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The best German historical drama series of the 21st century

BingMag.com The best German historical drama series of the 21st century

Production and broadcast of the "Game of Thrones" series over the past decade and the astonishing reception of this series and its type of narration and storytelling. , Led many serial makers to make historical series. Countries that had the technology and manpower to build such complexes made every effort, sometimes successful and sometimes unsuccessful. But one of the leading countries in this field is Germany. The country, with its historical background and the wars it has gone through, had the necessary material to build such collections from the heart of its history, and made efforts in this field that were all welcomed by global networks such as Netflix and were able to exploit and integrate history. In the last two or three years, technology and art have produced four very popular series in the historical drama genre. But we are talking about the historical genre, which is currently one of the most popular genres in global serialization. Here we review and introduce the top four historical serials produced in Germany.

1. Barbaren

BingMag.com The best German historical drama series of the 21st century

  • IMDB rating for serial: 7.2 out of 10
  • Product: 2020

One of Netflix's most controversial non-English series in 2020 was "Barbarians." The series, a six-part season of which was released last year, received a great deal of attention from audiences and critics. So much so that Netflix has invested in making its second season, and future episodes are under construction. The global audience has proven that epic and mythical series based on a fact in history are more in line with their tastes. The "barbarians" are based on exactly the same formula. The series is based on the story of the Battle of Tottenburg, which changed the course of history for the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribes. The events of the "Barbarians" take place in 9 AD and in Europe, which goes back to the Middle Ages, with all its historical and cultural features.

At that time, the Roman Empire was so powerful that no one The force and the army could not penetrate and defeat it. The Germans, known as the Berbers, came under Roman rule and made peace after years of war and bloodshed. Of course, the Romans still taxed the Germans and sent their sons to the army. But the attack on a village and the paralysis of a boy during the attack sparked the anger of the Germans and their unity in the face of Roman oppression. The series is co-directed by Andreas Hackmann, Arn Nolting and Jan Martin Scharf and stars Lawrence Ropp, Jean Gorsoud and David Shatter, famous actors in German cinema and television. "Barbarians" was also one of the Netflix record holders in 2020, which reached this record in the first four weeks of release with 37 million home viewers.

2. October 1900 Festival (Oktoberfest 1900)

BingMag.com The best German historical drama series of the 21st century

  • IMDB rating for the series: 6.8 From 10
  • Product: 2020

An exciting mini-series that is popular with people who follow historical stories full of murder and looting. The adventures of this series take place during the October Festival, which takes place in Germany in 1900. The October Festival is one of the oldest gatherings of the German people, dating back several centuries and is still held annually in Munich, Germany. In this festival, which lasts for several days, people gather together, have drinks, dance and dance, and give each other gifts and cakes in the shape of hearts, in the tradition of marriage and love of myths. But there is not much news about these romantic conditions in the "October 1900 Festival" series. Be. The series has only one season and six episodes, but has been highly acclaimed by German domestic critics and the country's national television festivals. This series has been published on Netflix as "October Festival: Beer and Blood" since the beginning of October 2020 and is also available on Iranian platforms under the name "Bloody October".

3. Babylon Berlin

BingMag.com The best German historical drama series of the 21st century

  • IMDB rating: 7.2 10
  • Product: 2017-2020

One of the most important serialization projects with a new structure made in Germany, based on the collection of crime novels "Greon Roth" written by German author Volker Kutcher built. The events of the Babylon Berlin series in 1929, the last years of the Weimar Republic and a few months before the Nazis came to power. The story begins with Graon Roth, a police investigator who is sent on a secret mission from Cologne to Berlin to solve a criminal case. This series is one of the most expensive series made in Germany in recent years. On the other hand, "Babylon Berlin" is narratively compared to "Game of Thrones". Because both are adaptations, and their intricate complexities nail audiences around the world.

During the three chapters of this historical drama, we see police officers involved in a variety of political crimes in Berlin in 1929. One of the interesting features of the series is that while the viewers are well aware of the course of historical events, the characters of the series still think that despite the wavering of the Weimar Republic, there is still a chance to be saved. The broadcast of "Babylon Berlin" started in October 2017 on the German Sky TV network. First 6 episodes and then two more episodes of Babylon Berlin were released to complete the first season of the series. The second season also had 8 episodes. In 2018, Netflix bought the rights to the crime series and aired dubbed versions and English subtitles of Babylon Berlin for viewers in the United States, Canada and Australia. Twelve episodes of the third season aired on Sky in January 2020. The fourth season of the Babylon Berlin is set to be released this year, with events taking place in mid-1931.


BingMag.com The best German historical drama series of the 21st century

  • IMDB rating for serial: 7.9 out of 10
  • Product: 2017-2011

One of the most important German series in recent years, which has attracted the attention of a global audience and has received a large number of views on Netflix, is the series "Sharita". Charitable is actually the meaning of the word charity, but because it is the name of a hospital and university in Berlin, Germany, it is more often referred to as the same popular charitable in the media. The historical series was first aired in a separate season in 2017 on the German network Das Aristotle, and due to its reception, Netflix bought it and it was released on this global network in the spring of 2018. The story of the first season takes place during the late nineteenth century.

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The scientific achievements of the leading figures of medical science of those years in the hospital and the University of Sharita, such as Rudolf Vircho, the father of pathology, Paul Ehrlich and Robert Koch, in the form of an exciting drama, events from the heart of history. But the second season of the series, which was made and ready to air two years later, deals with what happened in the heart of World War II at Sharia Hospital. In this chapter, which is also called "Sharia in war", more attempts have been made to paint a different and effective picture of the war and its events. The deplorable condition of the war-torn soldiers and the horrific treatment of children with disabilities by the Nazi Party are among the highlights of this series. The third season of the series is also in production and will start airing on the German ARD network and Netflix within the next month. The new chapter is set to tell stories from 1961 and the construction of the Berlin Wall.

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