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9 classic romantic anime of the 1990s that have been forgotten

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

When you look at romantic anime, you see that a lot of good anime were made in the 1990s. Popular anime such as "His and Her Circumstances", "El-Hazard" or "The Vision of Escaflowne" narrate romantic relationships.

These spectacular animes They subtly remind us how empty the tea of such romances is in the world of anime. The anime of the 1990s is full of amazing stories. In this article, we want to introduce the jewels that had a story and narration beyond their time.

9. Revolutionary Girl Utena ( Revolutionary Girl Utena )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Konihiko Ikohara
  • Writer: Yoji Inokido
  • Year: 1999

"Yutna Revolutionary Girl" , Is the life story of Yutna Tanjo, an orphan girl who grows up alone. Years ago, mourning the death of his parents, he met a traveling prince who gave him a ring of roses. Years later, when Utna joined the Autory Academy, this event affected her life.

"Utna's Revolutionary Girl" goes beyond the usual romantic anime. There is also a kind of ontological nihilism. If you enjoy such elements, this anime is a great choice for you.

8. Wedding Peach ( Wedding Peach )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Konihiko Yoyama
  • Writer: Sokehiro Tomita
  • Year: 1995

Everything can be found in this anime series ! Of course, everything you expect from a Shojo romantic anime. The title "Wedding Peach" does not say everything about this anime, the wedding is just one of its themes. We first meet three love angels named Momoku, Yuri and Hinagiko, three angels who happen to be enchanted by a boy named Yanagiba. Despite the anime romance plot, the three angels must find a way to overcome Rindvila, the demonic queen, and bring peace back to their world.

"Wedding Peach" was initially heavily influenced by the Silver Moon anime. It seems, but after a few episodes, you realize that you are on the side of a great pleasure.

7. Purco Rosso ( Porco Rosso )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Writer: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Year: 1992

"Purco Rousseau" Studio Products It is Ghibli and it has many elements of drama and fantasy romance. That's why you have to go to him patiently. "Porco Rousseau" is in the Separation League because its hero is a pig, a veteran who has now won an award. Her name is Purco Rousseau and her literal translation is Scarlet Pig. But he has not always been a pig. Rousseau was once a first-class pilot named Marco Pagot.

Rousseau has come to terms with his current situation to the best of his ability, but when he meets his ex-girlfriend Gina, everything falls apart. Gina herself is wanted by an American pilot named Curtis. Porco has to go through a lot of challenges to find an escape route.

6. Saint Tail ( Saint Tail )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Directors: Osamu Nabeshima
  • Writer: Shinzo Fujita
  • Year: 1995

"St. Teal" is a romantic anime Which really has no expiration date. "St. Teal" is different from the imposed romantic anime we often see. The story is about a thief and St. Teal named Mimi, you can consider him a Robin Hood. Mimi is a thief who steals stolen property from thieves and returns it to its owners. Detective Asuka, Mimi's classmate, is determined to arrest him. "St. Teal" is a 43-episode anime series, but after these 43 episodes are over, you probably wish there were more episodes again.

5. Phantom Thief Jeanne ( Phantom Thief Jeanne )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Atsutoshi Omezawa
  • Writer: Sokehiro Tomita
  • Year: 1999

"Jean Phantom Thief" It has a story that sits in the heart of almost everyone. If you are looking for an adventurous anime or a comedy/drama with supernatural themes, this anime will be for you. In addition, "Phantom Jean Thief" has a powerful female protagonist named Kosacabe Maron, who is a schoolgirl during the day and a hunter at night. He goes to steal evil paintings at night! Miyako, the best Kosabeh's friend does not know his secret identity at all. Interestingly, Miyako is a detective who is looking for a painting thief.

If you are looking for an anime that has more than one love story, "Jean the Phantom Thief" is the best choice for you.

4. Whisper of the Heart ( Whisper of the Heart )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Yoshifumi Kondo
  • Writer: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Year: 1995

"Whisper of the Heart" a Shoji's anime is a lively and uplifting slice of life that tells the life story of Shizuko Sukishima. If you are a book lover, this anime will be enjoyable for you. Shizuku loves to study in the school library. A little later, he realizes that there is a boy named Siji who goes to the same books that he reads. Little by little, the two get to know each other and their story moves forward in an encouraging way.

This anime wraps its story around the theme of teenage love. Shizuko struggles with the same common teen problems as house riots and fights with siblings. Meanwhile, he makes incredible discoveries about Siji's character. If you are looking for an anime with a powerful female heroine, "Whisper of the Heart" is a good choice for you.

3. Kodomo no Omocha ( Kodomo no Omocha )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Akitaro Daichi, Hirwaki Sakurai, Akira Suzuki
  • Writer: Miho Marueo, Ryosuke Takahashi, Tomoko Konparo
  • Year: 1996

This anime series is the story of a young girl named Sana Corta. She has nothing to lose in her life, she has a successful mother, she has a personal guardian and she even has her own TV show. Sana's only problem in life is her classmate Akito. Akito is a troublesome boy who is harassing all his classmates, including Sana. The situation changes when the two become intimate and their relationship becomes something beyond the initial enmity.

"Kodomo no Omucha" is a comedy anime that has also received various awards. It is not bad to give this unappreciated jewel a chance to watch.

2. Boys Over Flowers ( Boys Over Flowers )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Shige Yasu Yamauchi
  • Writer: Yumi Kage Yama
  • Year: 1996

This anime is based on The basis of the manga "Hannah Yuri Dango" is a romantic and joyful anime. The story is about a working class girl named Sokoshi who goes to a school for excellent students, which is mainly made for the rich. Sokoshi is an intelligent girl and, unlike other girls, does not care about Sokas, a good-looking student at school. His heart beats for someone else.

"Boys Over Flowers" was in every way beyond his time. Even if you have a problem with all the elements of this anime, you will undoubtedly love how Sokoshi stands against Sokasa bullies.

1. Akazukin Chacha ( Akazukin Chacha )

BingMag.com 9 <b>classic</b> <b>romantic</b> <b>anime</b> of the <b>1990s</b> <b>that</b> <b>have</b> been forgotten

  • Director: Hatsuki Suji
  • Writer: Min Ayhana
  • Year: 1994

A warm-up story, with a design style Funny and with hints of the famous story "Red Cloak". Could it be that he did not like anime with such a combination? A werewolf boy named Ria approaches him and helps him direct his magical powers in the right direction. They are slowly entering into a romantic relationship. In the meantime, there is another magical girl named Dorothy and a boy named Shineh in the story. As the story progresses, the adventures of these few characters enter into a complete and magical love story.

Source: CBR

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