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7 Batman movie references and their inspiring features

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

"Batman" movie has many unexpected features and many parts of it are made with reference to the original DC comic books and therefore these books can be Inspired the new movie "Batman". From the special designs of the costumes and characters to the design of the themes used, it can be said that there are many points in this film that are not without merit. Because even the most discerning Batman fans may have missed out on many of these points. Be the Dark Knight.

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The main story of the movie revolves around , Batman and the riddle-loving character Riddler, whose riddles reveal the story of corruption organized by the most powerful people in Gotham City. This leads Batman to question his methods and actions, and ultimately to make a decisive decision about himself and his future missions. He was very outspoken and named his teacher, Jeff Loeb (who is also the author of the legendary Batman comics) as his main inspiration. However, "Batman" is more than a re-creation of a writer's ideas, and it can be clearly seen that it was inspired by classic comics and their creators. In addition, it can be said that the previous live action of "Batman", especially the 1966 TV series starring Adam West, were not ineffective in creating the new Batman.

1. Batman Comic: Ego

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Batman: Ego Comic, created in 2000 by a legend The comic, written and drawn by Darwin Cook, depicts Batman and Bruce Wayne in a psychological and philosophical conflict in which both characters ponder whether or not they did the right thing. While many comics have explored the duality of superheroes and their hidden identities, none have done as well as "Batman: The Ego." This story clearly uses first-person narration. This is most evident at the end of the story, where Batman decides to be a symbol of hope and fear.

2. Batman: Long Halloween

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

This comic book was originally written between 1996 and 1997. 13 issues have been released and a two-part animated film based on it called "Long Halloween" has been made recently. The story of this animation can be considered one of the best stories made about Batman. The story of this animation takes place in the second year of Bruce's life as Batman. That is, when he allies with Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to arrest a mysterious killer named Halliday who killed members of a Falcon family on vacation. While the story of "Batman" is not entirely adapted from this animation, there are similarities between them because the story of this film also revolves around a series of murders that target the people who control the city of Gotham and It all starts with the first murder on Halloween night. In addition, "Batman" refers to the tumultuous partnership between Batman and Jim Gordon and the establishment of an unbreakable bond between them that lasts for years.

3. Batman: The First Year

"Batman: The First Year" comic, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Dave Mazouchelli, after the "Infinite Crisis" Who reconstructed the history of DC Comics, gave Batman a new lease on life. In fact, it can be said that in the current film "Batman", the character of Selena Kyle "Batman of the first year" is strongly inspired and she has a story similar to her comic counterpart. Zoe Kravitz uses the same style as Selena Kyle's short hairstyle in "Batman the First Year" and their clothes are very similar.

4. Batman: The First Earth

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

DC Comic Book "The First Earth" Create something new in the form of a graphic novel for these popular superheroes that are not so related to each other and are more understandable to new readers and ordinary fans. "Batman: The First Earth" series, created by Jeff Johns, former DC Comics director and designer Gary Frank, suggested that the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents may have been political, and with the Thomas Wayne campaign to Bringing Gotham City Post is trying to be relevant. Reeves "Batman" puts forward the same idea, but in addition It can be said that he was strongly inspired by the version of Alfred Pennyworth in "The First Earth". In this comic, Alfred was considered the security chief instead of Thomas Wayne's waiter. Alfred, played by Andy Sarkis, has a clean beard that is reminiscent of Alfred Frank's design in the "First Earth" comic, and he also walks with a cane just like him. In addition, in "The First Earth" you can see the relationship between Bruce Wayne/Alfred Pennyworth and a version of Riddler's character who is a serial killer instead of a mysterious thief.

5. Batman: Teltil

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Many Batman comics point to the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne was tied to their dark pasts, but their violent murder was eventually considered ordinary theft, but none of the comics ultimately showed whether the Viennese really committed the crimes attributed to them.

Batman and the catwoman is adapted from the same games. Batman's final scene, in which Selena Kyle leaves Gotham on a motorcycle after trying to persuade Batman to leave Gotham City, seems to have been inspired by the end of the first game in the "Batman: Tilt" series.

6. Batman: Year Zero

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Batman: Year Zero It set a new date for Batman in 2011, taking it out of Batman's monthly comic book, written by Scott Schneider and illustrated by Greg Capolo. The final scene of Batman is slightly adapted from the year zero, because in this scene, Batman's identity is revealed to the world, and Batman prefers hope to revenge. In another "Batman" scene, in which Ridler's sinister plot for the sunken city of Gotham ends, it is completely taken from Ridler's last trick in "Batman: Year Zero".

7. Batman: The Second Year

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Batman: The Second Year Originally written in 1987 by Mike Barr and illustrated by McFarlane and Alan Davis, it shows Batman joining the Gotham City gang to stop a villain named Ripper. Aside from the fact that this story takes place in the second year of Vienna becoming a superhero, as can be seen in "Batman", he questions his methods and collaborates with criminals such as a penguin and a female cat to stop a great devil. he does. However, unlike Batman Comics, Batman Robert Pattinson remains true to his oath not to use weapons.

8. Salvatore Maroni

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

In the opening scene of "Batman", the current mayor explicitly states Who is trying to convict Salvatore Maroni during a televised debate. Salvatore Maroni first appeared in 1942 in Detective Comics No. 66. He was the gangster who sprayed acid on Harvey Dent's face, making him a two-faced villain. In later stories, such as "Batman: The First Year" and "Long Halloween," Maroni became the head of one of Gotham City's criminal families, and in fact can be said to be Gotham City's second most powerful and criminal criminal after his main rival, Carmen Falcon. Was. "Batman" refers to similar versions of Carmen Falcon and Salvatore Maroni

9. Avengers Batman pays tribute to the Batman cartoon series

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

while Batman's voice is clearly in The opening scene of "Batman" is heard, but the first time he really opens his mouth is when he prevents the murder of a person by members of a skull gang at a subway station. When Batman is asked who he really is, he replies: I am revenge. While a similar scene took place in "Batman the First Earth", the catchy phrase "I am revenge" was first uttered in one of the episodes of "Cartoon Batman: There is Nothing to Fear".

In the cartoon series, Batman encounters a scarecrow for the first time, and in the same cartoon, he is confronted with his worst fear, which is the ghost of Thomas Wayne, whom he calls the shame of the family. In the end, Batman was able to overcome these illusions and shout: "I am revenge! I'm night! I'm Batman. "

10. Tim Drake is a member of the Titans

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

In the first scene of the Batman gang appearing in the movie "Batman", we see that one of the members has half-painted faces and apparently has to kill an innocent human being in the gang. Join. The role of this member is played by an actor named J. Licorgo, who also played the role of the third Robin, Tim Drake, in the third season of the "Titans" series. Licorgo had previously worked on "Batman" before starring in "Titans", but apparently his non-disclosure agreement prevented him from telling "Titans" producers that he had a special role in "Batman". While this was a coincidence, many "Titans" fans were thrilled to discover Likorgo in "Batman".

11. Jim Gordon's plot points to Batman 's roots

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

When Batman was summoned to the mayor's murder scene It turns out that Lieutenant Jim Gordon operates outside of Gotham City's 39th district. This refers to May 1939, when the first Batman story was published. Apart from Batman's first appearance, Comic Detective No. 27 was also Jim Gordon's first appearance in comic books.

12. Vienna Tower, Iceberg Hall and other Gotham City Attractions

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

in "Batman" Many of Gotham City's most iconic landmarks are already mentioned in the comics, including Gotham Heights, Port Adams, and Grant Park. Batman Cave is also located in the secret basement of the Vienna Tower, not under the Vienna Mansion, which resembled the Batman base and was frequently mentioned in Bronze Age Batman comics. The Penguins Club, or Iceberg Lounge, plays a prominent role in Batman, although it seems to be more of a dance club than a dinner club mentioned in the comics. Finally, Penguin points to Blackgate Prison, an island that could be considered the Alcatraz version of Gotham City and where Carmin Falcon is to be transferred after her arrest.

13. William Kensey was a rogue cop in comics

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Batman's investigation leads to this discovery One of the police officers, William Kenzi, is a corrupt police officer. A rogue and corrupt cop named William Kensey also starred in the storyline of the Gotham Central comic book and posed many challenges to other police officers in the city, given that the spin-off, which is set to be based on the Batman movie. One of the new DC TV shows that is in the pre-production stage, it is possible that Kenzi will be one of its main characters.

14. Thomas Wayne's story with reference to the long Halloween

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

When Bruce Wayne meets Carmen Falcon The gangster recalls how Thomas Wayne once saved his life, and recalls young Bruce Wayne watching surgery from the balcony. This scene was first shown to the audience in one of the flashbacks of "Batman: Long Halloween". A longer version of the scene can be seen in the animated film adaptation of "Long Halloween," in which Falcon tells Bruce that the criminals are inherently superstitious before giving the spell a chance.

15 . Gotham Architecture and Commerce Adapted from Comics

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Many of the comic book creators who inspired the film have been praised, but a number have been mentioned throughout the film. One of Riddler's videos refers to a letter from Miller & Moore Law Firm that could be used as a tribute to Frank Miller, creator of "Batman: The Dark Knight," and Alan Moore, author of "Batman: The Deadly Joke." When we see in Bruce Wayne's letter that the Vienna Tower is located on Kane Street, it can be inferred that this letter refers to Bob Kane, the creator of "Batman". Finally, during the chase of the car in which Batman chases the penguins, one of the signs shows the path to Paul Robinson, which can be said to refer to Jerry Robinson, the creator of "Robin and the Joker".

16. Shakespeare Half

In "Batman," you can see a statue of William Shakespeare in Bruce Wayne's office. The statue refers to the 1966 Batman television series in which Bruce Wayne, played by Adam West, accessed his cave via a secret switch cleverly embedded inside a statue of William Shakespeare. p>

17. Miss Martha Wayne's name and Arkham family history

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

In most versions of Batman, Martha's real name He was Wayne Kane, and before he married Thomas Wayne, he was the son of five founding families in Gotham City. But in "Batman: The First Earth" this changed, so it turned out that Martha Wayne was originally Martha Arkham and had a history of mental illness, and in "Batman" this background was used to create Bruce Wayne's mother.>

18. Edward Elliott Must Be Silent

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

One of Riddler's videos A journalist named Edward Elliott is mysteriously murdered while working on a story about Martha Wayne's mental illness. It is later revealed that Carmin Falcon was responsible for the death of Edward Elliott, as he inferred from Thomas Wayne's request to silence Elliott that he should be killed. This leads to the introduction of Thomas Hash Elliott into the Batman world, and is somewhat ironic because in the comic book, Hash wanted revenge on the Wayne family because Thomas Wayne accidentally foiled his plan to kill his parents. p>

19. The World's Greatest Detective

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Jim Gordon and Batman face a penguin in one of the scenes , That is, the one they believe is the informant who has driven Maroni's boss crazy. The penguin also ironically calls them the greatest detectives in the world, and if that is the case, why do not any of Riddler's clues point to him? In the comics, in addition to the Dark Knight and other titles, Batman is also called the world's greatest detective.

20. Selena Kyle's Past Another Mention of Halloween's Long

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

One of the most amazing ups and downs of Batman's story happens when Selena Kyle reveals the secret that she is Carmen Falcon's daughter. However, comic book readers were not surprised by the news, as Selena Kyle tried to discover her father's identity, one of the subplots of "Long Halloween" and its sequels, "Batman: Dark Victory" and "Catwoman: Once Upon a Time". Was Rome.

21. Selena Kyle's fight with Falcon

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

Selena Kyle's fight with Carmen Falcon in "Batman", one From the symbolic moments, it shows "Batman: The First Year". In fact, even before it became clear that Falcon was his father, an enmity had begun between the cat thief and his criminal father. Selena scratches the Falcon's cheek in imitation of the animal she is nicknamed. The same thing happens in the film, and Zoe Kravitz injures her criminal boss John Torturo in exactly the same way.

22. Batman is using Venom or the same drug between?

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> featuresBatman confronts Ridler's followers and injects a green substance that seems to revive him, but the same green substance causes him to lose control and one Beat the thugs to death. While the name was never mentioned, it seems to be something like Venom, a drug used by a villain named Bean to temporarily increase his strength and endurance. However, before Ben was introduced to comic books in 1993, Batman was addicted to a similar substance in the 1991 story Batman: Venom.

23. Bat & Cat

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

In the final scene of Batman, Selena Kyle describes herself and Batman as He mentions "bat and cat" and says that this phrase is really beautiful. In addition to mentioning Kat Woman, which's similar to Batman's name, he also seems to be referring to Batman's romantic comics written by Tom King, in which Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle are commonly referred to as bats and cats.

24. Before leaving Gotham City, Selena Kyle tells Batman that she intends to go to Gotham City

Head north and may stop in a town called Bloodhawn. It is probably one of the cities on earth that is lower in corruption than Gotham City. Bloodhead is backed by Nightingale in the comics. Dick Grayson accepted Bloodhawn as his second home in the 1996 series "Night Wing" and is protecting it in the current Nightwing series written by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo.

25. Ridler's new friend

BingMag.com 7 <b>Batman</b> <b>movie</b> <b>references</b> and <b>their</b> <b>inspiring</b> features

while Ridler in prison praises Batman so much for the press They regret focusing on his positive actions. One of the characters in the cell next to him assures Ridler that everything will be all right and reassures Ridler. He tells Riddler that one day you are at your peak and the next day you are just a clown. Well, let me tell you - there are some worse things. Matt Reeves has confirmed that the character, who was never seen, was supposed to be the Joker, but could not make the right decision.

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