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Critics liked Paul Schrader's crime and action film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Critics liked Paul Schrader's crime and action film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

It has been more than three years since the legendary director of world cinema, Paul Schrader, released his first revised film, and many of those who They have not yet forgotten the atmosphere of that work.

He has a long and proud history, and has written the films Taxi Driver and Angry Cow and directed the films Suffering and Auto Focus. His other works include The Death of Light, The Law of the Jungle, Territory: An Introduction to the Jungle, and Deep Valleys. The first remake was a rare, daring, ambitious, morally confusing, and emotionally exhausting film.>

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  • Schrader's name alone is enough to draw the attention of every cinema lover to the card counter movie. The good news is that the film is set to hit theaters later this year. Card Counter was one of the films whose production was delayed in 2020 due to the Corona epidemic. In fact, the production of the card counter was stopped only five days before the end of the work, because the corona test of one of the actors in the supporting role of the film was positive.

    They returned to the project in June and completed production a little over a month later (on time). The card counter was screened at the Venice International Film Festival a few days ago and is scheduled to be released on September 10, 2021.

    If Paul Schrider's name is not enough to draw your attention to the card counter, then take a look Make a list of actors. The most prominent of these is Oscar Isaac, who has appeared in extraordinary works over the past decade. The card counter is Isaac's first work with Schrader.

    In addition to Isaac, two other actors, Thai Sheridan and Tiffany Hadish, appear in the film and in the lead roles who have not previously worked with Schrader. Sheridan has works such as Joe, X-Men: Apocalypse and the number one ready player in his repertoire. Hadish, who mostly plays in comedy roles, will appear in one of his rare dramatic roles this time, and we will have to wait and see what Schrader has in mind for him. Willem Dafoe is another main character in the film who is very familiar with Schrder's style, as he has worked with the director many times during his career.

    But what is Paul Schrder's latest moral play about? Schrader seems to have created another complex moral narrative for cinema audiences. According to reports, in this film, we will play Isaac in the role of William Tell, a former soldier and professional gambler, who finds a former Marine who has mental problems (Sheridan) and tries to convince this young man that Their common enemy (Defoe) will not take revenge, but the situation will be different and Tal himself will be involved in this affair.

    Then, a mysterious investor (Hadish) supports their revenge plan and Lasugas is sent to face Defoe at the World Poker Tournament, and all of this comes at a time when Sheridan's mental health is a problem for the mission. The card counter seems to have characters in contrast to the dark past, the need for salvation, and possibly a few violent attacks throughout the film, and these are the elements you would expect from Schrader's work.

    But the critics of this film Seen at the Venice Film Festival, what did they think of Paul Schrader's latest film? Let's take a brief look at their comments.

    BingMag.com Critics liked Paul Schrader's crime and action film (Venice Film Festival 2021)

    Stephanel Zakark from Time magazine

    "Even a not-so-great film by Schrader is even more interesting than many films made by young directors today. The card counter, emotional and vital, is very satisfying and excellent. "

    Carlos Aguilar from rapper:

    The theme is different situations of people and changing their consciousness. These characters detach themselves from reality and enter a supernatural state. "

    Elson Wilmore of Welcher:

    " This is what makes the card counter so appealing. "The further the film goes, the more obvious William's other half-existence and face becomes."

    Todd McCarthy of Deadline:

    The film follows its usual mentality and does not follow a specific pattern, and presents a calculated and accurate work to the audience. " "The stunning movements of the camera and the original soundtrack by Robert Lon Bean give you an idea of how a person can get stuck in such a place."

    Owen Gleiberman of Variety:

    "Card Counter is a great movie about poker that gives you the feeling that you are right in the middle of the story."

    The Guardian's Jean Brooks:

    "The role of William Tell can be compared to the cinematic characters of actors such as Humphrey Bogart or Alan Delon. Of course, these people belong to different periods and different narratives. "

    Robbie Colin of the Daily Telegraph:

    It's usually hard for such a project, but he and Isaac are really great in this movie. "

    Hollywood Reporter David Rooney:

    "He spent his career in the dark abyss of the souls of troubled people, and he articulates this theme again and again in the card counter."/p>

    "Schrader enters boundaries that separate the real letter from the surreal letter. "The card counter is a strange but satisfying film." /2109/24/12014-3.jpg ">

    Source: rottentomatoes

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