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Check and test the voice of Gimbi Remo model 01; Making a percussion from a reputable brand

Jimmy is in the category of percussion instruments, and the instrument we are reviewing today is the Remo 01 model, which has a beautiful design and image. We will also have videos of Minel percussion instruments in the future. The guest musician of this program is Mr. Navid Lahiji. View product in BingMag

Remo brand is one of the reputable brands in the field of percussion instruments. The jimbi instrument is made of a wooden body and belongs to the west of the African continent. In the African tribes, the natural skin of the animal was used for the upper part of it and it was tied to a wooden body with a rope. Remo, however, has changed the material of the skin and body and how they are connected. Remo jimbas have a plastic body. That's why it's cheaper than wooden jimbas. Remo brand jimbie instrument can be tuned.

There is a thick rubber band at the bottom of the instrument. The skin of this jimbi is not normal and it means that it has not been destroyed to make this animal instrument. The diameter of the opening is over 31 cm and it has a strangely interesting design that does not seem to be erased. The cover is a regular instrument and is not very thick, although it has a good zipper and shape.

This instrument is reasonably priced for its quality and is a good choice for those who want to start playing the jimbi.

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