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Criticism of the Lost Girl; Moving on the edge of the razor of motherhood and femininity

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of the <b>Lost</b> Girl; <b>Moving</b> on the <b>edge</b> of the <b>razor</b> of motherhood and femininity

femininity and motherhood are generally considered to be two contradictory characteristics that are not too far-fetched. In a situation where femininity is an instinctive look to be seen, motherhood is an instinct based on sacrifice. Maggie Gyllenhaal wants to put these two feminine traits together and talk about the difficulties of balancing them, but in the end she has nothing more to say and does not add a new perspective to the story.

Warning: There is a risk of leaking the story in the critique of "The Missing Girl".

The film begins with a view from the middle. A woman by the sea half-dead. It looks like he was shot. Then we see the same woman happily driving to a villa in Greece. Come to spend your vacation. From talking to the landlord, we learn that this middle-aged woman is a reader and a university professor, and of course she looks a little embarrassed. This embarrassment can be seen throughout the film in Olivia Coleman, but we do not understand why. Until a woman at the beach meets a young mother with her little Girl and her own youthful memories come to life with her daughter. Charlie Kaufman throws. In both cases, when you watch the film, you will notice that there is a strong literary story material behind this image, but the director has not been able to succeed in portraying the story and its complexities. Gyllenhaal, of course, has been successful in directing, directed by Olivia Coleman. Most of her success has been in the scenes in which Olivia Coleman appears. A middle-aged woman whose past secret bothers her. He wants to help a younger woman. However, he can not ignore the temptation to take the little Girl doll. A doll that, in the end, we do not understand for which part of his memories he picks it up. A doll who only has the symbolic form of her children and wants to be a mother to her.

The problem with "The Lost Girl" is probably the strong point of her story. A description of the complexities of a woman who once preferred her femininity to her motherhood. Not only is it not accepted in society and custom, but it also causes a lot of psychological damage to the woman herself. However, a large part of this happens in the female psyche. What we see in the film is that the woman is upset that the children are constantly twisting her legs, her husband does not take care of the children when he is on the phone, contrary to their promises, and the woman is forced to leave her job at home and reach the children. What we see in the picture is so superficial and superficial.

What we know happens inside the woman that leads to her big bang is not seen in the film. Because it is basically difficult to portray emotions and instincts. Especially in the case of a young woman played by Jesse Buckley, the work is more difficult and the result is not very acceptable for this reason. In the case of middle age, however, the situation is different. Here we see the consequences of the past that have gripped women. Now the bad woman (Leda) is understandable when she sees Nina and the relationship she has with her little girl. However, we still have vague scenes, such as the disappearance of Nina's daughter, which reminds Leda of the past, and we do not understand how the disappearance of her own daughter years ago, which was later found, had such an effect on her mind. The scene is made in such a way that at first you think that Leda's grief is due to the same negligence and that is what caused her to lose one of her daughters!

Bringing back the bitter memories of the past through a familiar scene is not strange. What happens to a middle-aged lady? As a result, it is understandable to the viewer, but what could have taken the film to a higher level was to penetrate the main character's psyche with a visual preparation and show us what happens when a mother abandons her young children. How her femininity comes to an end and Leda succumbs to her instincts to leave her family.

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As far as we can see, the "lost girl" can, of course, pull her kilim out of the water. Maggie Gyllenhaal proves her directorial prowess, and the star of the film, of course, is Olivia Coleman, who shines as brightly as ever. Gyllenhaal Adapted from Elena Franta's novel
Director: Maggie Gyllenhaal
Actors: Olivia Coleman, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Buckley
Summary Story: Leda is a university professor and a middle-aged woman who goes to a Greek coastal town alone for her vacation, where she meets a young woman who has a little Girl and reminds her of her past.
Imdb to movie rating: 6.8 out of 10
Metacritic rating: 86 out of 100
Author rating: 2 out of 5

Criticism of The Missing Girl is the author's personal point of view and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.
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