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Criticism of careless crime film; A terrifying bold professional narrative of cinematography

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>careless</b> <b>crime</b> <b>film;</b> A <b>terrifying</b> <b>bold</b> <b>professional</b> <b>narrative</b> of cinematography

"After that night, the smell of burnt meat lingered for a long time. "It did not want to go away." (From the book Cinema of Hell, six reports about arson in Rex Cinema - Karim Nikonzar - Cheshmeh Publishing)

Because of his boldness in heresy that is real (in the sense that the form serves a story whose composition forms a bold narrative) is remarkable. It is one of those films that we have not seen in Iranian cinema. Combining fiction with a real historical event, the outcome of which changes according to the director, but its nature is present in the past, present and future.

Cinema Rex have. The narrative begins with the present. A man looking for a nerve pill because he has a inflammatory disease. This story is related to the cinema that is going to show a movie called "Careless Crime". A film that has political meanings and signs, and this film is cunning in its own film. This reference to the political implications of "Careless Crime" and the viewers' concern about whether or not they will block the release of the film is in fact an imitation of what happened in 1957 for "Deer."

It is rare to show "careless crime". The same name of the then director of Cinema Rex in 1978, who at his insistence had increased the number of seats in the hall, contrary to safety principles. Something that is also mentioned in the movie.

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>careless</b> <b>crime</b> <b>film;</b> A <b>terrifying</b> <b>bold</b> <b>professional</b> <b>narrative</b> of cinematography

Hossein Takbalizadeh, Faraj Bazarkar, Yadollah and Fallah were the four people involved in the Rex Abadan cinema fire.

For those who are aware of the details of the Rex Abadan cinema fire, the film is full of historical signs and facts. Which helps you not to miss the clue of the story during the rotating form of the film. One of the most important sources of all these years for the details of Cinema Rex case is the book "Cinema of Hell" written by Karim Nikonzar. The book is a documentary about four men who decide to set fire to Cinema Rex and honestly have no clear motives and vaguely only want to protest against the Shah's regime. The film is the same narrative, but with an aesthetic that shows history can always be repeated. Referring to a silent short film that translates to almost the same "careless crime" and was made by Harold Shaw in 1912, and that film is about a fire disaster in a factory.

Important components of cinema and They are history. The history in front of the cinema is in the form of the black-clad puppet on the cover of which Abdullah Baqa has gone. A history that the people in the cinema must burn by force until the individualism stands in front of Abdullah Baqa. History in the future is the same missile that was neutralized. It sinks to the ground and it is not clear where it came from, and although it is curious, it acts like a megacaf. Cinema, however, is effective in the past, present and future. In the past, it starts with the films of "Samad Agha", now it reaches "careless crime" and in the future, it pays homage to the "deer" of Masoud Kimiaei.

Shahram Mokri's film is full of cinematic references from the same film From Harold Sha to the "deer" and full of historical references from Faraj and Yadollah and Takbali to the critiques of Zavan Ghokasian and Javad Tusi. From a walk in the Cinema Museum (which is both a symbol of cinema and of history) to a poster of "Jaws" on the cinema wall and listening to movie trailers. . It is not limited to a movie in a simple movie. "Careless Crime" is seen by the viewer on the cinema screen, whose characters are watching another "Careless Crime" starring Babak Karimi, and Babak Karimi himself and the other actors are supposed to see the fountain of "deer". To get all the details of "Careless Crime" it is necessary to watch the film several times, for a mind that is not only familiar with the form of cunning films, but also with the cinema and the fire of Rex and the "deer". This is how the discovery of who Naeema was in "Deer" is not a simple playfulness that is a warning to pay attention to detail.

As the film progresses, its aesthetics become more meaningful. The aesthetics that were summed up in form only in the short films of Macri and "Fish and Cat" and took on an eerie and demonstrative form in "Invasion" really find a reason to exist here, which is not limited only to form but to history in an innovative way. And it depicts the future and connects them. Here, everything is no longer abstract, but every sign and movement back and forth, every repetition, every camera movement and every view taken from another point of view has meaning in the story and narrative.

BingMag.com <b>Criticism</b> of <b>careless</b> <b>crime</b> <b>film;</b> A <b>terrifying</b> <b>bold</b> <b>professional</b> <b>narrative</b> of cinematography

careless crime, while a terrific film, has a sense of hope for the future.

That final manipulation of historical reality is something that Tarantino had previously dared to do in "Shameless Bastards" when he set fire to the cinema of German officers. (And how strange that we were dealing with the idea of cinema and fire and history there as well). Macri has achieved the same subtlety, boldness and humor in "The careless Crime". Shows that they will have no way into the future. In the future, young girls alongside police officers will screen "deer" by the lake, and missiles from the past will not explode. It begins: "I wish I could forget what I was or I wish I could not remember what I am" and it is execution and death that take him out of the nightmare. In the film "Careless Crime", the piece of yellow paper that probably went into the pocket of Takbali with the magic of girls from the future, and looks like the paper on which the name of the tablet is written, and for the first time connects him with Abdullah Baqa and the thought of cinema fire, frees him from nightmare. . Takbali stands next to a black puppet with a lighted torch. A book that Takbali reads in the past states: "I only define. "It is you who judge." This is what Macri does in "Careless Crime." A bold, humorous, inventive narrative that perfects its beloved form.

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The Identity of a careless crime Movie Director

Director : Shahram Mokri
Writers : Nasim Ahmadpour, Shahram Mokri
Filming :: Alireza Barazandeh
Actors : Babak Karimi, Siavash Cheraghipour, Abolfazl Kahani
strong> Music : Ehsan Siddiq
Synopsis: Hossein Takbabalizadeh is currently going to the Cinema Museum to get a nerve pill from a man named Abdullah Baqa. He has a fire disease. Abdullah Baqa sends him to Faraj in the past when they decide to set fire to the cinema with Yadollah. Currently, a movie called "Careless Crime" is being shown in cinemas, in which the movie "Deer" is supposed to be shown next to a fountain.
Author rating: Three and a half out of 5 Film crime critique is carelessly the author's personal point of view and not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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