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8 big differences between Christian Bale Batman and Batman Comic Book

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

Christine Bell's portrait of Batman is somewhat different from the Batman created in Comic books. This difference is so intangible that only true Batman fans and those who have read its Comic books will realize it.

Conquer multiple titles, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy was the only thing made for fans of quality Comic book films, and before 2008 and the final two episodes of the Nolan trilogy, nothing special was created in the other superhero films made up to that time. Was not.

At the center of Nolan's trinity is Christian Bale; One who was able to create concrete that was tangible and closer to the truth. Bill's commitment to the role, along with Nolan's special look, are two strengths that make Nolan's trilogy different from other superhero films.

They have accused it of being inaccurate and believe that the Batman Comic book version of Batman has been disrespected. It is:

8. Batman Bill has a higher self-awareness

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

It is not common to see in Batman Comic books that Batman or Bruce Wayne Learn a life lesson from your enemies, let alone a lesson about your financial situation. That's why Comic book audiences can't believe the scene in which the leader of a mafia gang, on the street, teaches Bruce Wayne the lesson of life. Gotham, while humiliating Bruce, tells him that he is still Gotham's most blessed citizen, whether his parents are alive or not. This is what convinces Bruce to run away and learn various life lessons during a long journey.

Batman has a Comic but a different background. These two versions of Batman are on a different path. Batman Comics turns into a thief, a rebel and a prisoner, and more than any of his comrades, he stains his hands with blood.

7. Batman Bill Performs International Missions

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

Some of Batman's best Comic book stories appear in Gotham City Gives. Elsewhere, the Justice League superheroes are protected, and it does not make much sense for a man in a bat to travel around the world to catch criminals.

That's why Batman travels to Hong Kong to be arrested. The criminal who has taken the financial reserves of Gotham criminals with him is unusual in the eyes of the Comic book audience. This is the only time in Nolan's trilogy that Batman has left Gotham, and his mission, along with drawing to do so, forms an important part of the second part of the trilogy.

Sounds logical. In the Comic book, however, if Batman leaves Gotham, it means that he is no longer Gotham's protector and is going to work with the Justice League or do a joint mission with a third party.

6. Reconstruction of accessories and shields

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

In Comic books, Batman is the only man who does all the work himself. Give. He is a senior engineer, chemist, law student, computer engineer, businessman and an explosives specialist. He makes everything himself; From his belt to his car. In the Comic book, when Batman joins the Justice League, he has his own personal space base and his own jet.

But with Christian Bale, the story is different. Batman Bill is familiar with human limitations. Most of Batman Bell's equipment is manufactured and supplied by Luc Fox, Vienna's military director. While doing so in the film makes Batman and his tools seem more accessible, it's the cost Nolan pays to make Batman more realistic.

Batman Bill is freer

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

Batman ComicBook could easily be a good example for a psychological study. He is full of unresolved issues and psychological traumas that empower him. Batman covers up these unresolved issues by putting on a mask and physically engaging the clowns.

He fears new relationships and avoids them because he fears losing his loved ones again. That's why he constantly rejects different people who want to work with him or have a romantic relationship with him. He follows Rachel as Batman and, as Bruce Wayne, allows Taliya al-Ghoul to infiltrate his personal life. Batman does not have such morality in Comic books Until Robin arrives and gradually special families are formed.

Batman Bill is not a great detective. He often finds the opportunity to prove himself worthy of the title. Batman does a lot of research on Comic books; Especially if he is in pursuit of his great enemies such as Black Glove, Victor Sass or the Joker. And by knowing their next step, trap them. He sometimes even pays attention to things that the Gotham police did not realize.

Batman Bill, however, has difficulty finding people. His greatest effort is to interrogate others; An attempt to make his enemies know he is coming before he arrives. The biggest thing Batman Bale did was track a bullet; Work that any professional can do.

3. Batman Bill does not act professionally in fights

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

Batman Bill has one major drawback compared to other versions of Batman ; How to fight closely. There are not many moments in Nolan's films in which Batman is in a better position than his opponents when he fights, even against low-level criminals. Even a dog could hurt him.

Batman in Comic books usually does not engage in ordinary mischief and often disappears or uses a distraction to reach their boss. It is in this context that Batman's equipment belt comes to his aid, and he traps it with his tool and deals with potential dangers.

2. Batman Bell is more emotional

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

Batman Bell is probably the most emotional and, consequently, the most impulsive Batman ever created. . This is especially true when Rachel's foot is in the middle. This Batman even goes out of his way to save him, preferring to rescue him to the Joker's main hostage.

The point is that he uses torture to interrogate people first and foremost. , Shows how hasty and emotional he is. This is acceptable to a newly formed Batman, but he continues to do so, even in The Dark Knight Rises. In this regard, his Comic book version seems more mature and developed.

1. Batman Bill Kills His Enemies

BingMag.com 8 <b>big</b> <b>differences</b> <b>between</b> <b>Christian</b> <b>Bale</b> <b>Batman</b> and <b>Batman</b> <b>Comic</b> Book

It was the Vienna train that killed Rasool al-Ghoul, right? The point is that the Batman Comic book equates not saving someone with killing him, but Batman Bill, after returning from a long journey, states his logic in one sentence: "I did not kill him, I just did not save him. .

In fact, he is to blame for the death of Rasool al-Ghool. He was also struck twice in the face by the Dark Knight, killing him, which is essentially premeditated murder. Batman Christian Bale has repeatedly broken the Batman Covenant and has no problem turning a hospital bill into a cemetery bill.

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