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Avengers who gave no supernatural power (and how to fight them)

The Avengers are the most important figures in Marvel's cinematic world, but not all of them rely on transcendental forces when fighting. The Avengers were formed in 2012 as a result of Nick Fury's long-term planning, and from the Shield Relief Team against aliens became the most powerful heroes on Earth. The team expanded rapidly, and in the final battle with Tanus in "The Avengers: The Final Game," several other heroes became new Avengers.

Marvel's cinematic world without owning some The most important Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men and The Amazing Four had to focus all their efforts on the Avengers in Marvel. The Avengers, as a team that has had different compositions throughout the history of Marvel Comics, often includes members with no particular supernatural powers. However, in both Marvel and Dysley, supernatural powers are not the only reason people become superheroes.

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Magic, gamma radiation, superhero serum, and the power of eternity gems are the most common sources of special abilities in this epic, but advanced technology, special exercises, and even money play the same role. So let's take a look at each of the Avengers members (both active and inactive) who have no supernatural powers and how to fight them.

1. Iron Man

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them)

Iron Man's first and most important Marvel movie hero, in the storyline of this It is a franchise as well as a commercial one, and he has reached this position without any supernatural powers. Admittedly, Tony Stark's money, intelligence, and production lines make him as important to the national security as the military and organizations like Shield, but all of these resources were used to build weapons.

Tony Stark reevaluated all his decisions Iron Man was born. Iron Man's armor, made by Tony Stark, turned him into a one-man army thanks to a scaled-down version of the arc reactor. These armors and other upgraded versions have advanced power and the ability to fly and fire energy rays, making Tony Stark an ordinary human being one of the strongest heroes the world has ever seen.

2. The Black Widow

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them)

Natasha Romanov is not only one of the main avengers, but also one of the first members It was the team that became famous in Marvel's cinematic world. The Black Widow first appeared in Iron Man 2, where she worked secretly as Tony Stark's new assistant to the Shield organization. As a secret force, he provided a complete account of Iron Man to Nick Fury without Stark's attention, and in addition, he was highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of a variety of weapons.

Shown in "The Black Widow"), as part of his training program, had undergone rigorous, brutal, and extensive training, and for a long time used these abilities only as a killer. The Black Widow found an opportunity to change in the Shield organization, and her experience and fighting skills made her an important avenger despite her lack of supernatural powers.

3. Hawkeye

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them)

The Black Widow was not the only member without the special power of the Avengers. Hokkai, who was Shield's agent for many years, had similar skills to Romanov in terms of combat power and control of various weapons. Barton was an expert in the use of bows and arrows and was extremely careful, earning him the nickname of Hawkai (a man with a hawk's sharpness). Clint Barton spent most of the first Avengers movie under Loki's shadow, but later became an important member of the team.

He inspired Wanda Maksimov to become an Avengers and succeeded Wanda Release the events of "Captain America: Civil War" and now train the next Avengers, Kate Bishop, while trying to make up for her mistakes as Ronin.

4. War Machine

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them)

James Rhodes never had a reactor on his chest but in control of the brand armor 2 and later versions were expert. Rhodes was a former member of the United States Air Force and was therefore often embroiled in tensions between superheroes and the government. With the help of the army and after using Mark 2 armor, he created and used his unique armor. The armor of a war machine is very similar to the armor of an Iron Man, but on the whole it is bulkier and heavier And has more traditional features than Tony Stark's armor. This armor has a very considerable firepower, but this feature comes at the cost of slowing him down.

5. Captain America (Former Falcon)

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them)

Sam Wilson, former Falcon and current Captain America, He was a member of the army before becoming an avenger. For years, Sam wore special clothing in his air force rescue missions and was more skilled and prepared for special situations than a typical soldier. Sam had decided to retire but met Steve Rogers and returned to the role of Falcon in "Captain America: Winter Soldier".

used. Sam Wilson took over the shield after Steve Rogers retired from "The Avengers: The Final Game" and became the next Captain America. Unlike Rogers, Sam has never used the superhero serum in Marvel's cinematic world.

6. Ant Man and the Bee

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them) Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, Scott Lang and Hop Van Dean all used the title Ant Man or Bee at one point, and neither had special powers. Ant and bee man use Hank Pim's most important invention, Pim particles, to reduce and increase their size. Pim particles give more power to the user as they decrease in size and thus increase in density, and the ant man becomes one of the strongest Avengers despite his lack of supernatural powers. However, they are dependent on special clothing and particulate matter.

7. Okoya

BingMag.com <b>Avengers</b> <b>who</b> <b>gave</b> no <b>supernatural</b> <b>power</b> <b>(and</b> <b>how</b> to <b>fight</b> them)

Okoya, who has been a member of the Avengers since the movie "Eternal War", He never had a specific source of power like Tichala, and all his skills come from years of practice. Okoye is the leader of the Wakanda Special Forces, Dora Milaje, and alongside the Black Panther is one of the country's most important fighters. He has extensive skills in various martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of the Dora Vibranium spear. All of these capabilities, plus Dora Milage's vibranium armor, make Okoye one of the best fighters in Marvel's cinematic world.

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