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Criticism of the film "Nostalgia"; Displaced between the past and the future (Cannes Film Festival 2022)

Mario Martone's "nostalgia" is the story of the return of a man who has been away from home for 40 years and after years decides to return to his homeland. Return to your hometown, the historic city of Naples, Italy. Napoli, which has not changed from the past to the present, but is no longer a stranger to him and must once again embrace his lost child.

Satisfy the critics. The film received a score of 75 out of 100 out of 6 reviews on the Metacritic website, and a score of 91 out of 100 on the Raton Tomitoz website. Critics of Favino's play and imagery have praised Naples's urban landscape, but Nostalgia, as its title suggests, is caught in the vicious circle of choosing between the past and the present, sometimes presenting a drama that is less convincing and compelling.> BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Nostalgia'; <b>Displaced</b> <b>between</b> the <b>past</b> and the <b>future</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

Critics Scoreboard for the 2022 film Festival

Martone has entered the Cannes film Festival for the second time in 27 years, and her film "Nostalgia" is a tale of wandering between the past and the present. Pir Francesco Favino plays the lead role in the film, a man who lived in Italy until he was only 15 and now does not even speak Italian well and does not belong to Naples at all.

ScreenDaily - Lee Marshall

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Nostalgia'; <b>Displaced</b> <b>between</b> the <b>past</b> and the <b>future</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

Mario Martone After 27 years away from the Cannes film Festival, this time he has returned with a film to explore under the dark skin of his hometown. Martone has made a passionate film that is full of atmosphere, atmosphere, and great acting, but as a drama, it is never believable or captivating. They will be full of breadth and breadth of the film, but "Nostalgia" may have difficulty making it more widely available after its first release in Cannes. Pir Francesco Favino always appears spectacular in the role of a man who returns to Naples in the middle of his sixth decade to seemingly spend some time with his mother, but we soon find out that he is going to be possessed by demons from his past.

The moments of her meeting with her mother are one of the most impressive scenes in this film, which is thanks to the elegance and beauty that the veteran actress Aurora Quattroki has given to her role-playing. Over time, "nostalgia" manifests itself as a story between a man and the city, wandering between salvation and destruction. The masterful filming of the film, which is the work of Paolo Carnera and also the filming of the series "Gomorrah", shows with special sensitivity this dual nature with light and shadow, and shows both the great force of life and the desire to die living in the same neighborhood. But the atmosphere and symbolic power of Martone's latest film comes at a price.

We never fully associate with Fletcher as a character, and he is like a box of secrets that must be unlocked. And his sudden need to correct the past and his determination to meet an old friend who has become the dark heart of Ravenna Sanita will never be properly understood or explained. Martone has created a contemporary ghost story that has a lot to say about present-day Naples, a story we may later find out that Feliche is a ghost, and the whole story is the ferocious dream of a nostalgic man who never returned home. It's annoying to the audience, which will make it difficult for them to fully engage with the film. 2205/20419-4.jpg ">

Our hometowns soon forget us when we leave them. Even if some people who have left do not do so. Architecture and communities can change our memories and behavior with a little warning or attention. When you get home again, you can definitely redefine what you remember, contrary to common saying. Even sidewalks that used to follow in your footsteps need to be rebuilt. For Fletcher, a wandering, homeless expatriate returning to Naples after a 40-year absence, what he knows from his hometown does not bring him peace, but a new life that has passed through the ghosts has taken him so far. So "Nostalgia" is a critical title for this crude lyrical play by Mario Martone. A movie that tells us you have to go back sometimes, but it's better to move forward as usual and not act out of the ordinary.

Unlike his protagonist, Martone can hardly be far from a city that Pizza is world-renowned, and the lesser-known Kamura criminal syndicate is shaking. His cinema in a way It is increasingly embedded in the cultural and historical fabric of the city, and if Martone's recent work is lavish or murky and limited to the local audience, the mourning "nostalgia" reverses this trend and even devotes himself with all his might to the dirty streets of Naples. With ever-tangled eyebrows, Favino is a good choice for the film, which is resilient and compassionate but silent, but on the other hand it is able to melt in a restless and crowded urban space full of shadows. The symbolic and emotional atmosphere in "Nostalgia" takes a completely different path from the geographical narratives that accompany the streets of the city, and from the beginning to the end of its brutality, it once again confuses the spectators in the streets of Neapolitan.

Guardian - Peter Bardshaw

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of the <b>film</b> 'Nostalgia'; <b>Displaced</b> <b>between</b> the <b>past</b> and the <b>future</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

Mario Martone's film is beautifully shot and made And he stumbles on the edge of something special, and if he can not achieve it completely, he ends up somewhere where, most of the time, he is typically crime-oriented, which is still very good. Naples is amazing here, though quite different from the city Pablo Sorrentino portrays in "The Hand of God." In the title of the film, it is challenging. This is not the only nostalgia that is unreal and dreamy, or even the past as you looked at it with optimism. In fact, there is no past or present. Old Naples and Naples today are the same, and for Fletcher his fears and romances never left him or even changed so much. A valuable, profound, and dignified film./Mario> Martone's moody drama "Nostalgia" is a change for the director, or rather a return for him. The director's first films, which spoke of war and the smell of blood, were praised for their distinctive style and moral clarity, but Martone's recent projects, which are full of historical narratives and exaggerations, received less attention than their predecessors.

film could have been better in 2 hours, but it still proves to be a compelling film, thanks to good actors, courageous directing and bold cinematography, and it can even gain an audience outside of Italy. The limitations of this film are key to its impact, and it is not a complicated biography that wrestles with the life or thoughts of an important Italian character. Martone presents a painful picture of the distance between mother and child, which helps us to understand some of Flitch's motives for his return, but that is not the whole story, and with flashbacks to the past, the reason for his return is revealed. The film eagerly surrounds its main subject and explores its romances and dangers, but at certain points it feels vague and unpleasant, a deviation from the almost perfect investigation of a man who colludes with his past.

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