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Criticism of Edgar Wright's film Soho last night; A girl in the mirror

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>Edgar</b> <b>Wright's</b> <b>film</b> <b>Soho</b> <b>last</b> <b>night;</b> A <b>girl</b> in the mirror

We have a lot of moviegoers, but there are not many moviegoers who can turn their love and passion into artistic creation. Years ago, Godard was the flagship of filmmakers in France, and later the Spielberg and Scorsese generations, and Tarantino confiscated and redefined the image in the 1990s. After the emergence of Tarantino, the way was opened for the rest, and fans flocked to filmmaking. A well-known English example of this is Edgar Wright, who has become very popular in the last two decades, albeit so radically that he is still far from a title and an award.

last night's film review in Soho, there is a risk of the story being leaked.

If you have a good relationship with Wright's previous films, get ready to enjoy "Last Night at Soho"; Far better and more than the previous two films; "The End of the World" was not seen much and was overshadowed by "The Dead" and "Hot Phase". "Baby Driver" could not be counted on, even though it was his most successful and popular film for the general public, and he established himself in Hollywood. Fortunately, Wright's price was too high to satisfy the "Baby Driver" sales figures to sell his soul! Instead, he's trying to win back a medal/filmmaker with his new film. , When he casts the lead role in Michael Seria or Ansel Algort - this time immersed in the heart of the films of the sixties and seventies and the enigmatic trailers of the time, which, under the influence of the surrealists, seek to bring out the horror of the human subconscious and The story was about a city girl who lost her mother years ago and is now going to London to study fashion. Elvis (Thomas McKenzie) hides from everyone when he sees a ghostly image of his late mother; Because his mother killed herself due to mental illness. In the dormitory, the others do not pick him up and harass him. To get rid of his nerve-wracking classmates and the grief of homelessness, he rents a room upstairs in an old woman's house. Accommodation in a natural room does not work. At night, when he sleeps, he finds himself in the body of another girl who lived in the same room years ago. A beautiful girl with big dreams in her head who came to London to become a singer. First of all, this magical journey into a new body to London in the sixties seems like a dream. But when Cindy (Anya Taylor Joy)'s life goes into darkness and she shares her sufferings, there is no escaping the nightmare. Especially since the nightmarish manifestations of Cindy's life in the Awakening do not go unnoticed. You'll find it all again in "Last Night in Soho," but the main achievement is recycling an extinct cinematic atmosphere and reviving it in the form of an entertaining film that conforms to the millennium's definitions and definitions. The story of the connection and confrontation between two story girls, one from the sixties and the other in the present age, can be a tangible manifestation of this adaptation between two different cinematic currents. If you are looking for a more concrete example, think of "Blade Runner 2049", how the two girls in the film, virtual and real, came together in front of the man of the story; They can no longer be separated from each other.

Almost everything that Freud and Jung's twentieth-century followers have taken from Hitchcock's films has been summarized by Edgar Wright to turn the dream into a nightmare and a sense of misery. To fulfill another memory with a generation girl; Dipalma Fermi readings of Hitchcock, a dual blonde and dark, diving in the middle of color and light, and so on. The more you get involved in the film, the more things you discover to discover, and you are no longer limited to Hitchcock, to the point where he says Roman Polanski's "disgust" and Nicholas Rogge's "Don't Look Now" are the main sources of inspiration for storytelling and filmmaking. . Wright reverse-engineered the general knowledge of cinematic works he intended to evoke the same form of entertainment in today's film. With the paste obtained from the recycling of cult films, it is not going to crush the cinema market and affect the circles and associations that are fascinated by bigger professions and bigger plays. "Last Night in Soho" is also shrouded in pop culture and public memory associated with London in the 1960s, which can be both entertaining and repulsive to those who do not grasp any of the threads of this layer. And finally, we are not on the side of a huge film that seeks to plan and solve the problems of its time and ride on the waves. Expands the game to its size and shrinks it without overtime; Which does not mean deficit at all.

  • Critique of the last duel movie; Against or Supporter of the Mito Movement? strong>: Edgar Wright and Christie Wilson-Kernes
    Actors : Thomasine McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Terence Stamp, Diana Rigg, Sino Carlsen, Margaret Nolan and others.
    Synopsis: Alois is a young girl who came to London to study fashion and lives in an old house. Years ago, this room belonged to a young girl named Sandy. Elvis realizes that he is living in London at night instead of Sandy and in the sixties. This connection sounds strange and fascinating, but its nightmarish aspects gradually become apparent.
    Metacritic Score: 65 out of 100
    Imdb Score to Movie : 7.2 out of 10
    Author Score: 4 out of 5 last night's film review in Soho is the author's personal point of view and not necessarily BingMag's position.

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