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Card Counter Movie Review; Poker Table Existentialism

BingMag.com Card Counter Movie Review; Poker Table Existentialism

The first question is, do you know Paul Schrader? Many moviegoers who know films only by the name of their directors have not heard of Paul Schrader. Although his directorial number is exactly the same as his screenplay, his own films became less famous than his screenplays. He became best known as the screenwriter for Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" and "Angry Cow." Even in his own films such as "American Gigolo" and "Blue Collar" as his most popular films before these last two works, he has received more attention in terms of story and screenplay.

Warning: There is a risk of the story being leaked in the" Card Counter "movie review.

There are all kinds of movies in Schrider's repertoire. From the obscure musicals that contrast with the atmosphere of his other films, to the horror films that pay homage to Jacques Turner's "Warriors" and "Catmen" and, of course, are flagship anarchist films with lovable anti-heroes like Travis Beckley and The Tale of the Driver. . Paul Schrider's latest film, The Card Counter, is in the latter category.

Paul Schrider has reached the peak of his directorial maturity in his last two films, The Card Counter and The First Modified. The two films still have the same popular Schrader plot. Men who reach the end of the line. Men who are alone in society for any reason. Of course, the hero of the "First Reformed" is a priest, and in that he is accepted and even respected in society, he is different from Will, the anti-hero of the "card counter", but they are both lonely and isolated, and Thaler's father even From a point of view of faith in life, he becomes suspicious, which seems to be even more heterogeneous to the community around him than to William, the "card counter." It starts with another person entering his life. He is one of the soldiers who physically and mentally tortured detainees in Guantanamo Bay prisons at the behest of commanders, and now the ghost of those tortures flies over his head. So much so that his room should look like a prison, a coffin. Can not live in a house. That passing state helps the traveler to get through his nightmares more easily, and counting the cards of others at the gambling tables distracts his mind for a while. Will does not, however, want to abdicate responsibility. He knows as much about what's going on inside him as Thaler's father in "The First Reform" and even more.

Experience in prison as a torturer helps Will see people more clearly. . Unlike that gambler, he no longer envies watching a man loudly celebrating his victory at the table, an immigrant straining American clothes. Will has become a silent observer who now has no more than one victim: himself.

But as always in the story, there must be a woman or a child who changes the life of the hero. Most of the time, this woman and child change the attitude of the hero, but here Will does not change his thinking. Even his lifestyle does not change much, except for the bitter ending of the film, which causes him to remove the mask of calm from his face and suffocate his indifferent bodyguard, and avenge himself, Kirk, and all the men who committed atrocities under Colonel Gordo. To take. The painful point of "Card Counter" is that the anti-hero actions of the film are not justified. Nevertheless, Schrader manages to create an empathetic image of his antagonist.

To watch the film, of course, you have to be patient. It's not one of those movies where exciting things happen. It doesn't even have a midpoint in the classic sense of screenwriting. Moreover, even without those prison flashback sequences, the film is bitter enough, and those sequences disrupt the film's monotony unnecessarily. Showing that level of brutality, some of which seems to be archival and documentary, does not make the film look darker or more bitter than it really is. What is shocking is the fact that Will is as lonely as Travis Bickel, the "taxi driver" and Thaler's father, the "first reformer", and has no mission. Unlike Beckel, he does not want to clean the streets of New York from corruption, nor does he wear the clothes he owes, like Thaler's father. He is lonely and aimless, and saving Kirk from the middle of the film becomes his only goal. A goal that he must use his talent at the gambling table to achieve.

The film takes us into action without confusing us. Has Will been released from prison and is he writing about those days? The film is constantly moving between Will at the gambling table and Will inside the cell, and it is only at the end of the film that we realize that when Will talks about prison, he does not necessarily mean the tunnel into the past, but the atmosphere of today.

Schrader had a good colleague like Oscar Isaac to score his story. Isaac, who no longer has the innocence of "Levin Davis" and the violence of Chandor's "most violent year." He excels in playing the role of a lonely and isolated man who has to bear the burden of his sins. Without putting too much emphasis on any movement or dialogue, he makes us understand the depth of his bitter loneliness. And it does not have memorable views and colors with a blue tonnage, but somewhere it occupies the top of Schrider's career. So much so that now that Schrader's name comes up, let's not just rely on his screenplays and remember him as a director. A director whose signature is the creation of bitter-minded, existential, isolated and rejected characters.

"Card Counter" is a film about sin and retribution. If we consider that last view, forgiveness and love can also include the sinner. A love that is self-forgiving. Oscar Isaacs, Tiffany Hadish, Willem Dafoe
Metacritic Score: 78 out of 100
Imdb to Movie Score: 6.2 out of 10
Author Score: 3 out of 5
Synopsis: Will had previously served in the US Army and shortly after he and many others were charged with inhumane acts. Guantanamo detainees are convicted of gambling and thrive in the same way.

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