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Checking and testing the sound of Mota'pour oud; Reminiscent of rich Arabic music

The oud of the Arabic version of the Iranian instrument is relevant and is one of the most popular among Arabic musical instruments. One of the most important features of this instrument is its reasonable price, which makes it the best option, especially for those who have just started playing the oud. The guest musicians are Mr. Sajjad Haghgoo oud, who opened the oud box unboxing video.

The incense bowl is large and pear-shaped. The wood used in the construction of incense sticks is beech and walnut, which the combination of these two woods has also made the appearance eye-catching. The oud instrument has a short handle made of walnut wood, which surprisingly does not have any curtains on it for those who are accustomed to Iranian instruments. The oud has eleven wires, four of which are nylon and seven of which are spring-loaded, and are twisted together. The oud is one of the best string-wound instruments. A wound means an instrument that produces sound by injuring the strings with a nail or hammer. It is interesting to know that incense in Arabic means wood. In Iran, masters such as Akbar Mohseni and Mansour Narimani, whose main instrument was the setar, started playing the oud after a while.

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