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Brian Cranston's Top 9 Plays in Cinema (Portrait of an Actor)

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

These days, the news of Brian Cranston's brief appearance in the sixth and final season of "Better Call Saul" in the same familiar role as Walter White breaking bad series is a hot account and has attracted attention. For this reason, we have looked at the actor's cinematic roles and examined his 9 important roles in various films.

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Of course, Brian Cranston also had a brief appearance in the same role in 2019, in "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie." It was there that the creators were supposed to assign Jesse Pinkman's character to play Aaron Paul, so it seemed natural for Walter White to choose a voluntary death at the end of the series; Jesse Pinkman and Walter White Yar and each other were badly involved in the ups and downs of the Breaking series, which is why their fates are intertwined.

But the story of "Better Call the Year" is fundamentally different. It is almost at the same time as the story of the series Breaking Bad and takes place somewhere nearby, and the course of the series has so far shown that there is no need for Walter White's character to interfere or be present; Because he has defined an independent story for himself that makes his own world and you do not need to have seen the bad breaking to watch it. In Bad Breaking, the main characters of both series clashed with each other, and now only the issue of how this clash takes place in the newer story and what we will see new, causes excitement in the audience.

Brian Cranston But Outside the world, television has shown that the actor is versatile. Although he would never have been a star without a bad Breaking Bad series and role-playing in the form of iconic characters like Walter White, he has shown his art by bringing complex characters to life. Face, physique and of course his age in these years have caused him to appear less in the first role of a film, but in the form of the same supporting roles, he has driven his nail hard so that the audience does not easily forget his presence after the end of the film. In a film like Trambo, he Plays the main role in the film because he is the same age as him, and the face of Brian Cranston is suitable for playing the role of a cultured man, of course. Cranston began his career in the early 1980s, but it took him a long time to become a well-known figure in the world of cinema. In the 1990s, he had brief appearances in films such as Apollo 13 or Saving Private Ryan, and was not big enough to make him a popular figure. Until the star of his fortune shone and in the first decade of the present century he introduced the presence of all the worlds and everyone throughout the universe knew him. Since the release of Breaking Bad, he has had more important roles in movies, which of course is quite natural because of his fame, until he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Trambo.

That's why his films have been screened in the second decade of the 21st century, and there is no mention of his Plays before. In this way one can make a small assessment of his day and present after playing the role of Walter White; Moreover, all the films are arranged in the order of the year of production, not because of the artistic valuation.

1. Drive

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Shannon
  • Director: Nicholas Winding Raffen
  • Other Actors: Ryan Gosling, Carrie Mulligan and Oscar Isaac
  • Product: 2011, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.8 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Rattan Tomitoz: 93.

Brian Cranston Plays the main character in the film, played by Ryan Gosling. He is a tyrant and forced to face the problems of life, and his years of struggle for survival have resulted in nothing but defeat for him. Now he is doing his best to be a father to the protagonist and make him go somewhere contrary to himself.

Cranston has done well in this role. His role is that of a loser who tries to maintain his dignity and does not know that he is being dragged around like a puppet in the hands of the powerful, and this is exactly what the main character of the story realizes from accompanying him; If he does not want to be a loser, he must not become the puppet of the lords of power. Nicholas Winding Raffen's patience has created a fascinating and passionate drama that today's Cinema has made less use of its capabilities, and even the filmmakers themselves have fallen asleep in the wind of the film's success and stopped driving the peak of their artistic career to this day. Because of his brilliant driving ability, a man spends half of his time as a runaway driver for thieves and criminals, and half of it is used to stunt chase scenes in film projects. In the meantime, he meets a woman in the neighborhood and his feelings are aroused. But a woman has a husband in prison who owes a lot of money and has to pay it back. This acquaintance prepares him for his presence in a bloody labyrinth. The labyrinth, one end of which is his forbidden love for a young woman and the other end of which is tied to his own repressed feelings.

Although this man is an outcast from society, it seems that this rejection and escape from society His gaze comes to the world around him. In other words, withdrawing from the group and its relations is somewhat voluntary and originates from his personal worldview and is a choice. The presence of a helpless woman is flipped to get out of the lock alone and to cast shadows in her defense and set up a hell for the other side. Throws the body of the enemies. A primitive man, like a wounded snake, bites into a dark city and leaves this miserable environment forever after the commotion and chaos ensures, and after ensuring the woman's safety. Ryan Gosling is stunning in driving. Their bitter-minded hero and the dark existential world they have created, and the opposition of the two poles of good and evil in a contrasting style, have made neo-Noir driving a success. A film that has easily made it to the list of the best of the last decade. Escape the crime scene. There is a woman in her neighborhood whose husband is in prison. After the woman's car broke down and was repaired by the man, a relationship was formed between the two, but the release of the woman's wife from prison disrupted everything

2. Contagion

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Lyle Hagerty
  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Other actors: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Jude Law
  • strong> Product: 2011, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.8 out of 10
  • movie rating on Rattan Tomitosis: 85.

Watching the outbreak movie is a strange experience for today's audience; It seems that Steven Soderbergh and other filmmakers predicted the current state of the universe and the spread of the Corona virus a few years ago. If you do not know when the film was made, you will imagine that you are watching a work whose story is inspired by the events of these two or three years.

All the characters in the film are people who are only in the context of their jobs Or defined in terms of drama needs; Neither less nor more. They are present in the drama as much as necessary; They come and do their work and they go. The reason for this goes back to Steven Soderbergh's strategy in defining his story. He has a full story that is supposed to have multiple characters and will cover a long time. At the same time, the place of the incidents is the whole planet. So there is little opportunity to characterize and get to the smallest detail, and he has to show only the necessary generalities. Brian Cranston Plays one of those characters whose presence in the story is important, but like the others is just enough for the drama.

Soderbergh first builds father and daughter to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. The spread of the virus, quarantine and the resulting psychological problems, the expectation to discover the vaccine and return to normal life, the disappearance of days, months and years of human life and staring at the time that passes like electricity and wind in quarantine to be understood by the audience . Perhaps if the film had been made these days, there would have been no need to address these issues, and the audience itself would have been associated with the characters because of the experience of such a situation. But now watching the movie is like staring at the lives of those who are living our lives today.

On the other hand, the efforts of different groups are also portrayed. From the lying man who tries to make good money as a journalist, to the scientists and doctors who do their best to save humanity, and of course Steven Soderbergh, who does not forget to portray the failure of governments and politicians in such crises. .

But the main narrative of the story is based on showing different times and days and the key to the formation of this mysterious disease. Soderbergh adds a suspense to his story in this way, and the audience waits to find out how the disease came about. The result is amazing for us today. Watch the film to find out why it's amazing.

Steven Soderbergh has shown that he has a great ability to make any film in any genre, and sometimes he can even combine different tones of each genre. He also made an outbreak film He has done and done something that can only be done by one teacher. At the same time, in such a film, the star-studded spectator definitely enjoys watching the actors on screen at the same time.

"After returning from Hong Kong, a business woman goes to the hospital. At first it seems that he has a cold, but as soon as he gets to work in the hospital, he dies. After his death, a virus spread rapidly throughout the world and spread throughout the world. This is the reason why the authorities issue a nationwide quarantine order. Journalism, on the other hand, is pursuing why the disease has spread until

3. Argo

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Jack O'Donnell li>
  • Director: Ben Affleck
  • Other Actors: Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin and John Goodman
  • Product: 2012, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.7 out of 10
  • Raton movie rating Tomitoz: 96.

Ben Affleck achieved all possible success with the film Argo. Both then and now, it can be seen that all the attention paid to this film was for political reasons, and its film Argo is not such a significant work that it deserves to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Years have passed and the fever of those days is dormant and it is better to judge the film without any marginal issues.

Ben Affleck is a good director; He has shown this by making the film "town", but unlike that film, he is not able to show an environment and create a space here. The film focuses on building space as well as setting the story around the main character, but is not very successful.

The film is set to describe the departure of six members of the US embassy from Iran with the help of the Canadian ambassador. These people manage to escape a few moments before the complete capture of the embassy, and this puts them in danger. The Canadian ambassador and his family are also at risk. The main plot of the drama is set in the house of the Canadian ambassador, but the film intends to follow the events from the perspective of someone who has come to escape. This man, who naturally has to be an expert and expert in his work, is more like a man who is a moral teacher than a versatile person.

It may be interesting for a non-Iranian audience to watch Argo, because he He does not know about our cultural context, as well as the architecture and shape of Iranian streets and houses, but for us, the Iranian audience, these issues prevent him from accompanying the events of the drama. The fact that such an audience sees houses or streets that have a non-Iranian texture more than they have come to Iran today will naturally repel them.

But regardless of these issues, the film Argo does its job. It does well and can eventually achieve its goal. Argo is a successful example of a promotional film, but it is not a successful example of a well-made film. But the main problems remain; Ben Affleck can't create good characters, nor can he create a good atmosphere.

Another problem with the film is the characterization of people on the other side of the story. It should be noted that even if we put aside our patriotic prejudices as Iranians, in order to create a realistic drama, it is necessary for both sides of the story to be imagined through real lenses and with a view away from stereotypes. This is questioned by the Iranians' display of excessive filthiness as if there were no ordinary person among them. Although this theme and the display of endless savagery on the negative side of the story work well for the film's promotional purposes, to turn a film into a well-made drama is not only destructive but also poisonous and distorts the film in the minds of the intelligent audience./p>

It's in this context that Argo could win the Academy Award for Best Picture, despite not having enough cinematic value.

"After the US embassy took over US intelligence agencies are sent to rescue a number of fugitives and bring them back to the United States </</p>

4. Godzilla

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Joey Brody li>
  • Director: Gareth Edwards
  • Other Actors: Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Hamsworth and Ken Watanabe
  • Product: 2014, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.4 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Rattan Tomitosis: 76.

Ever since the Japanese released a creature called Godzilla in cinemas despite early special effects, audiences around the world have been fascinated by this awe and power They have become huge, it has been a long time. During these years, Godzilla was never forgotten and his fame and popularity gradually increased with the coming of the next generations. Older generations were watching the good memories of watching these movies, and the new generation was watching them on home appliances, and that's the need to make a new movie centered on this monster to screen. In such a context, it is natural for Americans to sit on this blessed khan and try to make their own food. At first, the Americans were not very successful; They did not understand the essence of this creature and presented a picture similar to the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie series. For this reason, their initial trials and errors generally failed, and the image that remained in people's minds of Godzilla was the same powerful Japanese image.

But in 2014, the Americans seemed to learn their lesson well. They took a picture of this monster, which was very similar to its predecessors in Japanese cinema. The same giant creature that enjoys an ancient and enormous power and is nothing like dinosaurs and is not only satisfied with killing and slaughtering in a city, but also wants to expand the hegemony of his power all over the world. It is in this context that Americans succeed in giving even a little charisma to this majestic creature and accompanying the audience with it. And the reason for this is the extravagance of man and his extravagance in using nuclear technology to satisfy his needs. Although his presence in the film is short, this initial influence practically keeps his shadow over the story until the end.

It should be noted that in such a film, the main character is Godzilla and the rest of the human characters are sub-characters They are. If the story around him is made right and the special effects do their job well, the film is halfway to success, and there is not even a need for a tight-knit story, and as long as the drama is not stupid enough. In this version of the film, these events are well formed and the human side of the story is well paid. The action scenes and clashes between the monsters are also convincing. Although in the end all our expectations of a movie with so much noise are not met, it is still fun enough to watch this version of Godzilla.

"A scientist finds two ancient eggs somewhere that It belongs to prehistoric creatures. The eggs have been near a nuclear facility for years, so they are on the verge of change, as if they have woken up. One of the eggs breaks and a creature called Moto emerges. Moto attacks the nuclear facility and destroys it, leaving the area uninhabited. "Mankind is finding a way to destroy Moto until Godzilla's head is found and he invites him to fight."

5. Trambo

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Dalton Trambo li>
  • Director: J Roch
  • Other Actors: Helen Mirren, Diane Lane and Louis C.K
  • Product: 2015, USA
  • IMDb site rating to movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • movie rating on site Raton Tomitoz: 75.

Trambo is based on a true story. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Sen. McCarthy set up a committee to investigate the activities of individuals associated with communist ideology, and for the first time in the United States, established courts similar to the Inquisition. The footsteps of these courts spread everywhere and he was quickly taken to the Cinema and made a lot of noise. Some people became witnesses and sold their comrades to get work permits, the most famous of whom is the legendary director Elia Kazan, and some people fought and did not breathe.

Various people were also accused and Eventually, some went to prison, and many were blacklisted in Hollywood, making it dangerous for others to work with them. As a result, many of these blacklisted people were hired under pseudonyms, one of whom was Dalton Trump, the great screenwriter of American classic cinema. Of course, there were those who left the United States and worked outside the country.

Trump's film has nothing to do with the main character's political views, and therefore remains focused on his work and private life. These two aspects of life become very fragile after Trump is banned, pushing the drama hero to the brink of complete collapse in his personal and, of course, artistic life. This is where the film opens another front against the oppressive politicians, who are the same as Trump's cinematic collaborators. They employ him without the knowledge of the authorities and use a pseudonym for him so that this tasteful writer does not stay at home and has hope of surviving.

But there is a problem; Most of the people who work with him are small companies that can neither pay for his former salary nor have a prominent place in the world of cinema. In order to get back on his feet and get his name off the blacklist, Trump needs the help of powerful people in the heart of the Hollywood organization, people who The people know them, and the authorities can not ignore their words. They prefer their quarrels to freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, and they do not want their feet to be opened to such trials until the head of one of the most influential Hollywood stars, Kirk Douglas, is exposed.

"Based on a story Real. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the successful screenwriter Dalton Trumbo quit his job because of his membership in the Communist Party and was blacklisted. There was a senator named McCarthy at the time who headed committees of people suspected of being members of the Communist Party, and his trial made headlines, especially with the focus on film agents around the world

6 . The Infiltrator

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Robert Mazur
  • Director: Brad Foreman
  • Other Actors: Diane Krueger, John Glosamo
  • Product : 2016, USA
  • IMDb site rating for movie: 7 out of 10
  • movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: <//>

Brian Cranston once again starred in an influential film and acted as an undercover detective. Pablo Escobar was once the largest drug organization in the world. Their main business was to send their drugs to the United States, and this led the American authorities and the US Drug Enforcement Administration to somehow dismantle his organization and arrest Escobar.

Naturally Such a large and long organization must be both a well-planned and accurate account and a scary account. Now imagine that someone wants to infiltrate this organization as an infiltrator and gather information under a false identity for years. What makes such films successful is both the growing suspense of revealing the identity of the party and the impact of living with a hidden identity on the psyche and spirit of the main character. The first is created by the correct and arithmetic structure of the organization and, of course, the correct definition of the story, and the second by the accurate payment of the character and, of course, showing the contrast between his real and false character.

Is. In such films, the main character is constantly tormented by life in the form of a false human being. He constantly finds himself in a state of weakness and constantly thinks that he may be exposed, while he tries his best to penetrate the heart of a large organization and gain the trust of others. But an influential film is incapable of creating a character that has the audience in mind, and if a film fails to do so, it no longer matters who Plays the role. Admittedly, Brian Cranston could not shine in the form of such an unpaid character, which explains his forgotten presence in the film. And where is Pablo Escobar's organization? This is important because the audience needs to know where the influential person has access and can provide some kind of information to the authorities. Suspension, on the other hand, is not made with threadbare techniques, such as the group leader's childish games with the character and then scaring him or her and declaring that it was all a joke. If such works still have an effect, they will only create a small surprise for the audience, which will soon disappear.

So can it be concluded that the influential film is a lost film? Definitely not. There are still things to offer in the film. The atmosphere of the film is good and the director has succeeded in creating eye-catching images, and although he has not succeeded in showing the inner complexity of Pablo Escobar's organization, he has been able to portray the greatness of their work and the greatness of their crimes in the outside world. So if you do not have the patience to pay attention to the details of the drama and just want to enjoy a few hours of watching a movie, you can enjoy watching the infiltration.

. Nicknamed Bob Musella, he infiltrates the notorious Pablo Escobar's organization. His mission is to find enough evidence to overthrow this greatest smuggler in history

7. Why him? (Why him?)

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Naghs: ned Fleming
  • Director: John Hamburg
  • Other actors: James Franco, Zoe Deutsch & Megan Molani
  • Product: 2016, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.2 Out of 10
  • movie ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 39.

Brian Cranston has shown over the years that he knows himself well Place in comedy series. This can be well demonstrated by his voice acting in animations such as Kung Fu Panda 3 and Madagascar 3: Europe's most wanted.

Why him? It uses a strange combination in front of and behind the camera. Jonah Hill is the writer and Ben Stiller is the producer, and James Franco, who once started with comedy cinema, is the main character in the story and is supposed to carry the burden of creating the film's jokes. But Brian Cranston's main task; It is his character that must change during the drama, and it is his character who is supposed to have a new perception of life. At the same time, the funny situations of the work are in opposition to his view of life and the view of the other side, which takes a toll.

But why the film? Like all unsuccessful comedy films, this one does not have an organic cause-and-effect relationship and is based solely on its hilarious situations. At the same time, these situations are also vulgar jokes that mainly deal with the lower part of the human body. If you pay attention to the story of the film, you will notice that there is enough potential to create a comedy situation. An old, middle-class man is about to enter the life of a rich and, of course, somewhat rude young man. This position signals a clash of two different perspectives and can lead to exciting jokes.

But instead of using such potential, the creators focus on making the audience laugh and create low-level jokes. The result of the film is why him? Instead of becoming a successful comedy, like the one Ben Lestiler himself makes, it has become a disposable film that can only make its audience smile a few times.

Brian Cranston & James Franco is good in the form of the main characters. Without a particular story and script, these two can get a few laughs from the audience and do not even need to direct. Use it to make the audience laugh.

But that's not all. Director John Hamburg has been a member of the Faker film crew. The same films in which Robert De Niro played a cautious old man who was to visit his daughter's fiance, Ben Stiller. The whole drama was based on the clash of old and new ideas, and in the end, in a believable and, of course, predictable turn, the old man agreed to marry his daughter, and the young man emerged proud of all the tests of his future father-in-law. But why is that film successful and this one not?

In those films, the old man's character did not change much and the filmmaker did not want to inject this into the audience. In those films, the story was a Top priority for the creators. In those films, there were small details in the characterization that made both the characters believable and the comedic logic of the work nurtured; Like the old man's former job. But there is no news of any of them here. Neither the story nor the small details of the character are important to accompany the audience. In such a situation, what matters and remains are low-level jokes that are immediately forgotten after watching.

"A man realizes that his daughter, who is studying at Stanford University, with a rich boy and, of course, Strange in a relationship. He travels from Michigan to California with his wife and 15-year-old son to meet the boy. At first, she gets angry with the man in her daughter's life, but </</p>

8. Last flag flying

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: Year of Nielsen
  • Director: Richard Linklater
  • Other Actors: Steve Carl, Lawrence Fishburne and Joel Vazquez
  • Product: 2017, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.8 out of 10
  • rating Movie on Raton Tomitoz: 77.

Richard Linklater is best known today for his famous trilogy; Before sunrise, before sunset and before midnight, which introduced a new definition of romantic Cinema and made Linklater the name of the world.

Perhaps it can be said that the story of the movie Waving the Last Flag is the story of the friendship of three men. Male friendships have always had a fixed place in American Cinema storytelling and have a long history in comedy films. The company of a few men and their going back and forth and their incompatibility with the environment gives life to make comedy. At the same time, sometimes these men suffer from a dark subject in their past, and this position can turn the film into a black comedy. Absolute kill. One of the highlights of comedy Cinema is such a film with such a view of life; That is, the film "Some Like It Hot" directed by Billy Wilder. It is based on camaraderie. Of course, the friendship of some young Americans is at the center of the drama there, and in the movie Waving the Last Flag, the friendship of several men on the verge of old age is supposed to be portrayed.

Waving the last flag is not one of his best works, but it is definitely one of the most entertaining. Three fascinating characters, a common path, a heartbreaking sadness and a dark past connect all three of these men. They also have things to prove, both to themselves and to others.

The film goes from one situation to another. There is not much story, but the filmmaker combines these situations so well that the audience becomes Kiefer. He does this by focusing on his characters and trying to cultivate them properly, while talking about their similarities, as well as giving each one unique characteristics. It's in this situation that the actors in the film and the right choice are important.

Steve Carl, Brian Cranston and Lawrence Fishburne are good actors, and all three have put a lot of effort into their roles. Linklater was also able to play them well. The music and soundtrack of the film also play an important role in creating the atmosphere and atmosphere. Comedy situations are also well designed and can make the audience laugh. If I had to list just one movie to watch, it would definitely be Richard Linklater.

"The son of a Vietnam War veteran is killed in the Iraq war. He enters a restaurant one day and encounters one of his old comrades who has not known each other for more than thirty years. The two decide to go to another friend and comrade-in-arms who now works as a priest in a church. Now, three years later, all three old comrades go to Arlington Cemetery to attend the memorial service for the newly killed soldier, but there is news that the authorities have not told the father of the recently killed soldier

9. Isle of dogs

BingMag.com <b>Brian</b> <b>Cranston's</b> <b>Top</b> 9 <b>Plays</b> in <b>Cinema</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Role: How
  • Director: Wes Anderson
  • Other Actors: Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton and Bill Marie
  • Product: 2018, USA and Germany
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.8 out of 10
  • rating Film on Raton Tomitoz: 90.

Wes Anderson has a special style of filmmaking. He pours his favorite stories and characters into the heart of a fantasy and colorful world, and he is so mischievous with them and goes crazy that he has to accompany the mood of his works to enjoy seeing them; The pleasure that will be very indescribable if it is addressed to an audience. He has been following this method for many years, but after making the film The Grand Budapest hotel, he made this method more radical in order to make it as extreme as possible with The French dispatch. Stories that are as full of twists and turns as classic tales, as well as modern tales full of coincidence and the active presence of the characters' concerns. It has inside. Its human characters are animalistic, and dogs behave more humanely than they do. At the same time, the power of speech here belongs to these dogs, and humans have a strange way of communicating. The Island of Dogs movie uses the stop-motion technique, and there is not much news about modern computer technologies like the one used by Mofakhm Pixar. Wes Anderson's unique world is noticeable throughout the work, and the driving force behind the drama is these special features of Wes Anderson's cinema. Symmetrical mezzanines, sliding cuts, people swallowing sticks in the true sense of the word and a world full of fantasy that is nothing like any other animation and can only be compared to another animation by Wes Anderson, the fantastic Mr. Fox. In addition to Brian Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Marie, Tilda Swinton and Greta Groick have voiced different characters in the story, and this indicates important choices in different story plots. In this film, Brian Cranston has well developed the mischievous aspects of the role and has been able to turn the role of Chief into an important role in the film. Classic storytelling satire in which the beginning, middle and end of the story are clearly defined and the narrative is based on the specific external motives of the characters and the element of accident is less involved. Or a critique of the modern narrative in which the mental and internal conflicts of the characters matter It finds more of the story, and sometimes accidents and events outside the control of the characters are found in abundance. Wes Anderson satirizes these kinds of narratives in his own way and in a two-sided tone. So watching the Dog Island animation will be a different experience for the audience in a world where everything is the same, even its animations. For this reason, Dog Island animation may not be suitable for children and teenagers, but it will definitely bring the adult audience to the bag.

Dog Island animation was first unveiled at the Venice Film Festival and immediately attracted the attention of critics. Although many of them considered this film a step backwards compared to Mr. Fox's film, they still recommended watching it in this salt marsh to cultivate new ideas.

"Dog flu in a city in Japan It is expanding rapidly. The mayor wants to send all the dogs to the garbage dump in the city. He is very Egyptian in this decision and he will do it in the end. In time, the boy, looking for his lost dog, finds himself in a place he did not expect. Now five dogs are helping him get to his favorite dog </</p>

Source: collider

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