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"Brother and Sister" starring Golshifteh Farahani appeared disappointing (Cannes Film Festival 2022)

BingMag.com 'Brother and Sister' <b>starring</b> <b>Golshifteh</b> <b>Farahani</b> <b>appeared</b> <b>disappointing</b> <b>(Cannes</b> <b>Film</b> <b>Festival</b> 2022)

The movie "Brother and Sister" directed by Arno Depression, starring Golshifteh Farahani, did not succeed in satisfying the critics, contrary to expectations. <//>

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To date, the Film "Brother and Sister" has received 45 out of 100 ratings on the Raton Tomitoz database, based on 11 reviews, and the general critics of the Film being caught in the trap of sentimentality and being too much. The emotional aspects of the story have complained. As it turns out, despite the brilliant acting of Marion Cotillard, the characters in the Film are not very believable, and the sibling relationship is not formed in the correct and principled prehistory. Screen Magazine has the lowest ratings so far for "Eight Mountains" and "Brother and Sister," and Jerry Skolimowski's "Iowa" and James Gray's "Armageddon Time," with an average of 2, respectively. 7. Out of 4 and 2.8 out of 4 are at the top of the international critics' chart.

Of course, French critics liked the Film more than English-speaking and international critics. For example, a critic of Figaro magazine wrote in part of his memo: "Depleshin dominates his subject from beginning to end. Images are his natural language, but he is not afraid of words (dialogues). Deplesin is the most powerful man in cinema and the heir apparent to Truffaut, and he is on his way to becoming Bergman of French cinema. How he combines with the techniques of this profession, but unfortunately he is not enough to save the film. In the final 10 minutes, you come to the conclusion that many of the story's questions remain unanswered, and we are faced with a hasty ending, and you ask yourself, "What was all this for?" h3>

"Brother and Sister" is a work with dense layers full of ironies and themes that deal with issues such as fame, jealousy and privacy, but the film's storytelling style is disappointing and distracts the audience from their characters and often historical and dramatic behavior. Keeps Away.

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After a disappointing film, Arno Deplashne narrates a story of family love and hate with astonishing skill; Deplshin has returned to the top. Marion Cotillard has also presented one of the best role-playing designs in her repertoire. During these days, for the latest news, events and fringes of this event, and for the awareness of critics and Film lovers about the films screened at this year's Cannes Film Festival, visit the BingMag Culture and Art section.

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