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Clint Eastwood Failure in a Weekly Musical Movie (Box Office of the Week)

BingMag.com Clint Eastwood Failure in a Weekly Musical Movie (Box Office of the Week)

The movie "Dear Eun Hansen" in the first days of its release with sales beyond expectations reached the second place in the box office table and after that the movie "Crying" Ken Macho, directed by Clint Eastwood, has dropped by more than 53 percent. The superhero film has topped the list of best-selling films in the United States in recent weeks without any strong competitors. But they are likely to change that in the coming weeks with the release of high-profile films such as "James Bond: No Time to Die," "Venom: Let Carnegie Come," and "Hotel Transylvania 4."

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"Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" sold $ 13.03 million last week to top the charts for the fourth consecutive week Box office. Marvel's new film has grossed $ 197.1 million and $ 167.1 million, respectively, at the box office in the United States and international markets, bringing its total gross to over $ 364.3 million.

Shang Chi and the Legend Ten Circles was able to satisfy the critics in general. To date, a score of 71 out of 100 has been recorded for Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings in Metacritic based on 49 reviews. Thirty critics have taken a positive view of the film, and only two critics have rated Shang Chi's adventures poorly. At Ratnatomitose, the film received a score of 92 out of 100 based on 243 reviews. Chi is based on Marvel familiar meters and criteria, but in a few minutes it will be its own film. Daniel Carton's new handiwork is very different and better than previous superhero films. "The film provides many avenues for continuing and making new versions, following the principles of the Marvel superheroes, but with all these interpretations, it has its own magic and characters." In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it was written by David Callaham and stars Simo Liu as Shang Chi, Tony Liang as Mandarin and Aquafina for an unspecified role. The Shang-Chi Adventures is not the first major corporate effort to make a superhero movie or TV show based on martial arts in recent years. The series did not achieve much success due to many problems, including weak and incomplete struggles, storytelling, and even overly positive heroism and clichd narration, but Marvel Studios believes that relying on its successful experiences in the world of superhero films is interesting. It has given attention to cinema lovers. This style of struggle and the story of the salvation of Eastern heroes has always been very popular around the world.

BingMag.com Clint Eastwood Failure in a Weekly Musical Movie (Box Office of the Week)

Dear Eun Hansen, directed by Steven Shabasky and written by Steven Lawson, starring Ben Pellet, Julianne Moore, Caitlin Dior and Amy Adams, sold $ 7.9 million in the United States over the weekend. The screenplay is based on the musical theater of the same name by Pask and Paul and Lonsen himself. The story of Eun Hansen Aziz is about a high school student who suffers from social anxiety disorder and gets involved in a strange story after one of his friends loses his life due to suicide. Another interesting thing about the making of this film is the use of the cast of the original version of the theater in front of the camera. 39 out of 100 and 61 out of 100 have been recorded, which shows that we are not facing an interesting and good musical film at all, at least from the critics' point of view. Of course, film lovers consider the opposition to be somewhat unfair and harsh. For example, Charles McNalty, a Los Angeles Times critic, wrote in a note to Eun Hansen: "Dear Heaters * Sorry, this movie is not a disaster! "This 2016 musical was definitely more appealing at the Broadway theater, but the movie version, despite its weaknesses, is not so bad."

Sold to fall three places to third at the box office compared to last week. The Woo Disney's box office has grossed $ 203.4 million to date, topping $ 317 million after 46 days of release, including $ 144 million in Free Man sales in the United States./p>

The story of the free man takes place in the real world and within a video game. In the Free City video game, Guy (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a happy, loving young man who leads a normal, healthy life. He drinks coffee in the morning, is a bank teller, and walks with his best in town. But one day, while passing by Molotov's daughter (played by Judy Kamer), he falls in love with her at first sight, and this is the beginning of the exciting events of the story, and suddenly Guy begins to rewrite his character plan and becomes a rebellious and rebellious man in the game.

For IMDb, Ratnatomitosis and Metacritic scored 77 out of 100, 82 out of 100 and 62 out of 100, respectively, indicating that we are dealing with a typical action-comedy film, probably due to its cheerful atmosphere. And the state of the world in recent months has been well received by moviegoers at the box office.

Sales of "Candyman" have fallen by 27.4% compared to last week $ 2.5 million at the box office is enough to finish fourth in the table. Candyman sold $ 16.2 million in international markets in 32 days, and the Mojo box office reported total revenue of $ 73.3 million worldwide, slightly lower than expected. Jordan Peel, co-director of "Go Out" and "Anne" with Wayne Rosenfeld and Nia Ducesta, has written a new Kennedy film directed by Nia Ducesta, starring John Abdel-Matthew II, Theona Press, Nathan Stewart-Dumart and Jarrell.

Metacritic, Ratnatomitosis and IMDb scored 72 out of 100, 85 out of 100 and 64 out of 100 for the film, respectively. Variety critic Owen Gliberman wrote in part of his note for Candyman: "The new Candyman refers to the original film's plot as a fantasy and mischievous puppet show to tell his audience that Doxta's work is a real work, while the previous film , Has been a legend. "The traces of the Candyman 2021 drama are more than what happened to Essler, and in addition, the filmmaker has well addressed a number of social concerns."

BingMag.com Clint Eastwood Failure in a Weekly Musical Movie (Box Office of the Week)

Cry Weeping Macho has sold just $ 2.04 million in recent days, dropping to fifth place in the chart. Clint Eastwood's 30th production in the last 10 days in the US and international markets sold $ 8.2 million and $ 713,000, respectively, to transfer a total of $ 8.98 million to Warner Bros.'s account.

Eastwood It can be called the inexhaustible man of Western cinema. A successful actor, director, and producer best known for his role in The Dollar Trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone, is known as "For a Fistful of Dollars," "For a Few Dollars More," and "Good Bad Bad Ugly." Over the last two decades, he has proven with acclaimed films such as "Unforgiven", "Dear Million Dollar" and "Gran Torino" that in addition to the world of acting, he has a lot to say in the field of directing.

Ken Macho is entrusted to Nick Shink, who has previously written the screenplay for Gran Torino for Eastwood. The story of Eastwood's new work will be an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Richard Nash. Get a reward of $ 50,000. But this is not an easy task, and Macho, in addition to fighting armed enemies on the vast plains of Texas, must also engage his conscience in order to walk the path of salvation. Earlier in 2011, at the Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that Brad Ferman was planning to make a film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger based on the book Teach Macho, but the film was never made. Also in the 1980s, Clint Eastwood himself once showed interest in making the film, but dropped out of the project because of his role in the 1988 film Death Pool.

(Jungle Cruise), starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, sold $ 1.7 million in its ninth week of release, moving up one rung to sixth place in the chart. With a budget of $ 200 million to date, the blockbuster has grossed $ 115 million and $ 94.1 million, respectively, at the US box office and international markets, making it difficult to recoup.

Jungle Tour Based on the charms of Disney Parks. In this film, Dwayne Johnson plays the captain of a boat named Frank. The story of a jungle explorer is that Frank, along with Lily and his brother McGregor, are on a mission to find a magical tree that has healing powers. But this is not an easy task, and in this way they have to fight the wild beasts and their German rivals. It has been recorded to show that the general public, critics and film lovers alike, have a moderate view of exploring the forest. Alternate Ending critic Tim Brighton wrote in a note to the film: "Jungle Touring does not talk about significant concepts, but many parts of the first half are fun and entertaining." In another critique of The Journey in the Jungle, Al-Iskander of The Patriot Ledger described the film as "nonsense that has been surprisingly wasted little time." "This movie, starring Johnson and Blunt, is exactly what the audience expects." Seventh is satisfied. Malignant has performed better in global markets, selling $ 17.6 million over the past 18 days, bringing its total revenue to $ 29.8 million. The story is about a young woman named Madison who is unconscious. Sees shocking scenes of heinous murders. His torment becomes even more terrible when he realizes that these murder nightmares that wake him up at night are all true. Malignant actors include Annabelle Wallis, Jake Ebel, Maddie Maddie Hessen, Mitchell Brianna White, George Young, Macina Grace, and Jacqueline McKenzie. The scores of 51 out of 100, 76 out of 100 and 63 out of 100, respectively, show that we are not facing a very significant horror movie, but watching it for those who are interested in Van will probably not be without grace. "There is a wide range of ideas in this film, but not all of them are good and do not pay well," said Hannah Flint, an empire critic. "Nevertheless, Van's homage to the horror films of the 1980s and the role of Annabelle Wallis is endearing." The dollar is ranked eighth in the table. Directed by Joe Carnhan and written by Kurt McLeod and Carnhan, starring Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo and Alexis Loader, the action-packed film has hit $ 975,000 in international markets over the past weekend. .

The story of the film is that a police station in a small town suddenly turns into a battlefield between a professional assassin (played by Butler), a clever rookie policewoman (played by a loader) and a It becomes an unreliable scam (played by Grillo). The man of the story has nowhere to go and takes refuge behind bars in search of a safe place! It has been recorded which shows that we are facing an acceptable police film. "Although there is no innovation for the genre in Joe Carnan's new film, the film finds its way into something more than a story thanks to its central character," said Michael O'Sullivan, a Washington Post critic. Becomes simple. "

BingMag.com Clint Eastwood Failure in a Weekly Musical Movie (Box Office of the Week)

animation Patrol Claw: Movie has sold $ 1.1 million over the past week and has taken a ninth place in the table compared to last week. The high popularity of the characters in this animation among teenagers and the lack of other interesting animations in American cinemas are the most important reasons for the success of the box office. The Mojo box office announced the animated box office gross of $ 66.1 million after 31 days, bringing the total sales of "Claw Patrol: Movie" to $ 103.2 million worldwide.

The Indian film "Love Story" is another new film this week. Which managed to sell 971 thousand dollars in only 300 theaters and attracted the attention of American cinema lovers. The film has also performed well in India, but will likely break out of the US box office next week with the release of new Hollywood films. Who move from their place of residence to the city to pursue their dreams. 13.03 196.2 Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen 1 7.4 7.4 Free Guy
114.1 Candyman
Candyman 5 2.5 56. 8 Cry Macho
Cry Macho 2 2.04 8.2 Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise 9 1.7 114.8 Copshop
Copshop 8 2.07 112.5 Malignant
Malignant 3 1.5 12.2 Patrol: The Movie
PAW Patrol: The Movie 6 1.1 38.8 Love Story
Love Story 1 0.9 0.9

* Sales figure is based on million dollars.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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