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Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

The Arkin series soon became an amazing and popular phenomenon and found countless fans for itself. This new Netflix product, made in collaboration with Riot Game Studio, has made many people fall in love with it due to the high quality of the narrative and story, the deep characters, the beautiful animation, and the eye-catching many.

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We all know that Hollywood has a really bad track record of making cinematic adaptations of computer games. From "Super Mario Bros.", which has been dubbed the worst adaptation, to "Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat and Hitman," the Hollywood list is full of broken, bad, and incomplete adaptations of computer games that have a lot of appeal and richness of story.

On the other hand, the series were in a better position and were able to satisfy ordinary gamers and viewers to some extent, but they still did not reach perfection. Everyone expected Witcher to finally break the curse of adapting computer games, but its first season was met with mixed reviews and comments because it lacked quality and narrative coherence. This curse was broken by another Netflix series. A spectacular, brilliant and influential animated series called "Arcane".

This series is based on the popular online multiplayer game "League of Legends" and you might think so. Which suddenly found its head and surprised everyone. But they have actually been building it for six years. Fans of this game have been waiting impatiently for its release for a long time when the news of its series was announced. But even the most ardent fans of the Legendary League game did not expect such high quality and intelligence and enjoyed it.

The Arkin series soon became popular. Critics gave it astonishing ratings, and viewers were fascinated by it (it currently has a 100% rating on Raton Tomitoz, and the average rating of IMDb users with 31,000 votes is 9.4 out of 10). Arkin broke Netflix records once again, soon surpassing Squid Game in terms of viewership. Delivered to the audience, but how did they manage to achieve this goal? Join us to read some unspoken facts from this series.

1. Riot Games Studio did not allow Hollywood to reach Arkin series

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

When the decision to make an animated series was made Based on the World of Legends game world, Riot Games members initially planned to work with a number of well-known Hollywood producers. But it soon became clear to them that if they wanted to create Arkin the way they had hoped, they would have to do it themselves.

Brandon Beck and Mark Merrill, founders of Riot Game Studio They care about the league of legends and the wider community of its players, so they did not want this successful and popular world to fall into the hands of those who did not understand the game and did not feel a sense of belonging to it. The two eventually decided to leave the production of the series to two old Riot members who had literally lived with the League of Legends: Kristin Link and Alex Yi.

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"If you do not value the long journey our players have made with these characters, the result will be a lifeless, artificial result," Meryl told the Los Angeles Times. It seams. We came to the conclusion that no one cares about this world and its characters as much as the members of the studio. "This is a vital part of the equation of making a good work." This world did not live, we might encounter a useless work like many other adaptations. "We can use and learn from the skills and techniques of others, but we should not sacrifice the love and attention we have for this world," Merrill said. "Riot members have lived with these characters and their world for years and have a deep understanding of the details of everything."

The music videos that preceded the making of the Arkin series

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Arkin is a product of Christian Link. After making music videos introducing a large number of characters (or, as is common among his players, champions) in the Legends League, he realized the unparalleled potential of this world and realized that they could make a series based on it.

Christine Arithmetic Link was excited by this idea, but top executives did not think like him. "It was not their first answer," says Link. I remember they said to me, "If you have ideas for a story, take them to the members of the group who do them." We had a group to make computer images, and we had a group to make films and they were experimenting with new ideas. "Every time I went to these teams and groups and came up with the idea of making a series, everyone said no, thank you." To ask for a large number at once and not hear the answer all the time. "Well, I said, 'Give me $ 15,000 to make some 3D models.' With the money he received, Link went to the French animation studio Fortiche Production, the same studio that helped him make the music videos.

Then I went and said, "Now I need another 60,000 to work on the initial tests of his animation."

Was. "We had to put everything we wanted in it, but sometimes you have to do it yourself and pick up all the bricks," he says of Arkin. The main reason Riot cooperated with Netflix

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Riot Games Studio Since the end of 2020, serious decisions for globalization And appointed Shana Spenley, a longtime Netflix executive, as head of international entertainment. "Shana has a brilliant track record in designing and developing creative ideas, creating art groups and marketing, and her presence is critical to our company 's core goals," said Mark Merrill of the selection. It was one of the reasons that Arkin aired on Netflix, but the main reason for this choice was that the creators of the Arkin series wanted to connect with a global audience very soon. "I think a lot of us, especially those who grew up in places like Europe, are used to seeing our favorite series and movies or games being released first in the United States and then in Reach our hands. But now the world is in a different situation. Today's audience can no longer tolerate the delay and can not wait. "That's why we came to Netflix so that people all over the world can see and see the work at the same time."

More than 300 animators have worked on the Arkin series

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Fortiche French animation studio when the league music videos He made legends, he had only 20 animators. But when it came time to make this ambitious series, they needed more and more force. A lot of new staff was added to the studio, and eventually more than 300 talented animators came together and worked tirelessly to make the first nine episodes of the Arkin series.

" We also worked with Fortiche Studios, and to be honest, it was the music videos that shaped the tone and visual form of the series. "That's why the basics were already in place, and we were just trying to make everything better and bigger."

But it wasn't just a matter of factors. According to Yi, the French studio did its best to bring together the best people in the field and make the series. "They personally selected a number of their forces, people who knew they would be able to do it. We made careful and calculated plans to create all the scenes and scenes in the best possible way. We spent hours creating action scenes and unique and spectacular combat, exploring the various angles of each scene. We did not want it to look like a duplicate. "

Finding the right voice actors was a challenge

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Making the right animation and achieving high final quality for The members of the studio were vital, but all their efforts would be wasted if they did not choose voice actors suitable for the maps. Christine Link and Alex Yi said in an interview that the casting process for the voice acting of the series' characters was extremely difficult and tedious. Especially when they wanted to find a Ginx voice actor. Jenks is one of the most popular characters in the world of legendary leagues, and he was very sensitive about it. We knew from the start that Jenks was one of the toughest characters in the series, and it took a lot of skill to get it right. The character is really big and big, and in games everything is seen as very exaggerated. "But in the series, we wanted to add more complex layers to his character and move forward with elegance." Ran. "I thought it was an amazing job and he did his best to play the role of Jenks," said Yi, who is overjoyed with their choice.

" It was really hard too. "When I listened to the sounds recorded for the test, I felt something in my heart and realized that we were not going to find Silko's voice so easily. Then suddenly I heard Jason Spizak's voice and all my problems were solved. It was Silko himself, from the first second I heard his voice I understood that no one else should speak for Silko. "

6. Ella Pornell further exposed Jenks madness

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

They have said that he was the best choice for Jenks. But Pornell did not get to that tone easily, and it took a lot of time and energy to get Jenks' voice the way you hear it and get it right. Jenks is a tormented and unconventional character whose mind has been torn apart by childhood injuries, which is why his voice must have had certain characteristics.

Raise the madness of Jinks character. "This was my first experience with soundproofing. So I did not know exactly what I was doing. "At first I sounded very normal, but then they talked to me and I realized I had to change the tone of the Jinks." They explained in order to get a complete picture of him. Jenks is one of the most popular and well-known characters in the world of fairy tales, and Pornel should have noticed that. "Several photos and videos were shown to me to find out who Jinks was, and they further explained to me the world of the Legendary League so that I could learn about its adventurous history."

Jenks spent his voice acting, but their goal was to reach 150% of his capacity and skill. Pornell jokingly told them, "Guys, are you sure you want me to do 150% of my capacity?" "Because 150% of me is like 250% of you."

7. Jenks character inspired by Harley Quinn and Blatrix Lestering

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

(Fans of the Legends game have been arguing for years about who will win if there is a fight between Jenks and Harley Quinn.) "Harley Quinn definitely helped me a lot to get into the mental world of Jenks and find my way," Pornell said in an interview with Loper. In my opinion, Harley Quinn is almost the most famous villain in cinema. He is pure chaos and I love him. No one can stand in his way. It is like an unstoppable energy that creates chaos wherever it goes. "We've seen these traits in a lot of male characters, but there haven't been many female characters like that." A crazy and chaotic mortal in the world of Harry Potter with disheveled hair and insane eyes. "I've always been a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter," says Pornell. I was always aware of his ambitious and daring designs and I learned from his techniques. Helena Bonham Carter had a profound effect on me. So it 's not unlikely that I've been subconsciously inspired by Jenks to create a map. "

Why Piltover and Zan?

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

There are dozens of game zones in the World of Legends, each in We see a number of cities from these areas. But in Arkin we only see two cities in the League of Legends, and viewers do not have the opportunity to understand how vast the world of this story is.

Christine Link explains why she and Alex Yi decided to focus on the series. On Piltover (a sublime city perched on a hill and famous for its amazing inventions and innovations) and Zan (an underground, crowded, dark city under the Piltover valleys).

"These two cities They were very important to us because they provided a lot of storytelling opportunities. The whole story of the conflict and interaction between magic and science was very interesting to us and evoked the excitement of the Da Vinci and Renaissance eras. "By showing these two cities together, we could delve deeper into these stories and tell how the relationship between magic and science affects their citizens." Fortiche animation studio designed both cities with exemplary skill and expertise. And while staying true to the nature of the game, he added new sections. This French studio built the city of Peltover with the charm of Paris and the architecture of its buildings in the style of Art Deco.

9. An approach contrary to Disney

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Riot Game co-founder Mark Merrill has repeatedly said that he inspired Pixar He knows (in his opinion, Pixar is the only big company that has managed to maintain its artistic creativity over the years), but by no means does he want Riot to be overshadowed by Disney. In fact, the creators of the Arkin series went in the opposite direction to Disney.

Shana Spanley says in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: "When you make an original, new title, you want your players and your audience to feel it. Made especially for them and not like other things. It should not look like another branch of the old product line. "If that sentiment is conveyed, you will get a really bad result." The Arkin series is both an independent work that tells its own story, and introduces new characters and adventures for the main part of the story (ie the game). "All of this is about games, and our main focus is on the game world and our gamers," he says. We do the opposite of what companies like Disney do. Their main focus is on movies. "But we introduce our games as the main product, and series like this complete their world."

10. Works that inspired Arkin

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Christine Link and Alex, the mastermind behind Arkin, Riot Studios is one of the oldest and knows all the twists and turns of the legendary league world. This world has a rich and large history, enough to build a cinematic world (it looks like we will see that in the near future). But despite the company's anti-Hollywood approach to hard Arkin, Link and Yi have been inspired by a number of attractive Hollywood franchises. "Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter is inevitable." He goes on to say that "Daredevil" also had a small effect on them (Arkin's credits are reminiscent of Daredevil's credentials). That is, the game has a throne. "When you see it, you feel like you are watching a part of Game of Thrones. "Just when you think you have the formula for the story, you are suddenly surprised and come to your senses and see that you are crying."

11. Why didn't we see more characters from the League of Legends in the series?

BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

Legends were unfamiliar, he met some of the most popular and lovable characters in the story. But there are countless fascinating and curious characters in the world of the Legendary League, and Arkin showed us only a small part of them.

To date, there are more than 150 playable characters in the Legendary League, and the creators of the series Arkin, meaning Christian Link and Alex Yi, knew that balancing the gaming world with the series was difficult.

Yi says: And the story of sacrificing this story. "If we brought all these characters in one city, the big world of the League of Legends would shrink."

Work with more limited components. "We knew we wanted to fill the story world bit by bit and introduce the characters that gamers knew, and then move on to the world between them. .


BingMag.com Arkin series; 12 Untold Truth About The Latest Netflix Phenomenon

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Source: Looper

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