problem had to be solved somehow. We might not have to worry about the roof over the Wiseman family anymore.) And his father and ex-wife, who were originally on this path to personal independence, have each taken a step towards self-knowledge and self-discovery. Thus, the focus on the personal life of each of these characters, regardless of their families, has increased (Shirley and Moish, Joel's mother and father are more at the service of the story, and the series goes deeper. Their characters do not, and to a large extent, especially Joel's mother, with the unique acting of Carolyn Aaron, they carry the burden of humor in the story). And it faces the consequences of honesty in a society that does not accept criticism and honesty. Rose, who discovered her talent in "Finding a Husband for Furry Girls" last season, has now turned it into a business, but soon realizes that she has entered a dangerous job and game in New York, which has a mafia of its own. , Has been. (And, of course, she does it all with a magazine of beautiful clothes, hats, and jewelry, which naturally adds to the appeal of her storyline.) He falls in love with Mei (Stephanie Hsu), a Chinese girl who is a medical student, and enters into an emotional relationship. He has problems recognizing the relationship and introducing himself to his white Jewish family. He has completely taken on the role of Meige's ex-wife and the father of his children, and is trying to build a new life with her. The character is not paid in such a way that we as the audience can trust and love him; Quite stereotypically, he does not have a good relationship with Mage that can easily replace him. This is not going to happen, because he is a mysterious character, and as he himself has mentioned several times, it is not even clear whether the Chinese man and woman who own the Joel Club are their real parents at all. But Joel needs a strong woman in his life due to his personality. He is completely attached to her and despite not knowing her, he intends to take their relationship seriously very soon.

His father suggests that he take him to the hospital and at the end of the season he creates a not-so-successful dramatic situation. To be honest, despite all the preservation of the collective unity that is rippling between these characters, given what has been shown to us so far from the relationship between the Weizmann and Mizel families, especially Ib and the hair of the family fathers, even in the form of comedy, Eb with Write his newly discovered pen describing the goodness of his hair and how much everyone loves him, grieving his possible loss. Perhaps the Jews are like that.

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale

It is taken to be more in the service of advancing the story and filling the gaps in the script from the third season. How to solve his gambling problem and loss of money now (by deliberately setting fire to his mother's house and getting a premium) with Jackie, one of the characters in the series, who was his friend, colleague and roommate, and his actor. (Brian Tarantina) In real life he has lost his life, to say goodbye to the story and to cope with the grief of losing it. There is also an implicit reference to her sexual orientation, which would have been surprising if it had not been for the new Hollywood protocols. A woman who does not look very feminine, wears men's clothes and the nature of her life requires her to leave her affairs like men in society, of course, a story must be made about her sexual orientation. Of course it's a little late; Because the series ends another season, and in the same season, Susie makes it clear that her priority is not her emotional life, but her job, to turn her into a star.

In the third season, he persuades Susie to become his program director, and of course, it ends in disaster, although it is clear that due to the popularity of Sophie Lennon's character in the fourth season, he can not be as successful in creating comic and dramatic situations as in previous seasons. Sophie and Mage's competitive confrontation in one of the episodes becomes so tense that it is hard to watch. Sophie herself and her psychotic states, even though they are repetitive, do not add anything new to the series and the course of the story. One can only rate this character and, of course, the ability of his actor, and that is the part of his conversation with a famous TV presenter that is both good in terms of dialogue and shows us an attractive and powerful aspect of Sophie's intelligence that should be seen in Next season, what will be used and what will be the end of Sophie and her professional relationship with Susie and Mrs. Michelle Amazing. Now, after a season of talent discovery, after facing challenges in the second season and then success in the third season, he is in crisis again, and although he is still beautiful and well-dressed, he distances himself from his beautiful chocolate life and works in a nightclub. And, of course, get closer to Lenny Bruce, the charming but "bad boy" character in the story who is Meig's career role model, and who has now gone a little further and taken on a popular form this season. Even bring him home from the street corner, and the family should not only not object to his presence, but also joke with his presence.

It is true that Meige is one of those characters whose feelings and emotions are natural and The stereotype is not updated, and indeed it is There is a trait that makes him attractive to any kind of man, as Lenny puts it, but he is also a human being and has needs. She looks like many women of her age, but in her personal life and the way she relates to others, especially men, she does not follow behavioral stereotypes. She seems unaware of everything, but she is not passive or traditional, and she does not have the reactions of a simple and inexperienced girl to the "dark world of community outside the home." This is one of the most important reasons for Meige's popularity, which can attract at least girls from all walks of life.

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale

series is largely girly. And basically, the creators' investment is in the target audience of women. The media upheaval and controversy these days, and in recent years in general, over the issue of respect for the rights of people of color and the rainbow community in Hollywood films, which will soon become permanent (or perhaps periodic) protocols for this film industry giant, can show us that How Hollywood, from its inception to the present day, has set the norm for the soft world based on time-based social, cultural and political policies; Even if we are not skeptical of the capitalist system and with that angle. And independent human rights groups or institutions, with the help of the Internet and social networks, that are imposing their desired desires and "norms" on Hollywood. In the past, there was no social network that could launch a movement to make its voice heard around the world and, of course, at its leaders. Its time and origin change. Today, of course, this version has been complicated for women for some time. To empower and empower women in society. If the women of advanced societies were forced into society and the economic cycle in the absence of men at the same time as the world wars, this presence in society became a civil demand by moving towards modernity and a machine-dependent society. Women's rights movements were formed, and new needs and norms were defined for this section of society that were to be injected into society as a whole. As a large advertising agency, Hollywood has always been a platform for modeling urban communities connected to the global economic cycle. However, with a slight delay from the real history itself.

If until yesterday only men were the winning or losing heroes of most stories and women alongside and in completing them, today we are facing a wave of heroic women who are no longer familiar with the format. The housewife, mother, or lover has emerged in the shadows or in the most optimistic femthal, and we see them in forms previously defined more for men. Women who are ahead of men are smart, hardworking, purposeful, and have an independent definition of themselves. They do not necessarily have erotic charm. They can joke, tell jokes, pull their kilims out of the water, not be afraid of danger, not be afraid of socializing and facing the violent male world, take control of their own destiny. It should be such that they do not need men to be and live. Be independent.

Maj or Mirim Mizel is such a hero. What makes him most attractive is that he is a comedian; That he wants to step in a way that at least in his time few people found the courage and opportunity. Women at the time could have been beautiful and innocent or beautiful stars and the bustling city of cinema, but it was hard to accept them in the nightclubs and underground of New York, telling unusual jokes and even showing off in front of men. The amazing Ms. Mizel, whose story seems to be inspired in part by the real life of John Rivers, the American comedian whose name came to prominence in the 1960s, is arguably the best character to date portraying such a character from the heart of American history.

BingMag.com <b>Critique</b> of the <b>fourth</b> <b>season</b> of the <b>series</b> 'Amazing <b>Mrs.</b> Mizel'; A <b>fairy</b> tale

His set of characteristics that give the character the ability to step in this direction, alongside the comedic aspect. A little stupid, a little sloppy, a little clever, made him something that, at least until the third season of the series, could have accompanied the audience on its own. But in the fourth season, by repeating situations that Mayg had already been in, especially in the stand-up arena and not necessarily in his personal life - his stand-up in that illegal underground club is good and creative, but certainly as good as the first and second seasons. No - Maj no longer needs a loving partner to take the audience with him or her to the next season. And who better to predict than Lenny Bruce, who was predictable. As much as Ms. Sherman and her colleagues did little in continuing to pay attention to the other sub-narratives in the fourth chapter, they put the finishing touches here, and finally we see as much as Lenny Bruce, who also understands but charm. On stage in the form of a comedian, as one might guess, he has other hidden charms and, most importantly, he probably loves Meige crazy. A little bit of the dark side of Lenny's life, which is actually taken from the real life of the real Lenny Bruce, the leading American comedian who suffered and went through a difficult life, comes to us and leaves Meig in the middle of the story to worry about fate for the fifth season. This is a beautiful new relationship.

The fourth season of "The Amazing Miss Mizel" is not as powerful as the first two seasons. The cheerful atmosphere and evocative music, the sharp dialogues, the artistic sequences, the depiction of New York's nightlife in the 1950s, its cultural and political references, its exemplary acting, costume design and professional ensemble acting. Turned it into a palette of pastel colors, it can still be fun for the audience. But the process of the story is not very interesting. The characters have changed a lot since the third season, and they are a little hard to accept and believe. The only person who follows the logic of his storyline well is Lenny Bruce, who, with the good play of Luke Kirby and of course Rachel, has created some amazing chemistry updates that are in fact the winner of the fourth season and a curious factor to follow the series in the season. Fifth.

Basically, since only one more season is to be produced, the fourth season can be seen as a bridge to the final destination of Miz Mizel's spectacular and costly journey, and he waits to see if Ms. Mizel is finally amazing. In the world of American stand-up comedy, he also becomes a star, safe and sound, with the help of good people like Susie and Lenny Bruce and Badrak and his cultured ex-wife. The independence-seeking aspect of Meig's character and the emphasis of the creators of the series on the feminine advancement of this path requires that she lead her path alone and relying on her own abilities. But just as the creators of the series do not deprive Meig of her grooming, they also do not deprive her of her companions and prince on a white horse, albeit in the form of Lenny Bruce, a depressed addict to pills and drugs, but intelligent and charismatic. Mage, who once fell from the top and missed the opportunity to become a star, is faced with another opportunity and challenge at the end of the fourth season at Lenny's suggestion, and we do not know if this challenge will turn into an opportunity and whether this path will be independent. Which turned into a fairy tale, whether it has a happy ending or not. Amy Sherman-Paladino
Rachel Brozanhan, Alex Borstein, Michael Siegen, Marin Hinkel, Tony Schalob, Kevin Pollack, Carolyn Aaron, Luke Kirby, Jane Lynch, Stephanie Hessu
Synopsis: Mrs. Mizel is an amazing young housewife in the United States in the fifties who, after separating from her husband due to his infidelity and leaving home, realizes that she is talented in stand-up comedy with the help of another woman named Susie. Who works in an underground cafe and wants to become his program manager, takes this path despite all his obstacles and problems.
Raton Tomitoz's rating for the film: 89 out of 100
Author Score: 3.5 out of 5

Criticism of "The Amazing Miss Mizel" is a reflection of the author's personal views and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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