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Clint Eastwood; Republican Patriot (When should we see the Eid holiday?)

The 82-year-old director has been working at the highest level of cinema for decades. Both when he started his career as an actor and now he is a director who is skilled in making films in various genres and has been nominated for an Oscar many times. His latest film, Cry Macho, was a drama about a man who once rode a professional horse and is now set to take a boy's son back from his alcoholic mother and return him to his father. A journey on the path to his salvation. "Every film Eastwood has made in recent years could be the last film, but although these last films like 'Cry Machu' or 'Richard Joel' or 'The Mule' were not as impressive, his films still have energy that can not be ignored."/p>

I believe that instead of Eastwood's last films, it would be better to go back a few years. Not so far back, for example, in the acclaimed romantic film Madison County Stairs starring Streep and himself, which is a different work among Eastwood films, but in the 21st century, for example, we can see the acclaimed sports drama "Dear Million Dollar." A film starring Hilary Swank and the director himself. Swank plays an avid athlete looking for the best coach to succeed. The best coach is none other than Eastwood himself, but he is no longer willing to box with anyone because of past experiences. Eventually, the two come together, but the path ahead is not easy at all, and of course, being painful will save both of them. The film is tragic, but Eastwood's directing culminates in the suspenseful drama The Mystic River. He can handle human relations well in his films, and of course his role as a mentor and Swank as a brilliant student.

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