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Criticism of Titan, winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival; Farhadi Changi's film rival does not like it

BingMag.com Criticism of Titan, winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival; Farhadi Changi's film rival does not like it

"Titan" won the Palme d'Or this year, which is why there is a lot of curiosity about the film. But by the way, when we see the film, we realize that we are on the side of a positive effect. A well-liked film, or a film that is accepted by the Cannes Film Festival, is not necessarily a great film to the extent that it receives a grand prize. Rather, it has several criteria that are approved. These types of films usually have a female main character, femininity is very obvious in them and a lot of nudity is seen in them. In fact, Ken focuses on films that portray women as a single, independent, and powerful identity. All these features can be seen in "Titan". But "Titan" apart from these margins is also a good and valuable film.

The film begins with a car accident. It is after the accident that a piece of metal is placed on Alexia's head, and from there, the girl's intense love and thirst for iron begins. Later we see Alexia in adulthood and realize that her whole life has been summed up in an attempt to reach orgasm. But this pleasure is not obtained through sexual intercourse. Humans are not enough for him. He later realizes that his pleasure is summed up in the vicinity of iron. This constant dissatisfaction and endless effort has caused him confusion and mischief. He does everything he can to meet his needs, he has relationships with people of different tendencies, he kills, he steals, but none of this satisfies Alexia. On the other hand, this strange thirst is not something that society will accept, that is why it is constantly suppressing itself, suppressing an unbridled spirit that does not want to be tamed.

An objection, or perhaps a gap in There is "Titan" that the film does not deal with much. After the piece of metal is placed on Alexia's head, we see her go to the car and kiss it. In fact, it seems that Alexia's rebellious spirit emerges by accident and placing this metal. But we also see at the beginning of the film and before the accident that Alexa is very mischievous in the car and is constantly looking for sabotage. This norm-breaking spirit seems to have existed with him since birth, and he does not necessarily come into contact with metals. This is something that the film does not present very well. We do not know exactly when Alexia's adventurous story with metals began. Since the accident? Or earlier? Is she inherently norm-breaking, and do metals only quench her thirst?

The strangest scene in the movie is undoubtedly where Alexia has sex with a car! This is the only time Alexia reaches orgasm. It is as if he is finally finding his lover. Perhaps with this scene, the filmmaker wanted to criticize the materialistic and ironic view of the people of the present age. But there could certainly be more subtle and profound ways of expressing this criticism! In any case, Alexia becomes pregnant as a result of this relationship and her life story enters a new era.

This passionate love for metals brings Alexia into a harassing and other abusive relationship. An uncontrollable demonic force has taken root in him and is getting stronger every time. And there is no way Alexia can escape it. None of these harassing behaviors, or even harassing others, can suppress this desire. But these aspects of the film seem extra and seem to have been added just to fill in more content.

Another drawback of the film is that it does not reveal Alexia's character. Other than that kiss to the car at the beginning of the film, we see nothing more than Alexia feeling about it. It's not clear what Alexia thinks about this love of metals. Does he like this desire himself? Or is it just trapped? We don't even see that clutter and fatigue until the end of the film. This strange relationship has a lot of potential and could have been explored further.

The first half of the film is mixed and incoherent. It seems that Julia Ducorno has not yet been able to find her tone and is constantly wandering. But in the middle of the film, when Vincent's character enters the story, both the film takes on a more orderly structure, and a pleasant emotional layer is placed on the film. Alexia disguises herself as Adrienne, Vincent's missing son, and enters his life. This parent-child relationship gradually develops and reaches significant aspects. Both Vincent devotes all his love and affection to Alexia/Adrienne, and Alexia is less and less impressed and decides to really be Vincent's child. Vincent realizes somewhere in the film that Alexia is lying and that he is not her son, but her interest in him remains. The love between them also goes through genetics.

Alexia, who so far suppresses her story, desire, is forced into Vincent's life and the fireworks under her (all boys are fit and muscular). Suppress your gender as well. The fetus inside her body can be considered a symbol of all the complications and repressions that have existed with her since childhood and are getting bigger every moment. Bong Joon Ho has a dual tone, and from the middle of the story onwards, we are going to come up with a realistic story about the father-son relationship between this man and woman. But the story of Alexia's pregnancy remains, and as we get to the end, her story becomes more serious. Elsewhere in the film, Vincent tells his staff that I am God, which is why Adrienne is considered the Son of God. But Alexia, who hid her gender from this people, seems to be more of Mary than Jesus. That miraculous pregnancy brings her closer to such a metaphor. But that ultimate sacrifice also makes him look like Jesus Christ. In fact, the filmmaker's ingenuity and clever play with Alexia/Adrienne enable him to add a spectacular religious charge to his film and bring it to a good ending. Vincent and Alexia's relationship culminates in that final scene.

Titan is not a perfect movie. It can not be considered a coherent and uniform work that carries its idea to the end with accuracy and maturity. There are so many extra elements and unreasonable foliage in the film, the film is more like the original draft of a screenplay that has suddenly entered the production process (in our own cinema this happens a lot). Nevertheless, it is still a remarkable and spectacular work.

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Titane ID

Writer and Director : Julia Ducorno
Actors: Agate Russell, Vincent London, Mirim Akdio
Synopsis: Alexia is a serial killer who was a child After a car accident, a titanium metal plate was inserted into his skull. After this surgery, he finds unusual inclinations towards cars.
IMDB rating on film: 6.8 out of 10
Metacritic rating on film: <//> 73 out of 100
Author-to-film rating: 6.5 out of 10
Year: 2021

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