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Criticism of Peter Jackson's documentary "The Beatles: Come Back"; Magnificent lament for beautiful madness

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>Peter</b> <b>Jackson's</b> <b>documentary</b> 'The <b>Beatles:</b> <b>Come</b> Back'; <b>Magnificent</b> <b>lament</b> for <b>beautiful</b> madness

Now that those words are written, more than a few hours have passed since the last episode of Peter Jackson's documentary, The Beatles: Get Back. Back) passes and the melodies do not leave my head. The melodies of the four British boys known as the "Wonderful Four" and we know them as the "Beatles" or "Beatles/Beatles". The pioneering and innovative boys who created a phenomenon called "Beatles Madness" with their rock and roll/pop music have been at the top of the sales charts for many years, featuring some of the world's most enduring and beautiful melodies and songs. They created universality, became a source of much inspiration, and stood side by side and even higher than a few American music stars.

In the documentary "Back", what surprised me from the beginning is the atmosphere of space Was. The colors, the clothes, the faces, the accessories of the scene are so far from modern today that it is impossible not to feel nostalgic even if you have not lived through that period. There is no mention of the usual weird makeups of today's music stars, no neat and tidy shiny teeth, no ordinary behind-the-scenes splash, the only unusual thing about the characters' colorful costumes, which is more a result of self-liberation rather than fashion. The only luxury feature (if we do not take into account the legal personality of the Beatles) is the equipment and musical instruments, which is obvious to a group at that level, and probably one of the most interesting and regrettable points of the film for Beatles musicians and fans who know Fender George Harrison and Gibson well. What does John Lennon sound like and what quality does he have?/p>

To be impressed by the Beatles and realize their greatness and importance, it is enough for their people to hear one of their good deeds; To satisfy those who are fascinated by them, it is necessary to watch Peter Jackson's new three-part documentary. This more than six hours of re-edited footage of several hours of film and raw sound, the two-week rehearsal of the band's latest album and live performance, is a jewel for Beatles fans and a training class for locals and music activists.

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>Peter</b> <b>Jackson's</b> <b>documentary</b> 'The <b>Beatles:</b> <b>Come</b> Back'; <b>Magnificent</b> <b>lament</b> for <b>beautiful</b> madness

The Beatles had decided to work with Yoko Ono in a private studio

. There were discussions and debates. The Beatles were no longer willing to work as a team, and with their own company, Apple Records, decided to rehearse for a new album (the last album), and possibly a TV show (the last live performance), something like the first performance and Record and document their introduction to the world with a group led by Michael Lindsay Hogg. The result was a documentary called "Let It Be" by Lindsay Hogg, and an album of the same name that included some of the same songs that were made and recorded in the band's personal studio (and a series of old unrecorded songs) as well as an audio file. From conversations between band members and others in the same meetings that Peter Jackson later worked on. All these products of the meetings blossomed in their own time, and it was another success and a glorious farewell song for the Beatles. Has improved its quality thanks to today's technology, locked itself in its home in Australia, watched the rash for hours and hours, put together the necessary and fashionable parts, did nothing special for the narrative form, except Design a calendar and from the first day of the group rehearsal until the last two days, which is the day of the performance and the next day, we are based on this calendar illustrated in three two-hour parts with the group and rehearsals, compositions, songs, tensions, boredom, conversations, He combined doubts, friendships, intimacy, mischief, romance, innovation, genius, anger, reconciliation, etc., with a series of subtitles and explanations, and, in his own words, re-read the reason for the Beatles' separation.

But with the material in this documentary, this too can and should be easily ignored. What does it matter that Yoko Ono (John Lennon's wife) sits next to Lennon all the time, without saying or doing anything special? The Beatles have already made their decision. (It is rumored that Yoko Ono was one of the main reasons for the Beatles' separation.) Yoko is an excuse. What separates the Beatles from a dream is the end of a happy story that must finally end somewhere and its characters go about their own lives. With the exception of Ringo (the band's drummer), who apparently has no complaints about the situation but seems outraged by the band's fate, George Harrison, the band's lead guitarist, believes his composing talent is overshadowed by the band's two main composers, Lennon and Paul. McCartney (somewhere in McCartney's film obviously misses Harrison's still-unformed song, but later appears to be on Lennon's insistence on the same song on Let It Be, a song that happens to be titled "Me, Myself, Mine"). (I Me Mine) seems to be an allusion to the situation of the group, including himself, who was most influenced by Eastern culture during the group's spiritual journey.)

He attends meetings and endures them, and he has neither a performance nor an album. The only person who stands firm and in control of the situation is McCartney, who is in love in the first place, and his beloved (his wife) Linda McCartney, a well-known photographer, although he attends a few sessions, is not the fifth member of the group like him and is only strong-hearted. Is; Secondly, he is so confident and still actively sings, composes melodies and defines the arrangement (exactly the picture of Lennon, which, especially in the first sessions, which apparently brought the band together after a long time, has no trace of rehearsal or even Ideas for composing). McCartney, however, does everything he can to insist on recording live album tracks, dismissing the idea of performing on television, arguing that the Beatles show is lost in the midst of hundreds of shows and TV commercials, and quite that ability. He wants to continue working with the Beatles in the same way and pursue his own life.

In short, the group is satisfied with this separation and can not even agree on the venue. He straddles the line between apathy and slippery ambition (even the idea of performing in sub-Saharan Africa and the Palladium in London comes up.) McCartney complains of this apathy; Which focuses on documenting and recording parts. The group accepts Harrison's request because it needs him. The idea of implementation is currently suspended. Billy Preston, a famous American pianist, joins the band, and from now on everything can be forgotten and the Beatles' genius is met. It's you and this great Beatles who came to announce his return to the world and now he has to turn everything he has in his pocket into music and words for the last time. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true Beatles fans Come in! Advance has narrated. He loved the Beatles so much that he picked the flowers of the scenes and put them together. And he is so obsessed with introducing all the important people on stage and all the pieces that are performed by the Beatles themselves and others. He sees no need to add the conversations of the living members of the group or the rest of the survivors of the documentary agents to his series in the usual way of documentary. There is no reference at all to the present and future of the Beatles, and that is the magic point of the documentary. Watching it reminds you that John Lennon and George Harrison are no longer in this world. Or McCartney has lost Linda. Aware of the band's fate and, of course, without worrying about the fans who watched Lindsay Hogg's 1970 documentary "Let It Be," you can immerse yourself in the band's wild melodies and self-respecting songs, with the pure improvisations of Harrison guitar and Preston and Preston piano. From other musicians and at the same time admiration. (Elvis Presley and his reading model are frequently mentioned in the first sessions)

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>Peter</b> <b>Jackson's</b> <b>documentary</b> 'The <b>Beatles:</b> <b>Come</b> Back'; <b>Magnificent</b> <b>lament</b> for <b>beautiful</b> madness

The Beatles perform on the roof of the Apple Records building

while the songs are being formed, and while the idea of a live performance seems to be completely ruled out, the band members and others, including Lindsay, the group's director, sound engineer, and program director, and are currently rehearsing and recording in the band's personal studio at the Apple Records building, one (said to be Lennon) proposing the idea of performing on the roof of the Apple Building. The first idea is welcomed, then rejected by the band members Ringo and Harrison, and finally approved. The songs are formed little by little, some are semi-finished, the performance is right, it's supposed to be the last, but it is looked at as part of the documentary and focuses on making some of the Beatles' best and most enduring songs, including "Get Back", "Me "Don't Let Me Down", "Let It Be", "Something" and some of which are performed and recorded several times in a rooftop concert for a documentary.


However, the police enter the Apple building, warning that if they do not turn down the volume, they will have to arrest several people, as if they are turning off Amp Harrison and Lennon, who are playing guitars, and have nothing to do with McCartney bass. McCartney, in protest of the police action, started improvising while performing one of the pieces and stopped the police movement. Of course, there is no need to worry, the Beatles have already performed as many pieces as they wanted and have the necessary material for the documentary. So they finish the last piece and thank the crowd that is still on the street, and Lennon says his famous sentence: "I hope we have passed the test successfully." They laugh and return to the recording room to listen to the performances.

They all sit together with their spouses and all the agents seem to be satisfied with the performance. They joke with each other, and Harrison says, "Now that the police are involved, we can document this and say the police forced us to stop." The public performance file is closed and there is only one day left to record a clip of some of the band's completed pieces, including "Let It Be," and another beautiful McCartney song that describes himself and the band, and Hassan Khatami Ziba for the band. Unparalleled in the world: "A long and winding road." See and Listen to The Long And Winding Road.
Cast: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr
Music: The Beatles
Synopsis: IMDB rating for the film: 2.9 out of 10
Raton Tomitoz Score: 94 out of 100 BingMag is not Mag.

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