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Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

From "Stars Are Born" to the highest grossing film of over seventeen years of all time, the best films Bradley Cooper has produced prove his abilities. It is beyond acting. Many actors have started production at some point, whether it is their favorite personal project or something they have just invested in. What happens in this process of the actor entering the realm of production is; Too often, actors turn to production more and more when they get a taste of production. The same is true of Bradley Cooper. In the past, this actor had not one but two production companies. The first was 22nd And Indiana Pictures, and the second is Joint Effort, owned by director Todd Phillips. Among some of these projects, which has been a personal interest and the highest-grossing film of over seventeen years of all time, Cooper has proven to be as successful in production as the actor.

8. The Words

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2012
  • Director : Brian Klagman
  • Cast: Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldania, Olivia Wilde
  • 7.0 out of 10: IMDB Score

"Words" First Bradley Cooper was the producer and not as successful as expected. This complex enigmatic romance tells the story of an unsuccessful writer who finds a manuscript and decides to position himself as the author of the story.

Although "Words" was made on a meager budget, only 16 Sold millions of dollars worldwide. This was largely due to the negative feedback from film critics; The film received only 22 percent of ratings from Raton Tomitoz. But as audiences were drawn to the cast, they disagreed with critics over the film. And although the film is not as clever as he thinks it is, it is still a fun puzzle.

War Dogs

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2016
  • Director: Todd Phillips
  • Cast: Miles Teller, Jonah Hill, Anna de Armas, Bradley Cooper
  • 7.1 out of 10: IMDB Score

" Dogs of War is the only true story (based on a 2011 article in Rolling Stone magazine, as well as a memoir, Once a Gun Runner by Ephraim Dioroli) directed by Philippe. Is. The film is about two arms dealers who are commissioned by the US military to take a shipment of $ 300 million worth of ammunition to the Afghan National Army, but fail. Of course, many of the events in the film are fake and exaggerated, but in the end, it is one of the best Phillips films. And while Cooper is not a movie star, he appears in a supporting role for Swiss gun dealer Henry Girard, which is hilarious.

American Hustle

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2013
  • Director: David O. Russell
  • Cast: Christine Bell, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper
  • 7.2 out of 10: IMDB Score

Bradley Cooper No She has only one great acting-director partnership with Todd Phillips, a very good relationship with David. Russell has also directed the actor in other films such as "The Book of Hope" and "Joy". But the most entertaining collaboration between the two "American Hoaxes" is an exciting black crime comedy inspired by Martin Scorsese's films, which shows Cooper in a role with curly hair.

That is, he has only invested in the film and received a percentage of the box office revenue. And given that the film grossed more than $ 250 million, it has undoubtedly generated acceptable revenue for the actor. The film was critically acclaimed by audiences and audiences alike, especially its cast, and was nominated for ten Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Non-Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. p>

5. American Sniper

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2014
  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller
  • 7.3 out of 10: IMDB Score

"American Sniper" One of It is one of the saddest war movies of recent years. Based on Chris Kyle's memoir of the same name, this autobiographical war drama between Clint Eastwood's intimate directing technique and Cooper's powerful acting tends to focus on a unique character. The film captures well the impact that being on the front lines has on even the most skilled army shooters. The film tells the story of a skilled sniper before and after the war. He, who managed to kill 255 people alone during the Iraq war (only 160 were approved by the US Department of Defense) and therefore receives special encouragement from the authorities, feels alienated from his wife and child after the war. "American Sniper" was the last film Cooper made before partnering with Todd Phillips with 22nd & Indiana Pictures. And it was a very successful ending for him, as the film was very successful at the box office and sold nearly $ 550 million worldwide. (This is the best-selling 2014 film in the United States and the best-selling Clint Eastwood film to date.) This proves that Cooper is not just a money-making star, but an expert producer. The film received critical acclaim, especially for Eastwood for directing and Cooper, and received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor in a Leading Role.

4. Limitless

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2011
  • Director: Neil Berger
  • Cast: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abby Cornish
  • 7.4 out of 10: IMDB Score

Everyone knows that humans only They use ten percent of their brains, but "unlimited" raises the old question, "What if people use 100 percent of their brains?" "Infinite" like "words" tells the story of unsuccessful writers, but approaches the concept in a completely different way. The author is introduced to a drug that enables him to use 100% of his brain.

This science-fiction film, like Christopher Nolan, is so visually stunning that it begs the question of how its visual effects affect the audience. have made. But other than that, it 's an exciting, action - packed movie. The film was another financial success for Cooper and was not only a box office success, but also a television spin-off based on which Cooper also produced. "Infinite" is an adaptation of the novel "The Dark Fields" by Alan Glenn.

3. A Star Is Born

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2018
  • Director: Bradley Cooper
  • Cast: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliott
  • 7.6 out of 10: IMDB Score

"Stars Are Born" was a great artistic statement for Bradley Cooper, as he not only produced and starred in the film, but also wrote and directed it. This romantic musical drama, which caused a great deal of controversy at the time of its release and won the hearts of many, is the fourth remake of the "Stars Born" movie series, which tells the romantic relationship between an alcoholic singer/songwriter and a female singer who died. He accidentally discovers her, portrays her.

The actor has experienced emotional joy in directing this film full of new and beautiful songs; The filming is spectacular and deeply affects the audience emotionally. Bradley Cooper shows off his abilities in this film; Even reputable directors struggled to make such a film, with Cooper experiencing directing for the first time. It even presents a different image of Lady Gaga, a singer who has already been on the stage; The image of her being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, but of course earning her the Best Song Award for her beautiful song "Shallow".

The film was also a commercial success. It also attracted critical acclaim, especially for Cooper, Gaga and Elliott, directing and screenwriting, as well as film music. At the Academy Awards, he also won eight nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actor.

2. Promising Booklet (Silver Linings Playbook)

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2012
  • Director: David O. Russell
  • Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jackie Weaver
  • 7.7 out of 10: IMDB Score

Films by Cooper and David O. Russell worked together, "The Book of Hope" is the flagship, but it was also thanks to the cast, including Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro. The film deals with complex problems related to mental illness; It tells the story of a former teacher who lives with his parents after returning from a mental hospital. But even though he is practicing composure, he is angry because of his ex-wife who has betrayed him. Meanwhile, his acquaintance with a girl who suffers from mental problems like her and practices dancing with her, takes the story in a different direction. Because the girl is satisfied with the dance practice, the film is full of fun.

"The Book of Hope" is one of Bradley Cooper's best films in terms of metacriticism and yet another big money-maker for her; The film grossed $ 236 million at the box office. With this film, Cooper entered a new path as an actor, a path that was not hidden from the eyes of the Academy Awards, and he also received a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Especially for directing Russell and acting chemistry between Lawrence and Cooper. Jennifer Lawrence received the Academy Award for Best Actress for this role, making her the second woman to win the award at a young age. The film received a total of eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Supporting Actor in all four categories, and after Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby" in five major categories, including Best Picture. Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay (in addition to the acting disciplines mentioned) were nominated for the award.

1. Joker

BingMag.com Bradley Cooper's top 8 films as a producer based on IMDB rating

  • Product 2019
  • Director: Todd Phillips
  • Cast: Wakeen Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazi Bates
  • 8.4 out of 10: IMDB Score

When it comes to film production It turns out that Cooper's average performance is far better than many, even better than those who have been in the industry for decades. But the biggest movie ever made in his name is "The Joker", by far. Inspired by the character of the Joker, one of the most important characters in DC Comics, the film tells the story of a possible formation of the Joker character. The film tells the story of a failed comedian and stand-up comedian in 1981 who, in the process of achieving emptiness and madness, becomes the source of counter-cultural revolutionary inspiration against the rich in Gotham City.

It was a huge commercial success, and for a disturbing psychological drama, its $ 1 billion box office sales are unprecedented. "The Joker" is the second of two films Cooper has made, but not starred in, and it would have been very different if he had been in it. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to imagine anyone but Wakeen Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, and the film's success owes much to his role, which earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Todd Phillips Inspired by two films by Martin Scorsese: "Taxi Driver" and "The King of Comdey", starring Robert De Niro, he co-wrote the second film with Scott Silver. It is also a free adaptation of the 1988 film Batman: The Killing Joke. The Joker was a huge success, including the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award and 11 Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. At the time of its release, Phoenix was praised by critics for his role-playing, directing, editing, soundtrack, and filming. With over $ 1 billion in sales, the film became the first film in over seventeen years to reach such a record.

Source: screenrant

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