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Checking and testing the sound of Suzuki A40_78 key flute; Authentic brand to buy an instrument

In this part of the talent video, we have reviewed a key flute from the very good and famous Suzuki brand. For the first time, the guest musician of this video is a woman. Ms. Hananeh Jahandideh plays the Suzuki keyed flute to hear its sound test. Flute is a category of wind instruments that is used in various styles of music, such as classical and jazz. The flute is said to be one of the oldest instruments invented by man. The old flutes were made of wood and therefore belonged to the category of wind instruments, but are now made of metal alloys. This Suzuki flute comes with a soft cloth for cleaning the instrument because this flute, like other metal instruments, absorbs fingerprints very quickly. A cloth glove, which of course we did not find a reason for it, and a cream to lubricate the instrument are among the items included. If this cream is low in amount, you can use Vaseline instead. A screwdriver is also provided for adjustment and minor repairs. The flute consists of three pieces that increase its length to 67 cm. The flute weighs in at nearly 600 grams. It's a video. A platform for people who have the ability to create a variety of videos for BingMag in the "Professional Content and Image Standard". People involved in the Talent Project make money directly from Digitala by making videos for BingMag. They provide professional video production. If you think you have the talent, ability, ability, motivation and passion to make videos, join Digitala Mag Talent.

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