Criticism of Filmnet’s “Cold Blood” series; Iranized “Dexter” and “Hannibal”

The series "Cold Cold" is one of the new products of the theater network that was released by Filmnet in the last two weeks. Due to the presence of famous faces, this series was in the center of media attention since its creation, and after the horror series "Them", it is the second different Filmnet series released in the last two years. In the first two episodes, "Khunsard" found a large audience and with its narrative line and exciting payment, after a long time, Filmnet has become a popular platform. Criticism of Filmnet’s “Cold Blood” series; Iranized “Dexter” and “Hannibal”

The series "Cold Cold" is one of the new products of the theater network that was released by Filmnet in the last two weeks. Due to the presence of famous faces, this series was in the center of media attention since its creation, and after the horror series "Them", it is the second different Filmnet series released in the last two years. In the first two episodes, "Khunsard" found a large audience and with its narrative line and exciting payment, after a long time, Filmnet has become a popular platform.

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But immediately after the airing of the second part of this series, many critics and fans of foreign series of the day of the world talked about the similarities between "Cold Blood" and two famous American series. . Of course, these similarities are not a strong reason for the general audience and people who do not follow foreign series to turn away from this Iranized version.

However, "Cold Cold" is the first experience of Amirhossein Torabi in the path of serialization on the network. The home show, like all works made in this medium, has its strengths and weaknesses. The fact that it has been able to create a wave of positive and negative opinions among the audience with two episodes, and various media have written reviews about it, shows that this series is popular and visible. On the other hand, to a large extent, the main story line of this series has been revealed to the audience in these two episodes, and it can be examined from different aspects at the very beginning of the broadcast.

1. The story and form of narration


The first episode of the "Cold" series, which has a much longer duration than usual for an episode of an Iranian series, in a time of nearly one hour and thirty minutes, with An introduction started before the credits. A person whose face is not visible is chaining another person in a strange space. But after the credits, the series enters a chase in the streets of Istanbul, and then we enter Tehran's Intelligence Department to find out the result of this chase. In the course of the story until the end of the first episode, there is no reference to the opening sequence until the ending. The focus of this episode is more on characterizing and introducing the space in which the series is narrated. We are facing a smart policeman named Amir Talooi who is very disciplined and hardworking. Alongside this main story, there is a forensic doctor named Kesri Kia who, contrary to the appearance of calmness, soon boils over. Even though the main line is a crime story, after a while the series enters the atmosphere of patriarchy and favoring women's rights, and the story gets weirder from a point where a character like Amin Fardin enters the story. Someone who in Turkey is constantly busy blackmailing and exposing the private lives of famous people.

Of course, all these characteristics together have created a combination that the general public, who is involved in these issues every day in cyberspace, quickly communicate with the serial. On the other hand, the eerie atmosphere and gray characters that do not clarify the audience's task in the first part, compels the viewer to wait for the second part. But the thing that increases the charm of the series in the last minutes is the change of the story in another direction. A character who came for slaughter and seeks to kill without any fear.

In the second part, at the very beginning, the audience finds out who this character of slaughter is. Also, during a few short sequences, he gets acquainted with his work process and other cases that have been opened in the Intelligence Department due to his work method. The second part is not as eventful as the first part and is even less and slower in terms of time. Even some of the main actors of the series are killed, and probably with this process we have to wait for many flashbacks in the rest of the series. The story of this series can be seen after watching the first two episodes of "Cold Blood". It is an undecided fusion of two famous series "Dexter" and "Hannibal" with additions of current issues and social problems of Iran.

In the series "Cold-blooded" we are actually facing two main characters; A detective and a forensic doctor. In the "Dexter" series, which aired from 2006 to 2013, a forensic doctor named Dexter became interested in blood and killing people because of issues that happened to him as a child. Now, using his job position, he traps murderers who have escaped from the country's legal system and kills and slaughters them in his own way. In the "Cold" series, we are facing exactly the same character. Dr. Kasri Kia kidnaps people who assault women and does not fall into the trap of the police and brutally slaughters them. It can be said that only the motivation of Dexter and Dr. Kia is different, and there are many similarities in other matters, even the space where they commit their crime. Dexter is well-dressed and his social position has made him a charismatic character, Dr. Kia, although he does not look anything like the actor Dexter, is well-dressed, does sports and It has the same social level and acceptability.

But on the other hand, if we look at the story of "In Cold Blood" from the perspective of the character of Major Amir Ali Toloui, we will find similarities between this series and "Hannibal". An American series that was released by Sony Pictures between 2013 and 2015 and had many fans around the world. "Hannibal" was the story of a smart FBI agent who after some time goes to his psychiatrist friend to solve his cases. But unaware that this psychiatrist is the main killer of all murder cases. The FBI agent of the Hannibal series hangs out with his friend every day and gets advice from him, but he doesn't know that the serial killer he is constantly chasing and unable to arrest is the same psychiatrist. This story and characterization process is exactly used in the "Cold" series. Here, Major Toloui is instead of an FBI agent, and he has a long-standing friendship with Kasri Kia, who is the main murderer of the series. He entrusts all his files to him for identification work. Unaware that Kasri himself is the cause of many crimes.

In fact, the four-person group of "Cold-blooded" writers, who are not very familiar names, with the trick that the focus of the story is not the only major knowledge or the only forensic doctor. They have been trying to make a combination of two famous series in a way that is acceptable to the Iranian audience. They have given an Iranian image to their composition by adding Iran's current issues such as the MeToo debate, the popularity of illegal immigration sites and the trafficking of girls, and on the other hand, taking advantage of the rent and power of the nobles. Maybe this is the reason why parts of the story are inconclusive. It should not be forgotten that the series "In Cold Blood" cannot be seen by all family members. Only people who are interested in this genre can tolerate bloodshed scenes and terrible events. Criticism of Filmnet’s “Cold Blood” series; Iranized “Dexter” and “Hannibal”

2 . Production agents


Filmnet, like other platforms, welcomes all directors and producers of cinema and television to submit their plans for production. Amir Hassan Torabi and Bahman Kamiyar, as two young faces in Iranian cinema, directed and produced "Cold Cold". Torabi started his career by making commercial teasers and short films in the seventies and his first feature film was "Hazarto". With his first work, he has proven that he is interested in the criminal atmosphere and is not afraid of twisting the story as much as possible.

Turabi also invited famous figures such as Shahab Hosseini and Sara Bayat to be the main characters in "Hazarto". take charge of his film. But this movie was not well received neither at the box office nor by critics. Perhaps it should be said clearly, the problem that "Hazarto" suffers from is exactly repeated in "Cold Blood" and that is the copy of the plot and the weak characterization of the supporting actors. This affects both the narrative of the story and the acting of the main actors. Of course, it is still the beginning episodes, and we hope that in the next episodes, the story will progress in such a way that other weaknesses can be ignored. It is good. The scene design and its lighting fits the eerie and criminal atmosphere of the story. Even Lokshini, who was chosen for the office of Major Toloui, brings the audience with the atmosphere of the story to a great extent. But along with these strengths, there are also criticisms of the series' technical issues. Criticism of Filmnet’s “Cold Blood” series; Iranized “Dexter” and “Hannibal”

It is interesting, the editing is "cold-blooded". In the two published episodes, many cuts and jumps are seen in the series, which cannot be compared with other technical and professional issues of the series. In some sequences, the actor is still speaking a dialogue that gets cut and goes to another sequence in a different location and space. These events cannot even be audited because there is no subject that can be censored in these sequences. But these events have been repeated several times, and this is despite the fact that the editor of this series, Nima Jafari Jozani, is one of the editors with experience in cinema and television, and this issue of editing the "Cold" series turns into a strange ambiguity.

The second issue is the location of the camera. Framing of a crime series is one of the most important issues that can help make a work more attractive. However, this issue has been treated very negligently in the production of "In Cold Blood" directed by Mohammad Rasouli. In such a way that even in some sequences, such as Major Toloui's entry into Shahesaviri's villa and his walking around the location, the camera is noticeably tilted. Or in a stressful sequence such as the suicide of a female character, the camera, instead of showing the atmosphere of this incident to the audience correctly, looks at the incident from angles that do not create any excitement for the audience. With a good showcase created by lighting and staging for this series, the cinematographer has almost abandoned their art in many sequences. Home show network has entered the competitive field of this media by relying on its actors and faces. The cast of this series, a range of There are famous and unknown faces who get one of the main hits from this exact point.

In "Khunsard" we meet Shahram Haqiddoost as one of the main actors and in the role of Major Amir Ali Toloui. An actor who has worked in the theater for years, has now reached the right position. It is not an exaggeration to say that truth-loving is the winning card of "Cold-blooded" series. In the place where the camera is not placed correctly, the dialogues are written for him and the actor in front of him disrupts the tempo of his partner, he still appears with such power that he completely attracts the audience. He has mastered the role completely and there is no trace of copying or imitating famous Iranian or foreign movie cops in his game. Criticism of Filmnet’s “Cold Blood” series; Iranized “Dexter” and “Hannibal”

The other main actor of "Cold Cold" series is Amir Aghaei. An actor who has recently become one of the favorite faces of directors in his middle age. Aghaei has appeared in only one highly popular work called "Aghazadeh" since the artists moved to home shows. A work that took him out of a stereotype and showed another facet of his acting to the audience. Two years after that series, we now see him in the role of a two-faceted character. A character who is a reliable doctor, but in his solitude becomes a slaughterer. It was expected that Amir Aghaei's return to the home show would be accompanied by special events, but the fact is that in these two episodes, the audience's role is determined with Amir Aghaei and it seems that Aghaei did not understand the role. As a forensic doctor, It's acceptable, but when he's standing over the head of his victim with a knife to slaughter him, or when he's cleaning up the blood of a crime he's committed, he's still the same Amir Agha we've always seen. From the face and facial expressions to the repetitive acts that made the role of Kesri Kia unbelievable to a large extent.

Besides these two main actors, supporting actors are also present in this series. Like Sara Bahrami, whose performance and role have not yet been revealed, and Sara Rasulzadeh, whose role we do not know about except for two sequences, but in the same way, there is no difference from her previous roles. Linda Kiani and Amirreza Delavari were among the main actors of the first and second episodes who were killed during the story, but according to the credits, they should probably return to the story. These two actors with a history of cinema and television, even though they have been given important and busy roles, but both of them have not made any effort to get close to a real game. In Linda Kiani's performance, there is so much exaggeration that the audience just wants her scenes to end.

The fact is that one of the main problems of this series is the same point that we mentioned earlier, extreme weakness. In the characterization of supporting actors. The characters who are responsible for the sub-narratives and can give a different look and shape to a work. But both the story and the direction paid special attention to the main actors and forgot the other actors and their characterizations. Also, since the other supporting actors of this series are all new faces, it is better to wait for a few more episodes, maybe something better will happen. , Mohammad Mahdi Azizmohammadi, Ehsan Ebrahimi, Amin Farshad Mehr
Director: Amir Hossein Torabi
Genre: Crime, Police
Actors: Amir Aghaei, Shahram Haqiddoost, Sara Bahrami
Synopsis: Major Toloi Roy He works on the case of organ traffickers and gets help from his friend Dr. Kia in forensic medicine.

Criticism of the "Cold Blood" series is the author's personal opinion and is not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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