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Critics did not like Paolo Sorrentino (Venice Film Festival 2021)

BingMag.com Critics did not like Paolo Sorrentino (Venice Film Festival 2021)

The film "God's hand" about a boy in the riots of Naples in the 80's and the most personal film Sorrentino and the story of fate and family, sports and cinema, love And it's missing.

The hand of God is a story full of unexpected joys like the arrival of football legend Diego Maradona and an equally unexpected tragedy. In this film, destiny plays its role, joy and tragedy are mixed and Fabito's future awaits him.

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The young hero of the new film Paolo Sorrentino in He is the age of puberty and believes that reality is bad. This year, the film competes for the Golden Lion, the highest award at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy. The director of the young pop series and its sequel series has a new pop in his repertoire. The phrase God's hand is taken from the world of football, not the Bible. However, it is inherent in the Bible, and many audiences may think that the hand of God has a religious connotation due to Sorrentino's penchant for religion and given the previous titles of his works.

Argentine football is used in one of the 1986 World Cup games. The protagonist of Hand of God is a young boy whose story intersects with Maradona's career in Naples in the 1980s.

Hand of God is a very personal project for Sorrentino, who was also born in Naples. He is the writer and director of this film, and this time, unlike his other television works, he has written the script of the film individually. He began his career as a screenwriter in 1998 with the film Dust in Naples, but it was in 2004 that he made a name for himself with his exciting project, Atonement of Love. He also co-starred with Hollywood star Sean Penn in his first English-language film, "Here Must Be." .

Filippo Scotti plays the young Fabio in the hands of God. He is also joined by other actors such as Tony Serovilo, Theresa Saponangelo, Marlon Joubert, Luisa Ranieri, Renato Carpentier, Massimiliano Gallo, Betty Pedrazchi, Biagio Mana, Ciro Capano, Enzo Decaro, Lino Musila and Sofia Grosz.

The Hand of God will be screened on September 2 at the Venice Film Festival. If you can not go to Venice (which probably applies to most people) you will have to wait until December 3, 2021 for the film to be released to the public, after which it will be available on Netflix from December 15, 2021.

Critics who have seen the film have given their opinions on the latest Sorrentino project, and many audiences awaiting the film's public release want to know the opinions of these film experts.

Financial Times

"This movie is the beginning of a new season for Sorrentino. "He's a filmmaker who cares about teenagers' fantasies and their painful personal injuries, and he deals with them well."

Daily Telegraph

"Throughout the film, "Sorrentino and his actors bring to life the teenage memories of many people, and the nostalgia for these memories does not bother the audience in any way."


"Hand God is an inspiring film, but it could have been a richer, better, and more subtle work. "Some of the themes in the work seem superficial."


In any case, Sorrentino presents his memoirs in a not-so-interesting, neutral and superficial way. " Indy Wire

" "The Hand of God is a horror story about the adolescence of a teenager who finds his whole world lost and tries to pull himself out of the mire."

The Hollywood Reporter

"Returning to his Napoli roots, Sorrentino has removed traces of joy and sorrow from the past that are richer, deeper and more painful than all of the director's previous works."

The Guardian </</h3>

"Sorrentino's film is full of energy and freshness. "Of course, it is a bit raw in the narrative, but by adding a few spices, it has covered this defect."

Source: rottentomatoes

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