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The best Iranian films of 1400 for all tastes

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

Iranian film, good Iranian film and 1400 good Iranian films are three combinations that can hardly be put together. Before Corona came, people went to the cinema, but the first place to close was cinemas and cultural centers. People turned to platforms at home and watched Iranian films on their televisions.

Fear of the corona was so severe that even a few months later, when officials tried to open cinemas, few went to the cinema. To see a new Iranian film, and fewer producers were willing to release a work that cost at least a few billion to make. The Fajr Film Festival was also held online and in a limited way, so that there would be less news about the celebration of the New Year of Iranian films. Officials also failed to encourage producers to screen good Iranian films in cinemas with financial promises. The election, the daily death of 700 people in the summer due to coronation, was all that people faced and were less inclined to see the film in the cinema. As the vaccine spread, the number of deaths per day decreased by 1400 from the last half of the year. Some films were screened in any way possible, perhaps believing that staying in the long queue behind the screening of more than 120 films was worse than being screened in empty theaters. Some even turned to film screening on virtual campuses.

It was easy to choose the best films of the year 1400 or the films that were released this year because a large number of directors had decided not to screen their films and Those Iranian films released in 1400 had a severe shortage of audiences. People had not yet decided to overcome their fears and choose to watch movies in the cinema, and those who came did not return very satisfied. The total sales of the cinema were 1,587,083,992,334 Rials and the total audience that went to the cinema hall was 7,028,780 people and only 331,931 chances of Iranian cinema films were screened.

Many were not released in 1400, some other films such as "Guidance Patrol 3" with the presence of Behnam Bani and Reyhaneh Parsa, "Apache" by Arash Meyarian and with the presence of Reza Shafiei Jam and Sahar Qureshi, "Be a man once a week" with the presence of Pejman Jamshidi, "The Eater" directed by Shahed Ahmadlou, may have been supposed to be successful comedies, but their humorous scenes were so limited that they turned the hope of creating happy moments for the viewer into despair.

In this article, the best films Iranian cinema, which was released in 1400, is for all tastes.

The films you see in this list are the best Iranian films of 1400, but if you went to watch these films and came back unsatisfied, you can rest assured that none of them are certain. Which were released last year, can not satisfy you. In that case, it is better to choose the list of your favorite movies from the good movies of the years before 1400.

1- Hero BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Asghar Farhadi
  • Actors: Amir Jadidi, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Fereshteh Sadr Arfaei and Sarina Farhadi
  • Number of tickets: 498,954
  • Hall: 428
  • Chance: 21,259
  • Screening start: 1400/08/05
  • Sale: 120,352,942,500 Rials

Synopsis: The story of the "hero" is about Rahim, a man who is in prison due to debt. When he goes out on a 48-hour leave, he realizes that his girlfriend has found a bag full of money, but decides not to use the money to pay off his debts. When the news of his heroic act spreads in the city, he becomes a famous figure and his compatriots work to help him.

Asghar Farhadi's policy when making the film is to emphasize silence and lack of Insert no news about the movie. He wants the space and environment around him to make a borderless film. However, as soon as he decided to make a film this time in Shiraz, referring to Persepolis, it was attractive enough for the followers and fans of his works. But this film has become the most different and full-fledged Farhadi film so far. It continues from the end of the credits and will not leave you.
Only a few weeks before the Cannes Film Festival 2021, it was announced that the film "Hero" directed by Asghar Farhadi has been selected to compete in the competition section of the 74th edition of the festival. The film was produced by Alexander Malhegi, and it seemed that everything was ready for Farhadi to return to the Cannes Film Festival after receiving two Oscars. He, who previously won the best Screenplay Award from Cannes, this time won the Grand Prix jointly with Finnish director Joho Kwasmann for his film "Coupe No. 6". It is from the jury chaired by Spike Lee

This was the beginning of the film's many successes and accolades around the world. But another thing was taking shape, and that was the claims of "Azadeh Masihzadeh" about Farhadi's theft from his short film. The claim is still ongoing. Masihzadeh, who was Farhadi's student and whose classmate was able to make the documentary "Double Lose, Double Win" from a real event, strongly believed that this subject and his film inspired Farhadi to make the film "Hero". Now he is claiming and has sued in court to claim his right, in the meetings that were held for the code of conduct and settlement, he asked for large sums of money and to participate in the sale of the film and his name was included in the credits.

Farhadi screened his film in the fall of 1400 to be nominated for an Oscar by Iran. The jury selected the film for an Oscar at the time, and the film was eventually sent to Iran for an Oscar. The movie "Hero" was not included in the final list of Oscar nominees for non-English language films, perhaps due to the same margins and several reports that were published in publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and "." It was a strange thing for Farhadi, who always tried to work quietly, and even at this year's festival, where Farhadi was present as a judge, he had to make a statement and was questioned by reporters.

Regardless of all this, One of Amir Jadidi's best games in creating a character has taken place, this time in a slightly crooked stature with a smile on his face, appearing in the role of a desperate debtor who, even his good work, finally finds another. Mohsen Tanabandeh has also played a melodrama, effective and short role as a creditor. In the role of a man who is blamed by everyone for all his misery. Ethical questions arise in the face of an event, but it is a mirror to ourselves and a reflection of our behavior on social media.


  • Director: Nikki Karimi
  • Cast: Hadi Hejazifar, Sahar Dolatshahi, Javad Ezzati
  • Number of tickets: 249,654
  • Hall: 298
  • Chance: 10,862
  • Screening: 1400/09/03
  • Sale: 55,844,669,000 Rials

Synopsis: The film is about a middle-aged man named Kazem who lives in the village of Pirkandi in Khoy. A student of architecture at the University of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, he dropped out of university after an emotional setback and returned to his hometown, a Turkish-speaking city. He is in charge of his niece Aydin, the only relic of his sister who burned himself in his youth, but Aydin, who spends his adolescence, is passionate and Kazem is the only man unable to educate and understand his desires and interests, although he loves him very much. . On the other hand, his relationship with his old friend named Yahya has been challenged. In the meantime, the presence of two sisters, Atabay, who is in charge of building the villa for their father, creates new conditions.

He does not observe, he is always obsessed with making and directing his works, and he tries to cooperate with the best agents to create and produce his work. It was three years ago that he went to Khoy with the film crew to make "Atabay" and made his film in Turkish. Iran is currently participating in the Iranian Film Festival in Paris. When he was asked at the Fajr Film Festival in 1998 why he did not choose Persian for his film, he said: "Who said that all films made in Iran should be in Persian? 90% of the films that have been made so far are in Persian.

The film is full of details, beauty, love and pain and sorrow. The two actors we usually remember with comedy and non-romantic roles, namely Javad Ezzati (Yahya) and Hadi Hejazifar (Kazem), each narrate their experience of love in this film. Ezzati was the most lucrative actor in cinema in 1997, and while playing the role, he had not yet played the series "Zakhm Kari".

Hejazifar had other activities in this film in addition to his role, although his name as The screenwriter is alone in the credits of the film, but shortly after the film's release, while there seemed to be problems between the actors, Nikki Karimi said that she had a lot of cooperation in writing the screenplay and even had to approach some of their thoughts. Give Hejazifar a lot of books.

Saman Lotfian's filming and Hossein Alizadeh's music are other features of this romantic film. The basis for writing the screenplay of "Atabay" was the story of "Love and Thatch" written by Ali Ashraf Darvishian. A story about a boy's love based on the landlord's teenage daughter.

Karimi has made a film about love, a romance in cinema with secrets and He has created the code, the love that is withheld at a glance causes the lover to burn for many years.

, Sofia, Dhaka of India, etc. are on display.

3- Everything BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Mohsen Gharayi
  • Cast: Hedyeh Tehrani, Parviz Parastavi, Hadi Hejazifar, Baran Kosari, Babak Karimi and Mahtab Nasirpour
  • Number of tickets: 389,220
  • Hall: 348
  • Chance: 16,907
  • Screening: 1400/09/24
  • Sale: 95,269,761,028 Rials

Synopsis: The life of the inhabitants of a remote village is booming, and those who make a living from a stone quarry face limitations and shortages after it collapses and a number of residents are killed. Meanwhile, Amir, who has a grocery store there, is respected and tries to solve problems in some way.
The film begins on the day the village has a party. A party where everyone from Dehdar, Dr. and Sarkar are preparing a glorious reception for him so that they can finally benefit or change the atmosphere of the village.
A rich woman named "Lee Lee" Who has a past with "Amir". A woman who had to flee at night for some reason and is now invited to the village. The presence of this rich and powerful woman in the village and a request changes the whole routine of the village and everyone is faced with this situation in some way.

To see and choose this movie, being the name of the gift Tehrani is enough, a rich woman who has returned to her hometown in complete composure and, of course, love to seek revenge. He knows he has both power and money, and both can provide him with anything. The film is Iranianized and made based on the play "Meeting the Old Lady" by Friedrich Durnmat. The film has a series of scenes and confrontations with his own conscience and that of another, and the question keeps running through the audience's mind: what would he do if he were Amir and what would he do if he were somewhere else in the village? Of course, this movie also has a different Kowsari (light) rain that you may never forget.

If you want to choose only one movie from this list of 8, "Everything" is the best choice. His actors from Babak Karimi to Baran Kowsari have had one of their best plays in this film. They will have a choice.

4- Bleeding BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Masoud Kimiaei
  • Number of tickets: 8,647
  • Hall: 166
  • Suns: 2,345
  • Screening: 12/27/1399
  • Sales: 1,956,135,966 Rials

Synopsis: The story of "Bloodshed" is like an old house with all the lights off and no one living in their rooms. Meanwhile, one of the residents of this house comes and turns on all the lights. This is the bright light for the release of Fazli from prison with Saeed Agakhani. He returns to his father's house and sees that part of the house has been occupied by some people.

The film was made by Masoud Kimiaei in 2009, but after the events of January of that year and the tragedy of the Ukrainian plane, Kimiai was the first person to do so. The boycott and cancellation of the Fajr Festival was key.

In an Instagram message, he offered his condolences to the bereaved families: I have never been to a festival and my direction is always people and I look and see that people are going through hard times and there is not a day that we do not hear bad news. I do not want my film to be shown at the Fajr Film Festival because of my condolences to so many people. "People who were travelers."

Of course, "Blood Became" participated in the festival without being judged. Those who had not yet seen the film were worried that Kimiai would make an unseen and weak effect like his previous experiences, and that the cancellation and boycott would be part of his game to avoid being judged. Yad was relieved to see some critics' fantasy film, and his admirers saw all the repetitive signs in the film. Signs and structure that Kimiai has not been interested in changing during these 50 years and are the main foundations of his films and worldview. His new "Treason" also dropped out of the festival, writing "Justice is always afraid of judgment." With this approach, it seems that we will no longer see the 81-year-old Kimia at the Fajr Film Festival. Blood, knives, addiction and justice that must be achieved alone. Of course, this time it is different from his other films, and that is that it is true that Fazli (Saeed Aga Khani) is alone like Qaysar and beats and eats and kills alone. They take it and do not give it back to them, and the dollar that determines everything, the addiction that relies on yellow psychology and music and is common these days. She has fallen, although other actors like Nasrin Moghanloo have been able to cope well with the role of a powerful and nervous woman. Siamak Ansari also plays the role of an addiction counselor. The final scene of the film may remind you of Tarantino's work, but it is chemical in itself, blood, glass, beatings, breaking tables and, of course, money. This movie is spectacular and of course forgettable. However, if you are still the audience of chemical works, you must be satisfied to see it.

5- Bandar Band BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Manijeh Hekmat
  • Actors: Reza Kolghani, Amir Hossein Taheri, Mahla Mousavi and Pegah Ahangrani
  • Number of tickets: 3,179
  • Hall: 57 li>
  • Sans: 399
  • Screening: 1400/09/10
  • Sales: 719,680,000 Rials

Synopsis: A number of Iranian female singers are going to enter an informal competition in a coffee shop in Tehran. Mahla Bardar, along with other members of Bandar Bandi, her husband and one of their closest friends, start their journey from a flood-stricken southern province to Tehran, just when they have lost all their belongings in the flood and are left with a van and their clothes. And of course an iPad with which they can see the performances of their competitors. They must be present at 6 a.m. on time at a venue that may pave the way for Kundaf's glorious easy future. They are full of hope, but the road ahead is full of rocks and water and obstacles

When he sees the film, you will congratulate Manizheh Hekmat for making it. Although the film uses unknown actors, making a film in the flood and in the days when many areas of the south were flooded, is a unique feature that the director has considered to make his work. The film brings to life the atmosphere of the South, two men and a woman from the South who are not at their peak and losing all their property on the eve of the birth of a child, still hope to make their lives better.

Impressive scenes narrate the devastation caused by the flood, regrets, sorrows, and losses and failures. In fact, Hadith Nafs is from the 80's. Netpak of Oljo Mountain Film Festival has received the award for the best film of Batumi Festival.

6- Careless crime BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Shahram Mokri
  • Cast: Babak Karimi, Mohammad Sarban, Adel Yaraghi, Fariba Kamran, Behzad Durani, Siavash Cheraghipour and
  • Number of tickets: 11,671
  • Hall: 73
  • Chance: 876
  • Screening: 1400/09/17
  • Sale: 2,856,353,000 Rial

Synopsis of a movie about the love of cinema and the fire of cinema.

What cinema lovers think about cinema, how they watch movies , How they fell in love with it, how they hold or deal with movies. From how the Rex Abadan cinema was set on fire and the people who were watching the movie "Deer" were killed to watching an art film in a hall in Tehran. Where do they see the film, from the cinema museum to the big screen in the mountains?

Shahram Mokri has had successful experiences such as "Fish and Cat". Experimental and at the same time awkward films, and now with the same method and multiple and nested narratives, it has reached the love of many of us, namely cinema. However, the film does not start from the cinema or anything related to the cinema, but at the same time it refers to the love of burning and madness.

He does and retells it. In the middle of June, when the story of the metropolis in Abadan took place, many people mentioned this film and that it may even have somehow recalled the events. The film, like Shahram Mokri's previous works, has uncut plans, an event that is dealt with from several perspectives and perspectives. Although there are traces of reality in this film and it seems less attractive than the absurd atmosphere of his previous film "Invasion", some moments of the film are shocking.

7- Dynamite BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Seyed Massoud Atyabi
  • Cast: Ahmad Mehranfar, Pejman Jamshidi, Nazanin Bayati, Mohsen Kiai,
  • Number of tickets: 2,589,282
  • Hall: 522
  • Chance: 103,594
  • Screening start: 1400/04/10
  • Sale: 581,779,657,400 Rials

Movie Synopsis: The landlord is not satisfied with the condition of the building in which his apartment is located, when two young students and He sees a lesson called Hadi and Mohammad Hossein in search of a house to live in Tehran, an idea comes to his mind and he rents his house to them for a very low amount. An apartment inhabited by neighbors whose lifestyles and beliefs are in complete conflict with the two students, from parties and drinks to the biggest conflict between the two students and the neighbors living in the other unit, two sisters named Sanaz and Ziba.

Since Kamal Tabrizi 's "The Lizard", the best comedy films have been works that contrasted two views on everyday issues with a bit of ideological flavor. The same thing happened this time. Two kinds of life, one is the life of the people and the other is the life of the strict and the lawful. Someone like Hadi (Pejman Jamshidi) constantly wants to recite the complete prayer and act on all the issues mentioned in the treatise. He just wants to have fun and spend his time entering with his left foot and someone like Akbar (Mohsen Kiai). The film, of course, was made in 1997 and was banned. Even the scene of "Mehdi Faqih"'s play has been removed and, according to a narration, 27 minutes of it and the last sequence have been censored. Some people think that the film is full of stereotypes, but its 58 billion sales show that people do not agree with this opinion.

Someone is hacked or how dancing upstairs scares them into thinking that an earthquake is coming, and there are moments that have never been repeated in a comedy like this. In this film, Ahmad Mehranfar plays the role of Mohammad Hussein, who is a mediator and is in the middle of these two approaches and wants to establish balance, understanding and friendship so that religion does not cause any other harm.

8- Black Cat BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>films</b> of <b>1400</b> for <b>all</b> tastes

  • Director: Mohammad Karim Amini
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Terlan Parvaneh, Bahareh Kian Afshar and
  • Number of tickets: 112,480
  • Hall: 268
  • Chance: 7,428
  • Screening: 1400/09/24
  • Sales: 27,102,179,000 Rials

Synopsis: "It all started at sunset and was no longer disappointing" According to the filmmakers This was supposed to be a synopsis of the film, but just like many virtual events that are not real, this sentence has nothing to do with this film. "Black Cat" is about a boy who, as a virtual horn, is willing to do anything to be seen and noticed, is ready to be beaten or danced in women's clothing and wigs, and has 6 followers on his personal page, and every post he likes

Bahram Radan is considered an actor and producer in "Black Cat" before anyone pays attention to his director Karim Amini, especially in the film Bahram Radan. He plays a well-known actor and performer, and the behavior of his fans influences his professional life.

This film is about young people in the eighties who are trying to achieve their dreams through social media, such as Raha ( Terlan Parvaneh) only wants to see the actor known, another wants his song to finally reach people. But the other who becomes a virtual horn does not care how his will and lust affect others, he does not even care what happens to his love or how this process has a terrible effect on the life of an artist played by Bahram Radan. br /> However, some believe that the film is black and white and has a lot of sub-stories. But each of the characters in the film has their own story. Raha, her mother is a prisoner, and her stepfather constantly gathers people at home to smoke opium with them, making the home environment unsafe for her and careless about freeing her mother. In the meantime, he is in love and uses a way to be at home and live the life of the actor he loves.

Working in the courier makes money this way and eventually becomes famous. Elephants, however, also have social strata, dealing with differences in living standards at the community level. These include scenes from the cartoons and dreams, their way of life, the character of the commander who ran away from a nursing home to see his grandson, a concert in the garbage and the presence of a girl in Bahram Radan's bedroom are the scenes and moments that make the film different. p>

The film is a narrative of the lives of young people today with all the worries and desires and efforts they have to achieve their dreams.

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