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Arrows; Everything we know about the story of the new DC superhero movie

Ezra Miller will return as Barry Allen in the upcoming Flash movie in the developed world of Dysi. There is good information about the story of this film. Ezra Miller first starred in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and then entirely in the Justice League as a flash, and the character later improved in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Fans Many are waiting for Miller to star in this role and in his first exclusive film, which is scheduled to be released in 2022, because Michael Keaton will also appear in this film as the Batman of Burton's classic films, but it seems that we have to wait. Have more of the Flash movie.

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The red-hot version of Allen Flash began in 1956, and since then, the intermittent, multi-world timeline has always been closely linked to his character and stories. The first Flash character was a hero named Jay Garrick, and the adventures of his golden age in the 1940s are mentioned in Barry's first appearance in cinema. This may be confusing at first, because Jay and Barry both knew and worked with Superman. The reason for this was explained in Flash: Two Words in 1961, a historical story that popularized the concept of alternating worlds in the superhero genre. Barry and Jay were in fact Flash, and each knew a version of Superman. Their power allowed them to go to other worlds and work together on occasions.

Similarly, the reverse arrow, known as Eubard Thawn, is the greatest enemy of the arrow, born in the 25th century. The second conflict with Barry takes place through time travel, which is one of their abilities that they have access to thanks to their extraordinary speed and power. Flash time travel and multi-world travel have been the subject of not only comics but also adaptations. The most prominent example of this is the live-action Flash TV series in the world of Archers in 2014, but these concepts have also been used in the developed world of Dys. It travels to prevent the occurrence of alternating and apocalyptic futures. This feature seems to be one of the main elements of the story in the next movie of the developed world of Ducie, as it was noticed by the preview of this movie in the DC fan assembly.

Barry Allen is a flash dress Makes New

BingMag.com Arrows; Everything we know about the story of the new DC superhero movie

Barry Allen makes a new version of his classic superhero costume in the movie The Justice League also committed suicide during his brief appearance in the film Squadron. As Bruce Wayne explained, this suit is capable of withstanding extreme cold and has a frictional level comparable to what space shuttles experience when entering space. In addition to protecting the berry, this dress is stylish and has a prominent red color and a beautiful lightning logo, and it looks more armed than its comic version. As shown in the preview of the film at the Disi Fans Forum, Barry will use a new and even more comic costume in Flash 2022, and this has a potentially attractive background.

Barry Allen's TV version with Grant Gustin's speech During the Rebellion of Infinite Worlds in the World of Archers, he spoke briefly with Ezra Miller. Both editors praised each other's costumes, noting that the costumes were protective and comfortable and elegant in the developed world of Dessie and the world of archers. Barry's new flash costume is probably inspired by his archer counterpart. In addition, Berry is not yet referred to as the Flash World, but he borrows the name from the TV series Barry and is likely to use the name in the developed Disney world.

Berry Allen goes back in time to recreate FlashPoint

BingMag.com Arrows; Everything we know about the story of the new DC superhero movie

Flash trailer in the fan assembly Dyssey also indicated that Barry may be traveling back in time to prevent his mother from dying. This story is similar to the 2011 comic book story called Flashpoint, in which Barry's attempts to save his mother cause a breakdown in the timeline and create an apocalyptic world in which he must become someone else and flash with his enemy. Reverse fight. The Flashpoint comic version led to the re-launch of the world of Dys, whose story was influenced by the new 52 story. If Flash is an adaptation of the Flashpoint story in the DC Comics, it could have significant implications for the developed DC universe.

Assuming Barry tries to save his mother by time travel, it may be. Has to create a new timeline and have to modify it. Flash movies can lead to drastic changes in the developed world. Given that there are no plans to make more Superman Henry Coyle or make new Zack Snyder Justice League films, such drastic changes are not impossible, but the chances are slim. Other movies in the developed world such as Black Adam, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom and Shazm! The Wrath of the Gods is being produced (and the timeline set before the Flash movie continues), and such a major change seems unlikely, and restarting this world is almost impossible. Berry is likely to return the timeline to its original form by the end of the story.

Flash Meeting with Batman Michael Keaton

BingMag.com Arrows; Everything we know about the story of the new DC superhero movie

The most anticipated Flash movie story is the return of Michael Keaton Batman. Michael Keaton starred in a different, annoying and humorous version of Bruce Wayne and Batman in Tim Burton's 1989 superhero film. Burton Batman will appear in Flash after two classic films and a series of super-comics by Sam Ham and Joe Quinnens, thanks to Barry's ability to travel around the world. When it was announced that Michael Keaton would play his famous role again, some believed that he would only have a brief appearance in the film, but the Flash trailer shows the opposite. The voice of Batman Keaton is on this trailer, and most of the clip time is spent at the headquarters of the Bretton Wayne version. Barry is aware and Barry talks to him and asks him to help him. Given that Flash is an adaptation of FlashPoint, Barry may not be able to return to the original timeline as a result of his actions, and Batman Keaton will ally with him to improve the situation. In Flashpoint, Barry collaborated with another version of Batman, Thomas Wayne (who witnessed the death of his son, Bruce, in the twist on the original Batman classic). Batman FlashPoint was much more bitter and cruel than the original. So Batman Keaton is a good choice to play this role in the Flash movie. 2110/27/13413-5.jpg ">

Another highlight of the Flash trailer was the image of Barry Allen standing next to the Supergirl and another version of himself playing (again) Azra Miller . Normally, this superhero should belong to another timeline, but the kryptonite costume and the symbol on it show that she, like Barry, is part of the original developed world of Dysi. Supergirl's presence in the expanded world of Dysi was confirmed in the prequel comic book Poladin Man, and some believe that Supergirl's presence in Dysi's world had been determined since Clark's explosion's lonely castle.

The presence of another version of Barry Allen from a different part of the DSI developed world or another part of the timeline is not surprising. According to the details of the trailer of this movie in the DC fan assembly, Flash movie will surely be one of the most exciting parts of the developed DC world.

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