“Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” series; Which had a better ending?

Now that "Better Call Saul" has come to an end, viewers will surely compare its last episode with the last episode of "Breaking Bad". to see which one of them had a better ending?

BingMag.com “Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” series; Which had a better ending?

Now that "Better Call Saul" has come to an end, viewers will surely compare its last episode with the last episode of "Breaking Bad". to see which one of them had a better ending?

The series "Better Call Saul" which is considered a precursor to "Breaking Bad" showed in its final episode that it was more than a precursor and entertained the audience with The New Life of Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, introduced a new identity as Jane Takovich. Starting life in Omaha, Jane goes through many ups and downs that eventually lead to her unmasking as a fugitive lawyer.

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Warning: There is a risk of revealing the story of the sixth season of the series "Better Call Saul" /strong>

Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 13 shows Saul Goodman caught by law enforcement and finally forced to face the consequences of what he has done. While Jane may be eager to get caught, Jamie or Saul wants to use his legal knowledge and cut a deal with the government by providing unparalleled information about the empire of Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston. While at the beginning it seems that nothing is stopping Jimmy or Saul, eventually a change in his mentality occurs and this makes the story of Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman end in an emotional and satisfying way.

The series "Better Call Saul" has always been the opposite of the series "Breaking Bad" and that made it more interesting. While Walter White was an upstanding American citizen turned criminal, James M. McGill was always a low-level con artist who aspired to be a better man. But in the end, his sad existence and his desire to become a great lawyer ruined his good nature. In the Season 6 finale of "Better Call Saul," Jamie does the right thing and finally steps away from the Saul Goodman character. Maybe that's why the ending of "Better Call Saul" is much better than the action-packed ending of "Breaking Bad". Better than the story Walter White tells in Breaking Bad

BingMag.com “Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” series; Which had a better ending?

Walter White comes to his senses at the end of the "Breaking Bad" series. When Walt visits Skyler (Anna Gunn) before going to the compound where Jack is, he admits that everything he did was just to make her happy. Despite Walt confessing and coming to his senses in this scene, he is still not that sorry. He only saves Jesse, played by Aaron Paul, when he discovers that his former partner has continued to produce drugs against his will. Ultimately, Walt attacks Jack's operation more to protect his legacy as the great Heisenberg than to save Jesse's life or avenge Hank's death.

Hank's death also greatly influenced Jimmy McGill's story. Especially the short scene from "Breaking Bad" featuring Hank's widow, Marie, played by Betsy Brandt. In this scene, Jimmy or Saul is sitting in front of Marie, and Marie is sobbing and explaining to him why Hank was working with Walter White. This is a huge insult to her and to other people who are grieving the loss of loved ones who were killed by or because of Walter White. In fact, this sequence perfectly shows Jamie's deceptive nature, his lies and his never-ending desire to reach the top. However, unlike Walter White in 'Breaking Bad', Jimmy eventually changes and comes to his senses.

When it comes time to stand trial and accept his generous deal, Jimmy no longer wants what happened in Empire. Walter White has made a profit and therefore confesses everything. His emotional words make it clear that he did it for Kim because Kim confessed to Howard's murder. In fact, after the emotional phone call Jamie had with Kim in season 6 "Better Call Saul", episode 12, he was inspired by her honesty and integrity and finally did what he always wanted to do and went to It went right. It would definitely be a great ending to her story, as she finally did the right thing and left Saul Goodman for good, willingly accepting the punishment she had to endure for her crimes. It was an incredibly moving moment in "Better Call Saul" that made Jamie a better character. towards Walter White and become a better person than him.

At the end of the series "Better Call Saul", was justice done for Walter White's victims?

BingMag.com “Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” series; Which had a better ending?

The end of the "Breaking Bad" series doesn't deal much with the death of Hank and Steve at the hands of Jack and his kids. With Hank's death, Marie is also left out in the final episodes of Breaking Bad. In the series finale, she and her sister Skyler are said to have split up after Hank's death, but Marie still calls Skyler to warn her about Walter. However, Skyler's grieving sister has no role in the series finale. Certainly, this issue seems strange considering that he was one of the important characters of the series.

Marie appears in the final episode of the series "Better Call Saul" and listens to Saul's testimony and pleads with the prosecutors. They don't trade Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman. However, they do not pay attention to his wishes and try to reduce the punishment of Jamie or Saul as much as they can. However, when Jamie or Saul confesses to the dirty deeds he has done and is sentenced to 87 years in prison, Marie and Steve's wife, Blanca, are present in court. The presence of two widows from the series "Breaking Bad" in the final episode "Better Call Saul" shows that they have finally gotten their due and the justice that was not done to them has finally been given to them.

Which series had a better ending?

BingMag.com “Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” series; Which had a better ending?

Marie and Blanca's sadness It is not the only thing that was ignored at the end of the "Breaking Bad" series because at the end, the story of several other characters of this series remained unfinished. The most important character that can be mentioned is Jesse who escapes from the compound before the authorities arrive. The scene where Jesse is driving at night and banging his fists on the roof of the car is a sign of his freedom, even though he has suffered and lost everything because of Jack and his henchmen. Jesse's story is later explored in "El Camino: The Movie Breaking Bad" and it is revealed that he eventually fled to Alaska. However, characters like Skyler and Walter Jr. in the final episode of "Breaking Bad" did not have a clear ending and in fact their story remained open forever.

But on the other hand, the series "Better Call Saul" It spends three episodes exploring Kim's fate and explaining why she wasn't in Breaking Bad. His return to Jamie's life as he tries to bring himself to justice shows that they both still love each other, and it is this love that makes Jimmy confess to his crimes. Unlike Skyler, Kim is not known for her relationship with Jamie or complicity in his criminal activities. Rather, he's a unique character in his own right, and at the end of "Better Call Saul," he manages to do what he's always wanted to do: work in charitable law firms to help the underprivileged. Even though he is not a lawyer in this company, he is only a volunteer, but this can be a good start to purify his existence. It had arrived, at the end of the series, he appears only in a short and incomplete scene, which is not that attractive. But at the end of "Better Call Saul", in the scene where Mike and Nacho's father are present, a flashback shows that Mike would like to travel back in time and not accept the first bribe he received. Because if he didn't take that bribe, he could have saved his son, and the course of the "Breaking Bad" series would have been changed forever. The fact that instead of returning to the day of his son's funeral, he wants to return to this day shows the changes that have occurred in his personality. He is no longer an angry and vengeful father. Rather, he is the same loving grandfather that the audience of "Breaking Bad" knew and did everything to make his grandson have a better life.

Which ending was more emotional?

The final part of the "Breaking Bad" series is like an exciting roller coaster that, while attractive and entertaining, has many shortcomings. Given that Breaking Bad was more of a crime thriller than a character study, it was expected to focus only on Heisenberg, or Walter White. However, "Better Call Saul" was a series that studied individual characters, and so the ending is incredibly poignant. The show's most emotional moment is when Jimmy, after confessing to everything, including how he wronged Chuck, played by Michael McCain, asks the judge to introduce him as James McGill. He never considered himself worthy of the McGill name, partly because his older brother never recognized him. After Chuck's death, Jimmy was finally able to transform into a being called Saul Goodman and turn everything that was going through his mind into reality

The ending of "Better Call Saul" refers to the bitter truth that Jimmy chose the identity of Saul Goodman for himself because he wanted to avoid the torment of conscience. To get rid of Chuck's death. Although he did not break any law by disclosing Chuck's mental health condition, he always felt guilty about his brother. By finally confessing to his crimes and accepting his punishments, Jimmy felt he could claim the McGill name for himself. This two-sided moment is exhilarating as well as painful. It was definitely a bittersweet moment for Jimmy to give up his past deeds to live up to his family name, but showing his confession and the fact that Jimmy is no longer the criminal he once was was certainly entertaining for the audience.

Similarly, the glances exchanged between Kim and Jamie in the courtroom held many words. Kim is the last person Jimmy has to prove himself to, so he plans to bring her to court. Ultimately, "Better Call Saul" brings a happy ending for Kim and Jamie, proving to Kim that her ex was right all along. He is a good man and even though he has to spend years behind bars, deep down he loves Kim and cannot do anything bad to her. These emotional ups and downs are depicted so beautifully that they definitely make the last episode of "Better Call Saul" more memorable than the action scenes of "Breaking Bad"

Why the episode Is the ending of "Better Call Saul" better than the ending of "Breaking Bad"?

BingMag.com “Better Call Saul” or “Breaking Bad” series; Which had a better ending?

But the ending of "Better Call Saul" is completely It seems definitive and complete. In fact, due to the fact that this series was considered a prelude to the original series, it went further and addressed much more subtle points. Gilligan and Gould have proven time and time again that even in the prequels, they're willing to take a separate path from the main story. So instead of the series ending with Jimmy or Saul being killed, it ended with Jimmy's courtroom scenes and his confession. Unlike Walter White, Jimmy McGill wanted to change. Even if it is too late and he finally became the honorable and honest man he always dreamed of. By breaking away from the routine of Breaking Bad, especially in the final episodes, "Better Call Saul" managed to give Jimmy McGill an interesting yet surprising ending, something that Walter White couldn't achieve. slow.

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