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Criticism of "King Richard"; The pleasant aroma of watching a story is straightforward

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of 'King Richard'; The <b>pleasant</b> <b>aroma</b> of <b>watching</b> a <b>story</b> is straightforward

The story of "King Richard" is one of those stories that can be summarized in slang terms: "Finally, the right comes to the rightful." The filmmakers have turned the familiar story into a heartwarming and, of course, hopeful work about the American dream and the possibility of its realization; This means that the United States is a land of opportunity, and the success of each individual is guaranteed if there is enough effort. Such an acquaintance story may seem like a clich at first glance, but the correct use of old clichs is not only bad but also shows the ability of the creators.

On the other hand, at a time when many films, contrary to dramatic logic, are multiplied And they pin the narrative of white supremacy and their historical cruelty on blacks to their film to sit at the top and enjoy the media for a few mornings. Such concepts come to mind.

The film's story is a Hollywood fairy tale about the value of the family in a society built on this small institution. Despite all the problems and obstacles, families break the barriers one by one and achieve success and happiness despite the bitterness. This happiness is mainly summed up in the acquisition of wealth and honor. No one has an aspiration in mind and is not going to change the world, but no matter how much they want to brag about such achievements and optimistically imagine that their success in the field of professional tennis is the beginning of black people entering a field that is essentially a field. It's the power of rich whites, it's still money and economic prosperity that matters, nothing more.

The storytelling style is the classic Hollywood storytelling style; Despite many problems, a man does not fit in and does not lose his faith. Life bends its back and its legs tremble (how well Will Smith has done all this in the performance) but he does not lose his purpose. He keeps falling, but every time he gets up to continue on his way, and in the end, everything ends well and the successes come one by one. This man does not even have much solitude, and in each case alone, his problems fall on his head in the form of a bullying youth to remind him who he is and where he stands and what a difficult path lies ahead.

The biggest The achievement of the creators of King Richard's film is to maintain suspense and excitement throughout the work. We all know the story of the film. The Williams sisters Venus and Serena will eventually succeed and conquer all the peaks of tennis success. Such films do not even need to be spoiled anymore; Because the end of the story is sweet and all the efforts are supposed to pay off and all the spectators know this well; So what is left to keep today's audience bored and sensitive to the spoiler phenomenon to the cinema seat to the end? It definitely depends on the creators' ability to maintain suspense throughout the story. Despite being aware of the fate of the protagonists, we still worry about them and their fate, and until the end, regardless of the real world, we feel sorry for those people present on the screen.

The need to achieve such an achievement is to build and design They are empathetic characters so that the audience can accompany and understand them and worry about their fate with all their being. King Richard's creators have succeeded in creating such attractive characters by paying attention to the details of characterization; At the forefront of these characters are the Williams family's parents. The father's past is shrouded in mystery. Although he mentions his cowardly father in several places and emphasizes that he did not have a good child, this small amount also makes us understand his motives well.

On the other hand, all the attention of the mother of the family is on upbringing and She is training her children, but there is a difference between her and her husband; The filmmaker always puts his characteristic character on the shoulders of a sequence in which he erupts and tells what has happened to him. Such ambiguous characters may not be acceptable to other characters in another film, but for a dream-focused film within the framework of an American dream, once the audience knows what a difficult path the characters on the screen have gone through, it is enough. And the rest will be extras that do not fit into the film. He consciously knows what story he has and what he is going to tell; He knows full well that this is not about innovating and playing by the rules of storytelling or showing off. Even the director must give up the temptation to be seen and only do what the audience's attention is focused on the screen and the story that is going on. Incidentally, Hollywood and its technicians also knew this very well: that is, to tell stories that are supposed to dream and leave the audience in a sinful and pure fantasy trance.

King Richard's film biography (King Richard)

Director: Reynaldo Marcus Green
Writer: Zack Bylin
Cast: Will Smith, Will Smith, John Brenthal, Sania Sydney and
Synopsis: King Richard's film chronicles the adolescence of Venus and Serena Williams, the black women's tennis world champions, and the role their father played in their success.
Metacritic Score: 76.
IMDb Score: 7.6 out of 10 br>> Author rating: 3 out of 5

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