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Can Marvel finally do justice to the failed X-Men movies?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>finally</b> do <b>justice</b> to the <b>failed</b> <b>X-Men</b> movies?

Scarlett Witch seems to play the role of Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness as a kind of Marvel movie version of one of the best X-Men storylines It turns out that Fox films failed to adapt twice.

Scarlett Witch will return to Marvel's cinematic world after enduring numerous setbacks in Vandavision, in Dr. Strange in Multi-World Madness. In addition to Dr. Strange and Wanda, several other Marvel characters, such as America Chavez, Supreme Strange, and Professor X, starring Patrick Stewart, are also in the film.

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Perhaps understanding Wanda's role in "Multi-World Madness", for It will be difficult for those who have only followed his storyline in these films, because the "Vandavision" series has advanced the story of this character more than any other film. The events in Westview made Wanda mourn Vision and she took a dangerous path. Wanda is approaching Agatha Harkens and now has a book on the magic of chaos known as Darkhold. Similar to Jean Gray in X-Men. Not much is known about Scarlett Witch's role in "Dr. Strange 2", but she seems to be the most powerful Wanda in Marvel's cinematic world. However, despite this great power, there may be a great tragedy ahead.

Scarlett Witch's story in the Marvel movie world is like Dark Phoenix in "X-Men"

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>finally</b> do <b>justice</b> to the <b>failed</b> <b>X-Men</b> movies?

The stories of Scarlet Witch and Jean Gray are always similar in comics, and the same thing happens in Marvel's cinematic world. Wanda was first introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron as an augmented creature whose powers had diminished, and who eventually received the attention it deserved. However, the storyline chosen for Scarlet Witch in Marvel's cinematic world is inspired by the character's toughest historical face. Wanda's powers are evolving at an alarming rate, especially after her affair with Agatha Harkens in Vandavision. Scarlett Witch's traumatic experiences in the last three Avengers films make her a dangerous person, and she tries to control her powers.

This theme is very similar to the Dark Phoenix storyline in X-Men. Jean Gray's power increased even more after being conquered by a cosmic being, to the point that this mutant lost control of his actions and became a villain. Jean Gray became a threat not only to the X-Men, but to the whole world. The control of the powers of the Dark Phoenix, especially in other Phoenix epics such as "X-Men: Evolution" and The Final World, is often tied to the psychological elements of Jean Gray. They eat and indicate that Scarlett Witch will play a vicious role in "Multi-World Madness." After hearing the voices of his children around the world at the end of Vandavision, he goes in search of them, which could put him in front of Dr. Strange and the Illuminati. Wanda has already made big cosmic mistakes in WandaVision, and this time it may be harder because she has Darkhold. Wanda's Powers With this magical book tied to the magic of turmoil, one Can compare the influence of the Phoenix force on Jean Gray.

Scarlett Witch's role in Dr. Strange 2 Can finally make up for the awfulness of" X-Men "movies

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>finally</b> do <b>justice</b> to the <b>failed</b> <b>X-Men</b> movies?

Scarlett Witch in "Dr. Strange 2" goes beyond the Dark Phoenix storyline to tell the story of a storyline that the X-Men franchise failed to adapt. Both The Last Stand and Dark Phoenix were adaptations of the Phoenix saga, and neither could convey the comic book's greatness well. These two films failed as an adaptation of one of the most important X-Men stories, and in addition, they faced a lot of criticism from critics and viewers, and therefore, they were the last film in their series.

Adaptation of a The storyline of the greatness of the Phoenix epic, even in just one movie, will never be easy. "The Last Stand" and "Dark Phoenix" changed the stories of Jean Gray and the Phoenix Force to such an extent that only some of the elements of this comic book were included in the films. Jean Gray appeared in both films, but in reality he was only present and his role was not as solid as in the comics. Dark Phoenix was supposed to be a more faithful adaptation, but this film was just as unsuccessful as the previous one.

Wanda is not Jean Gray And "Dr. Strange 2" has nothing to do with the power of the Phoenix, but Dr. Strange's next film could best present the Scarlet Witch storyline, which is more like the X-Men and the Phoenix Epic than anything else. "Multi-World Madness" will have the chance to show the true scale of Wanda's powerful personality abilities, now enhanced by Darkhold, and perhaps set her against Dr. Strange and Professor X. Wanda's actions may have repercussions for the multiverse, as the Illuminati have also entered the world of cinema. This sense of grandeur is exactly what did not exist in the Fox films, and perhaps that is why the role of Scarlet Witch in "Dr. Strange 2" is definitely a better adaptation of "Dark Phoenix."

"Dr. Strange 2" could determine the outcome of Marvel's oldest power race

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> <b>Marvel</b> <b>finally</b> do <b>justice</b> to the <b>failed</b> <b>X-Men</b> movies?

It is worth noting that Scarlett Witch's possible confrontation with Professor Javier, played by Patrick Stewart, could be a reflection of" X-Men: The Last Stand. " It was during the film's campaign that Professor X was killed by Jean Gray. The X-Men leader could not help his student to control his power and Javier paid the price by giving his life. Jean had reached a level of power that not even a mutation in Javier's power could stop.

"Dr. Strange 2" could have a similar storyline. According to the movie trailer, Professor X will be part of the Illuminati, and there may be a fight between the mutant and Scarlet Witch. Fans, regardless of the outcome of the battle between Professor X and Scarlet Witch, will eventually compare it to the confrontation between John Gray and Charles in "X-Men: The Last Stand." With that in mind, "Dr. Strange in a World of Madness" could determine the outcome of one of Marvel's oldest competitions: Is Jean Gray more powerful or Scarlet Witch?

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