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Can "Avatar 2" defeat "Avengers: End of the Game" at the box office?

Although "Avatar 2" most likely will not be able to defeat "Avengers: End of the Game" at the box office, but it Can definitely be one of the best-selling movies. Like "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home"

After 13 years of waiting, this year's best-selling sequel to history will finally hit theaters in December. "Avatar", which was able to introduce the audience to the imaginary world created by James Cameron, was made by a director who promised that this sequel would be the first of four films being made by "Avatar". Even though the release date of the film is near, there is still not much information about the story of "Avatar 2" and other sequels of this franchise, except that James Cameron is going to bypass the existing technological limitations once again.

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From 2009 to 2018, many They believed that no film could take down "Avatar", which is known as the most lucrative film in history. One of the film's strongest rivals was Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens, which returned to theaters as one of the world's most popular franchises ten years later, yet sold about $ 780 million less than Avatar. . But four years later, Avengers: The End of the Game came out. Both "Avengers: Eternal War" and "End of the Game" made it to the $ 2 million club, earning $ 2.797 billion at the box office and breaking the "Avatar" record. The film held the record for eight months before the avatar reappeared in China and regained its top spot at the box office with $ 2.847 billion in box office sales. Although with the advent of "Avatar 2" there will be new conflicts between Marvel's cinematic world and Pandora's world, but this time, James Cameron's film will probably not be able to do well after the "end of the Game" and the first "Avatar". However, this does not mean that "Avatar 2" Can not be on the list of the highest paid films in history, and may even surpass some recent successful films such as "No Way Home". Of course, the results of "Avatar 2" at the box office will depend on the audience's interest in this sequel.

Why Avatar 2 probably Can not beat the "end of the Game" at the box office?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> 'Avatar 2' <b>defeat</b> 'Avengers: <b>End</b> of the Game' at the <b>box</b> office?

Although "The End of the Game" was the only film that managed to remove "Avatar" from its position, but Some may think that "Avatar 2" Can beat this movie at the box office. However, this is unlikely to happen. The success of the fourth Avengers movie was not an unexpected phenomenon due to special circumstances, but the result of a long and careful planning for an exciting movie. From the moment Samuel L. Jackson played Nick Fury on the set after the Iron Man movie title, both Marvel fans and ordinary audiences knew that something different was about to be created.

In fact, the world Marvel showed that with every step he took, he was moving towards something bigger, and each sequel to the epic was of great importance not only to the film itself but to the franchise as a whole. The presence of Tanus at the End of the first film "Avengers" was a confirmation of this theory. The franchise was able to sell the first film, which at the time sold nearly $ 3 billion, and dozens of other separate films in phases 1, 2, and 3, and finally the "Eternal War" sequel, before selling the final sequel. Guarantee. However, the shocking End of "Eternal War" raised the expectations of the audience and fans from "The End of the Game" unexpectedly, and this sequel undoubtedly met all their expectations.

"The End of the Game" In just five days, it managed to break the $ 1 billion record because none of the comic book audiences and fans wanted to be among the last to know the fate of their favorite heroes. While "Avatar 2" has gained a lot of fame through the first film, this fame alone is not enough to defeat "The End of the Game" and it remains to be seen what the film itself has in its hands. Although the cultural impact of "Avatar" Can not be ignored, "Avatar 2" must do an extraordinary job and remind the audience what happened 13 years ago in this film. On the other hand, "The End of the Game" is definitely a few steps ahead of this sequel, given the effective communication it has established with the audience.

Can Avatar 2 at the box office "Spider-Man: A Way to Is not home?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> 'Avatar 2' <b>defeat</b> 'Avengers: <b>End</b> of the Game' at the <b>box</b> office?

At the box office with the movie Compare "there is no way home". "There Is No Way Home" was a film that could have been the End of its predecessors, and perhaps if it had not met with a corona outbreak, it could have even competed at the box office with "Eternal War" and "Rising Power." Just like "Avatar 2", "No Way Home" was released in December, the month in which every movie is usually screened.

While among the "Man Spider-Man, "Spider-Man: Away from Home" was the highest-grossing Spider-Man film of its time, a multi-world element, and the audience's anticipation of the return of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield made "No Way Home" a record-breaking success. The film even surpassed "Avatar" at the box office in the United States and is currently the sixth best-selling film in the world with $ 1.809 billion. Unlike the End of the game, the audience did not expect much from "There is no way home" and for this reason, it seems that this film is a simpler rival for "Avatar 2" than "The End of the Game".

How Much Money Will Avatar 2 Make at the box office?

BingMag.com <b>Can</b> 'Avatar 2' <b>defeat</b> 'Avengers: <b>End</b> of the Game' at the <b>box</b> office?

If Avatar 2 Wants A name and an official for himself should shine brightly at the box office. "Avatar 2", which is scheduled to be released about a year after "No Way Home", will definitely have less trouble attracting audiences to cinemas because the situation is not the same as a year ago. After all these years of "Avatar", technology has not yet seen a change like the 3D experience first seen in the same film, so "Avatar 2" Can only rely on the quality of its story as a factor that increases sales. It will be relied upon.

Considering all this, "Avatar" is still a lucky winner. When Disney launches the "Avatar 2" marketing campaign, audiences will definitely remember the first movie and will be curious to see what happens next. Given that audiences around the world have become accustomed to cinemas and wish to buy a ticket and invite themselves to watch a memorable movie, the idea that "Avatar 2" could cross the $ 2 billion mark is far from over. Not the mind. If this happens, it Can be compared to "Rising Power" and "Eternal War" and place it among the top five films in history.

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