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Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

In "Spider-Man: There Is No Way Home" we will see the return of the classic negative Spider-Man characters from the previous franchises of this film and the movie trailer. He displayed them. Peter Parker and Dr. Strange try to clear the mystery of Spider-Man's identity from the minds of the people, but inadvertently release a few worlds and Spider-Man enemies enter the Marvel movie world from other realities.

A way home is expected Not only is it the culmination of Tom Holland's Marvel movie series as Spider-Man, but it is also the culmination of the Sam Remy and Mark Webb franchise, bringing all three worlds into what is perhaps the biggest Spider-Man movie battle in Marvel. To meet. Each of these villains has a fascinating and vindictive story with Spider-Man. In some cases, the villainous characters appear different from their predecessors, and interesting questions arise about their future.

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  • Will "Dr. Strange 2" be more successful than "Spider-Man: No Way Home" After his first appearance in 1962, Spider-Man quickly became a leading figure in Marvel Comics, attracting readers with his casual yet extraordinary character. Nothing separates Peter Parker from his readers. He has tremendous powers that put him in high concept situations.

    Spider-Man Sam Remy and Mark Webb are each inspired by different periods and decades of Spider-Man comic books. Sam Remy's films date back more to the silver era of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the 1960s, while Mark Webb's amazing Spider-Man films bear more resemblance to Brian Michael Bandis' final Spider-Man comics in the early part of the new century. In addition to portraying the nature of Peter Parker, both franchises took full advantage of Spider-Man's iconic villains. The comic is a superhero. Spider-Man villains usually have levels of realism similar to those of Peter Parker or Spider-Man. Peter Parker accidentally discovered his strange powers and eventually used them to help others. Evil men like Max Dillon and Flint Marco also accidentally gained their abilities, but instead, and often for reasons that are not just morally good or bad, they became criminals.

    Sam Spider-Man Movies Remy and Mark Webb retained the complexity (and often tragic story) of Spider-Man enemies and, in some cases, rebuilt them somewhat, but ultimately remained loyal to the core of their comic counterparts. The return of these classic movie villains provides new and exciting content for old fans of Spider-Man's previous films. So, it is not bad to examine all the evil characters together in the new trailer of "Spider-Man: There is no way home".

    1. Dr. Octopus

    BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

    Dr. Otto Octavius, nicknamed Dr. Octopus, male anti-hero It was Spider-Man 2 and has the most prominent role in the marketing and advertising of No Way Home. Dr. Alfred Molina, played by Alfred Molina, combined four deadly robotic arms with his body after a laboratory accident and became a villain, and their advanced artificial intelligence changed his mentality. Octavius, once a kind and altruistic scientist, became a ruthless and murderous criminal who, at any cost, only cared about resuming his scientific research.

    Dr. Octopus seems to be on his way home. No, he is a potential ally of Spider-Man Tom Holland, and in a few moments we see him talking to him without any contradiction, as if he were using the nanotechnology of Spider-Man costume in his arms. Octavius may have overcome the influence of artificial intelligence in his arms (like the end of Spider-Man 2) and may eventually help Spider-Man with his incredible intelligence to make up for the damage he has done to the universe.

    2. Green Goblin

    BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

    Green Goblin starring Willem Dafoe (Norman Osborne) It was Peter Parker in Spider-Man in 2002 who portrayed the essence of one of Marvel Comics' most dangerous supervillains. Norman Osborne, a mad sadist with superhuman abilities and a vast arsenal of advanced weapons, is sensitive to Spider-Man and tries to tear his life to pieces after discovering his secret identity, a point that makes things difficult. That's the father of Harry Osborne, Peter's best friend in the world. Employs. Osborne is not going home due to his dialogues in the second trailer. .

    3. Electro

    BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

    As we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Max Dillon or The same electro was not a bad person before he accidentally discovered his electric power. Dillon, an often-overlooked employee of Scorpio, became a role model and idol after being spared by Spider-Man, but eventually became his own role model and created Electro. Electro's fate was unclear at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but he still fights with Tom Holland, Spider-Man, in the trailer, along with other evil characters. The appearance of electro in Marvel's cinematic world looks significantly different. He is no longer a bright blue, but instead an ordinary man in a shiny green dress that reminds us of his classic dress from the 60's. In the trailer, we no longer see the iconic electro mask, but his electricity travels around his face and has a mask-like shape that also has its roots in comic books.

    4. Sand Man

    BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

    Sand Man, played by Thomas Hudden Church, one He was one of three Spider-Man anti-heroes. In a controversial rewrite, Marco was, in fact, the killer of Ben, Peter Parker's uncle in the Remy trilogy. Of course, the circumstances and process of the film still blamed Peter Parker for this tragic event in order to preserve the story line of the main character of the film. Marco usually takes the form of a human, but with his special abilities he can change his form, and in Spider-Man 3 he became a cloud of sand and a giant version of himself. He is not going home in the trailer, he is only shown in his giant form, and given his salvation at the end of Remy's trilogy, it is still unclear why he apparently returned to the Evil Ones.

    5. Lizard

    BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

    Amazing Spider-Man anti-hero in 2012, Dr. Kurt Connors, with Lizard's nickname goes back to the story, not on the way home. Like Dr. Octopus, Connors was a kind scientist whose mindset changed with one of his experiments. Connors actually tried to strengthen his abilities with serum. However, unlike Octavius, he survived his battles with Spider-Man and returned to his human form and committed to a psychiatric institution. Once again, he is on his way home, becoming Lizard, and will retain his appearance in line with the 2012 film. Of course, his return to the ranks of the wicked is not surprising.

    6. Jonah Jameson

    BingMag.com Checking out all the Spider-Man supervillains in the movie trailer is not the way home

    Jonah Jameson, chairman of the Daily Bagel, who some believe is one He is the first villain in Spider-Man films, constantly trying to humiliate Spider-Man and, unknowingly, hiring Spider-Man as Peter Parker as a freelance photographer. Jameson's version of Sam Remy was accurately portrayed by Jake Simmons during the trilogy, and he portrayed Jameson's mischief and hidden altruism well.

    Simmons in Spider-Man: Away from The house played an alternate version of Jameson, and Bagel has now become an exciting website and publisher of Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories. In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jameson returns to Marvel's cinematic world, and Simmons' iconic character exposes Spider-Man's secret identity to the world and becomes the driving force behind the film's plot.

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